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The Journal of Technology Centre ASCR
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Media Education of Future Native Language Teachers: Experience of Germany and Ukraine

Education of the future teacher in higher philological education: the experience of foreign countries and Ukraine]. Українська мова і література в школі [The Ukrainian language and literature at school], No 3, c. 30-38 (in Ukrainian). 8. Horburger, C. (2014). Media Education: online. Retrieved 06.05.2014 from: http:// 9. Федоров, A. (2014). Медиаобразование в Германии [ Media Education in Germany]. Retrieved 10.05.2014 from: http

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Mentoring as the Core Element of New Teacher Induction in the USA: Policies and Practices

References 1. Alliance for Excellent Education. (2004). Tapping the potential. Retaining and Developing High-Quality New Teachers. Washington, D.C. : Alliance for Excellent Education, 22 p. 2. Behrstock-Sherratt, E., Bassett, K., Olson, D., Jacques, C. (2014). From Good to Great. Exemplary Teachers Share Perspectives on Increasing Teacher Effectiveness Across the Career Continuum. Retrieved 30.05.2016 from : 3. Carroll, T. G. (2007). Policy

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Stages Of Gender Education In Canadian Secondary Schools

: Women and Education and Training in New Brunswick. Atlantis , Volume 24, No. 1, p. 79–91. 8. Gaskell, J., McLaren, A. (1987). Women in Education: a Canadian Perspective . Calgary, AL : Detselig Entreprises Limited, p. 13. 9. Hayibor, B. A. (1990). Analysis of gender bias in home economics textbooks . Master of Arts thesis. The University of British Columbia, p. 20. 10. Men for Change. (2004). Healthy Relationships Violence Prevention Curriculum. Retrieved 11.05.2015 from : . 11. Ontario Department of Education. (1978

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Key Methodological Aspects of Translators’ Training in Ukraine and in the USA

. Kiraly, D. (2000). A Social Constructivist Approach to Translator Education. Empowerment from Theory to Practice. Manchester, UK : St. Jerome Publishing, 216 p. 5. Lee-Jahnke, H. (2011). Interdisciplinary Approach in Translation Didactics. International Journal of Translation, No 1, pp. 1-12. Retrieved 05.09.2015 from : <http://etabeta.uiiv.trieste.itdspace/bitstreani'10077/9172/l/01-Interdisciplinary-HanneloreLeeJahnke.pdf 6. Nord, C. (1996). Translating as a Purposeful Activity. Functionalist Approaches Explained. Manchester : St

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The phenomenon of "global education space" as an object of scientific-pedagogical research

ВУЗов (The World Education Space and University Ranking]. In: Отечественные традиции гуманитарного знания: история и современность: материалы IX науч.-прахт. конф. [Proceedings of the 9"' Conference on Domestic Traditions of the Humanities: History and Modernity] (27.05.2013). СПб.: СПбГЭУ, с. 3-6. (in Russian). 4. Кремень, В. (2011). Особисгість в освпньому просторі сучасноТ цивілізаціТ | А Personality m Education Space of Modern Civilization]. In: Професійне становления оспбиапості: проблеми і перспективы: Матеріали IV міжнароанпі наукоѳо

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The Role of Elective Courses in Students′ Professional Development: Foreign Experience

., Pacheco, G. A., & Webber, D. J. (2014). What determines students’ choices of elective modules? Economics working paper series, 1307. Bristol: University of the West of England. 8. Hennessy, E., Hernandez, M. R., & Kieran, P. (2010). Teaching and learning across disciplines: student and staff experiences in a newly modularized system. Teaching in higher education, 15 (6), 675-689. 9. Hofert, S. (2016). Stärken & Studium: Wie sich Persönlichkeit in der Studienwahl zeigen. Retrieved from

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The Role of Parent’s Participation in Sports on Change in Exercise Level: A Cross-Cultural Comparison

. Alemdağ, C., Alemdağ, S., & Özkara, A. B. (2016). Physical activity as a determinant of subjective happiness. Baltic Journal of Sport and Health Sciences , 4 (103), 2–10. 4. Andreff, W. (2006). Sport in developing countries. In W. Andreff & S. Szymanski (Eds.), Handbook on the Economics of Sport (pp. 308–315). Cheltenham, UK, Northampton, MA, USA: Edward Elgar Publishing. 5. Aşçı, F. H., Tüzün, M., & Koca, C. (2006). An examination of eating attitudes and physical activity levels of Turkish University students with regard to self-presentational concern

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Using Web-based Technologies and Tools in Future Choreographers’ Training: British Experience

:// . 10. Gagné, R. M. (1985). The Conditions of Learning and Theory of Instruction . New York : Holt, Rinehart & Winston, 361 p. 11. Green Gilbert, A. (1992). Creative Dance for All Ages: a Conceptual Approach. Reston, VA : American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance, 386 p. 12. Jonassen, J. (1999). Designing Constructivist Learning Environments . Retrieved 11.09.2016 from : . 13. Kannan, R., Andres, F., Guetl, C. (2010). DanVideo: an MPEG-7 Authoring and Retrieval

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Teaching Staff Advanced Training: European Experience

). 8.Гаманю к, В. (1995). Система тдготовки педагогЫних Kadpie та тдвищення ix KeaiifpiKayii у Ншеччит [System of Teaching Staff Training and Advanced Training]. Thesis for PHD in Pedagogical Sciences. К. : Кшвський нацюнальний лшгвютичний ушверситет, 221 р. (in Ukrainian). 9.Гаргай, В. (2003). Курсовая модель повышения квалификации учителей на Западе [Course Model of Teaching Staff Advanced Training in Western Countries]. Retrieved 12.05.2015 from: <http://www.sibuch.ruarticle.php?no=205>. 10.Закон Украïни «Про Вищу ocɞimy» [Law of

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