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Budget transparency innovation in the Czech local government

. Transylvanian Review of Administrative Sciences , 13(51), 20-37.Dener, C., & Min, S. Y. S. (2013). Financial Management Information Systems and Open Budget Data: Do Governments Report on Where the Money Goes? World Bank Publications. [online]. [cit.2017-10-29]. Fasora, O. (2012) Fiskální iluze a její klasifikace. In Managing and Modelling of Financial Risks . Ostrava: VŠB-Technical University Ostrava. [online]. [cit.2019-3-3]. https

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Inter-parliamentary Cooperation in the EU and outside the Union: Distinctive Features and Limits of the European Experience

: Functional Specialization, the EU Speakers Conference, and the Parliamentary Dimension of the Council Presidency’, European University Institute Working Papers, RSCAS 2017/05: 1-18. • Corbett Richard, Jacobs Frank and Shackleton Michael (eds), 2016, The European Parliament , IX ed., John Harper, London. • Cornell Anna Jonsson and Goldoni Marco (eds), 2017, National and Regional Parliaments in the EU-Legislative Procedure Post-Lisbon. The Impact of the Early Warning Mechanism , Hart Publishing, Oxford. • Costa Olivier et al. (eds), 2013, Parliamentary

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Seceding but not Succeeding: African International Relations and Somaliland’s lacking international recognition

-of-mou-between-the-commissionof-the-african-union-and-the-government-of-the-republic-ofkenya-as-troops-and-resources-contributi%E2%80%8Bng-countryto-amisom/, accessed July 05 2012. BBC. (2012a) Somalia’s al-Shabab join al-Qaeda . February 10., accessed July 04 2012. BBC. (2012b) Lamu port project launched for South Sudan and Ethiopia . March 02., accessed July 05 2012. BBC. (2012c) Somalia: Failed state or fantasy land. August 2., accessed October 22 2012. Besteman, Catherine

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Introduction: Congressional Views on NATO Enlargement: Limited Domestic Interest with Few Votes to Gain

February 2015). Brannen, K., 2012. “McCain: Syrian, NATO Expansion Should Be on Summit Agenda”., 20 March 2012. Available at (accessed 10 December 2014). Burden, B.C., 2007. Personal Roots of Representation. Princeton: Princeton University Press. Carter, R. G., and Scott, J. M., 2009. Choosing to Lead: Congressional Foreign Policy Entrepreneurs. Durham, NC: Duke University Press

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The Effects of Post-conflict Constitutional Designs: the “Ohrid Framework Agreement” and the Macedonian Constitution

:// [accessed 15 May 2017] Crisis Group Europe Report N°212, 2011, “Macedonia: Ten Years after the Conflict”. [accessed 15 May 2017] Crocker, C. A, Hampson, F. Osler, & Aall, P. R, ed., 2005. Grasping the nettle: analyzing cases of intractable conflict. Washington, D.C.: United States Institute of Peace Press. Czymmeck, A. and Viciska, K., 2011. A Model for Future Multi-Ethnic Coexistence? Macedonia 10 Years after the Ohrid Framework Agreement

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An Analysis of Public Debt Servicing in Zambia: Trends, Reforms and Challenges

for Economic Co-operation and Development, 2011. Country aid fragmentation tables. Pilot analysis of aid fragmentation at the partner country level drawing on evidence sourced from the OECD-DAC Creditor Reporting System. OECD, Paris. Patenio, J. A. S and Tan-Cruz, A., 2005. Economic Growth and External Debt Servicing of the Philippines: 1981-2007 . A Paper Presented During 10th National Convention on Statistics. Pattillo, C., Poirson, H. and Ricci, L., 2004. What are the Channels through which External Debt Affects Growth? IMF Working Paper No. WP/04

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International Security Presence in Kosovo and its Human Rights Implications

. 2008.4, Feb. 2008. United Nations Human Rights Committee, 2004. General comment No.31(80): nature of the general legal obligation imposed on state parties to the Covenant 26/05/2004. CCPR/C/21Rev.1/Add.13 (General Comments). United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244, 10 June 1999. United Nations Security Council Peace Plan, 1999. Agreement on the principles to move towards a resolution of the Kosovo crisis presented to the leadership of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia by the President of Finland, Martti

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The Ominous Triangle: China-Taiwanthe United States relationship

. China Brief, The Jamestown Foundation, 13(19): 6-10. kong/ [accessed 22 January 2013]. Marquand, R., 2004. Would China invade Taiwan?, The Christian Science Monitor, July. Available at [accessed 6 December 2013]. “The Diversified Employment of China’s Armed Forces”, Information Office of the State Council, April 2013. Available at: [accessed 28 March 2014]. Tiezzi, S., 2014. China’s National Security Commision Holds

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The Quo Vadis of Democratization in Post-Egypt Arab Spring

]. Available at: (Accessed 15 March 2016). Brownlee, J., 2007. Authoritarianism in an Age of Democratization. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Committee to Protect Journalists, 2016. 2016 Prison Census: 259 Journalists Jailed Worldwide. [online]. Available at: (Accessed 3 July 2017). Diamond, L. J., 1999. Developing democracy: toward consolidation. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press

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The Rise of Direct Democracy in Croatia: Balancing or Challenging Parliamentary Representation?

Lithuania, C2D - Centre for Research on Direct Democracy, University of Zurich, C2D Working Paper Series, [online] March. Available at: [accessed 1 February 2017]. Širinić, D., 2012. Predreferendumska istraživanja i rezultati referenduma. Političke analize, 9: 10-15. Srđ je naš, 2016., [online] Available at: [accessed 12 August 2016]. 2013. ‘Referendumski ustanak’ nije skupio dovoljno potpisa. [online] 22 March. Available at: http

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