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Making Borobudur a Buddhist Religious Tourist Destination: an Effort to Preserve Buddhist Temples in Indonesia

.Kirim.Teguran.Resmi.kepada.Red.Bull > Fizriyani, W. (2016). ‘Iklan Redbull Injak-Injak Borobudur? Ini Tanggapan Kemendikbud’. . Goeldner, C. R., & Ritchie, J. R. B. (2012). Tourism: Principles, Practices, Philosopies ., Twelfth Ed. New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Gumelar, G. (2017). ‘“10 Bali Baru” Kini Tinggal Empat Lokasi’. CNN Indonesia . Retrieved March 23, 2019, from < > Hall, C. M. (2006). ‘Buddhism, Tourism and the Middle Way’. Timothy D. J. & Olsen D. H

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From Informal Exchanges to Dual Practices. The Shadows of the Romanian Health Care Reform

:// [Last accessed: 12.05.2014]. Vlădescu, C., Scîntee, G., Olsavssyky, V. (2008). Romania. Health system review. Health Systems in Transition , 10(3):1-172. Wright, E.O. (2012). 2011 A.S.A. Presidential Address: Transforming Capitalism through Real Utopias. American Sociological Review , 20(10):1-25.

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Recent Advancements, Developments and Applications of Personal Network Analysis

.001. [62] Lubbers, M.J., Molina, J.L., Lerner, J., Brandes, U., Avila, J., McCarty, C., 2010. Longitudinal analysis of personal networks. The case of Argentinean migrants in Spain. Social Networks, 32, 91 – 104. doi:10.1016/j.socnet.2009.05.001. [63] Lubbers, M. J., Molina, J. L., McCarty, C., 2007. Personal networks and ethnic identifications: the case of migrants in Spain. International Sociology, 22(6), 721-741. [64] Luken, V.M., Tranmer, M., 2010. Personal support networks of immigrants to Spain: a multilevel analysis. Social Networks, 32, 253 – 262. doi

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Brand Clans: Consumption and Rituals Among Low-income Young People in the City of Porto Alegre

. Fundação Perseu Abramo. Debert, G. G. (2010) ‘The dissolution of adult life and youth as a value’. Horizontes Antropológicos, 5 (0). Available at: (Consulted 05 December, 2010). Douglas, M. and B. Isherwood (1979) The world of goods . New York, NY: Basic Books. Duarte, L. F. D. (1986) Da vida nervosa nas classes trabalhadoras urbanas . Rio de Janeiro: Editora Zahar. Durkheim, E. (1965) The elementary forms of religious life . New York, NY: Free Press. Fonseca, C. (2000

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Social Cooperatives in Greece. Introducing New Forms of Social Economy and Entrepreneurship

References Archambault E. (1997) The Non Profit Sector in France . Manchester University Press. Campbell R. Et al (ed). (2006) Voluntary Action: Meeting challenges of the 21 st century . NCVO. CEP-CMAF. (2002) The Social Economy. CIRIEC. (2000) The enterprises and organizations of the third system: a strategic challenge for employment. Pilot action “Third System and Employment” of the European Commission. Liege. CIRIEC. (2007) Social Economy in the European Union. N°. CESE/COMM/05/2005 European Economic and Social Committee

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The Impact of Pictures on Best-Worst Scaling in Web Surveys

References Cook, C., Heath, F., & Thompson, R. L. (2000). A Meta-Analysis of Response Rates in Web-or Internet-Based Surveys. Educational and Psychological Measurement , 60 (6), 821–836. doi:10.1177/00131640021970934 Couper, M. P. (2000). Review: Web surveys: A review of issues and approaches. The Public Opinion Quarterly , 64 (4), 464-494. Couper, M. P. (2001). Web surveys: The questionnaire design challenge. Proceedings of the 53rd session of the ISI . Retrieved from

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Social network dynamics in the course of family formation: Results from a mixed-methods longitudinal study

References Aartsen, Marja J., van Tilburg, Theo, Smits, Carolien H. M., & Knipscheer, Kees C. P. M. (2004). “A Longitudinal Study of the Impact of Physical and Cognitive Decline on the Personal Network in Old Age.” Journal of Social and Personal Relationships 21(2): 249–66. doi: 10.1177/0265407504041386. Antonucci, Toni C. 1986. “Measuring Social Support Networks: Hierarchical Mapping Technique.” Generations 10(4): 10–12. Belsky, Jay and Michael Rovine. 1984. “Social-Network Contact, Family Support, and the Transition to Parenthood

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Should You Accept a Friends Request From Your Mother? And Other Filipino Dilemmas

Encounters Workshop, Keele University, Newcastle, UK, June 15 -17. McKay, D. (2012) Global Filipinos: Migrants’ Lives in the Virtual Village . Indiana: Indiana University Press. Marlow, C. (2009) ‘Maintained Relationships on Facebook’. Available at: . (Consulted 05 March 2010). Mauss, M. (1954) The Gift: The Form and Reason for Exchange in Archaic Societies. London: Cohen and West. Miller, D. (1992) ‘The young and the restless in Trinidad: A case of the local and the global in

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Mapping students’ organizations in post-communist Romania: a structuration perspective

-1993: a research report. Communist and Post-Communist Studies , 31 (2), 91–117. Ekiert, G., & Kubik, J. (1998b). Contentious Politics in New Democracies: East Germany, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, 1989-93. World Politics , 50 (4), 547–581. ESIB. (2005). Bologna with student eyes 2005 . Analysis . Bergen, Norway: ESIB - The National Unions of Students in Europe. Filippi, D. (2018). Research scholars: temp workers or lifetime students? The struggle and

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