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The Research of Acoustic Emission of a Low-Power Aircraft Engine

G and annex 16 Chapter 10 of ICAO Convention” („Pomiar hałasu zewnętrznego samolotów śmigłowych wg przepisów FAR 36 Appendix G oraz Rozdziału 10 Załącznika 16 Konwencji ICAO”), Prace Instytutu Lotnictwa, 221, pp. 109 - 114. [11] , access: 05.2018. [12] Cieślak, S., Krzymień, W., 2018: “Drivetrain noise of the Gyroplane I-28” („Hałas układu napędowego wiatrakowca I-28”), Prace Instytutu Lotnictwa, 1(250), pp. 7-15. [13] Dzierżanowski, P., 1981: Reciprocating engines series aviation propulsion systems ( Silniki Tłokowe serii

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Experimental Verification of Numerical Calculations with the Use of Digital Image Correlation

BIBLIOGRAPHY [1] Osmęda, A., 2012, „Strength and construction analysis of aerospace test structure - Internal report (Analiza wytrzymałościowo-konstrukcyjna demonstratora, Raport wewnętrzny),” 05/BU/2012/TEBUK, Institute of Aviation, Warsaw. [2] Osmęda, A., 2016, “Result comparison of numerical analysis and structural tests of aerospace test structure (Porównanie wyników analiz numerycznych i prób wytrzymałościowych demonstratora struktury lotniczej),” Transactions of the Institute of Aviation, Warsaw, No. 244(3). pp. 123-134. [3] Bajurko, P

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Optomechatronic System For Automated Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection

Mechanics , 40 (2010), No. 2 , 83–92. [8] H olburn , D. M., K. C. A. S mith . Topographical Analysis in the SEM Using an Automatic Focusing Technique. Journal of Microscopy , 127 (1982), No. 1 , 93–103. [9] V ladar , A. E., M. T. P ostek , M. P. D avidson . Image Sharpness Measurement in Scanning Electron Microscopy – Part II. Scanning , 20 (1998), 24–34. [10] O ng , K. H. A Robust Automatic Focusing and Astigmatism Correction Method for the Scanning Electron Microscope, Master’s thesis, National University of Singapore, 1998. [11] E

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Theoretical Exploration of Exponential Heat Source and Thermal Stratification Effects on The Motion of 3-Dimensional Flow of Casson Fluid Over a Low Heat Energy Surface at Initial Unsteady Stage

Exponentially Permeable Stretching Surface. Engineering Science and Technology, an International Journal, 19 (2016), No. 1, 4552. doi: 10.1016/j.jestch.2015.05.010 [7] SANDEEP, N., O. K. KORIKO, I. L. ANIMASAN. Modified Kinematic Viscosity Model for 3D-Cassonfluidflow within Boundary Layer formed on a Surface at Absolute Zero. Journal of Molecular Liquids, 221 (2016), 1197-1206. doi: 10.1016/j.molliq.2016.06.049 [8] BACHOK, N., A. ISHAK, I. POP. Melting Heat Transfer in Boundary Layer Stagnationpoint Flow Towards a Stretching/shrinking Sheet

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Development of Hand-Held Surgical Robot ODRO-2 for Automatic Bone Drilling

R eferences [1] H illery , M. T., I. S huaib . Temperature Effects in the Drilling of Human and Bovine Bone. Journal of Materials Processing Technology , 92-93 (1999), 302–308. [2] C lement , H., N. H eidari , W. G echenig , A. M. W einberg , W. P ichler . Drilling, not a Benign Procedure: Laboratory Simulation of True Drilling Depth, Injury. Int. J. Care Injured , 43 (1012), No. 6 , 950-952, doi:10.1016/j.injury.2011.11.017; [3] L ee , J. F. A New Thermal Model for Bone Drilling with Applications to

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Calculation of Stress-Deformed Condition in Polymer Nanocomposites Filled with Microcapsules with Lubricant

R eferences [1] S olodovnik , V. D. Microencapsulation, Moscow, Chemistry, 1980. 216 p. (in Russian). [2] O dintsov , A. V. Capsulation of Mineral Fertilizer Granules in Composite Shells, Thesis of Cand. Tech. Sciences 05.17.08. Ivanovo, 2010, 130 p. (in Russian). [3] L opanov , A. N., K. V. T ikhomirova . Physical and Chemical Aspects of Encapsulation Engineering, Belgorod, Belgorod State Technical University Press, 2015, 294 p. (in Russian). [4] S hermergor , T. D. The Theory of Elasticity of Microinhomogeneous Media, Moscow, Science

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Comprehensive Aviaton System of Flying Crew Improving Safety in the Aircraft Operation

:// (29.05.2017 r.) [7]ły_Powietrzne (29.05.2017 r.) [8] Vukovic D., 2012, “Chorwackie MiG-21” Przetłumaczył: Paweł Bondaryk Lotnictwo nr 2/2012 Magazyn miłośników lotnictwa wojskowego, cywilnego i kosmonautyki Wydawca Magnum X Sp. zo.o, Warszawa. [9] Kraak J., 2015, “Szkoła lotnicza Ecole de Transition Opérationnelle oo.008 „Commandant René Mouchotte” Lotnictwo nr 4/2015 Magazyn miłośników lotnictwa wojskowego, cywilnego i kosmonautyki Wydawca Magnum X Sp. zo.o, Warszawa. [10] Camp P. Watson S

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Modelling of the Aerospace Structure Demonstrator Subcomponent

REFERENCES [1] Heslehurst, R. B.,2014, Defects and Damage in Composite Materials and Structures, CRC Press. [2] Deborah D.L.C., 2010, Composite Materials, Science and Applications, 2nd Edition, Springer, New York, London. [3] Barbero E.J., 2010, Introduction to composite material design, Taylor & Francis. [4] Epaarachchi, J.A., Kahandawa, G.C., 2016, Structural Health Monitoring Technologies and Next-Generation Smart Composite Structures, CRC Press. [5] Tomblin, J., Seneviratne, W., 2011, Determining the Fatigue Life of Composite

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Importance of Personal Data Protection Law for Commercial Air Transport

:// (dostęp: 07.01.2017 r.). [34] Hasbrouck E., 2004, „Travel Privacy”, “Privacy and Human Rights 2004 ”, Privacy International and the Electronic Privacy Information Center 2004, (dostęp: 04. 10.2014 r.). [35] Bennett C.J., 2005, „What happens when you book an airline ticket? The collection and processing of passenger data post-9/11”, w: Zureik E., Mark Salter M. (Ed.), “ Global Surveillance and Policing ”; Willan Publishing, Devon, United Kingdom. [36] Opinia Generalnego Inspektora Ochrony Danych

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