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Risk Analysis and Setting Priorities in Air Traffic Control by Using a Matrix of Similarities

. Klompstra. Accident Risk Assessment for Advanced Air Traffic Management. USA: American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, 2001, pp. 6-10. [4] CAA Safety Review 2010. [Online]. Available: Civil Aviation Agency [Accessed: April 05, 2015]. [5] History of Aviation. [Online]. Available: Global Aircraft [Accessed: May 18, 2015]. [6] EASA 2010 Annual Safety Review. [Online]. Available: European Aviation Safety Agency http

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Analysis of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Monitoring System for Resurveying of Shipping Routes

References [1] International Hydrographic Organization, “Definition & Importance of Hydrography.” [Online]. Available: [2] International Hydrographic Organization, “IHO Publication C-55.” [Online]. Available: [3] The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, “Hydrographic surveys.” [Online]. Available:

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Method for Determining Volumetric Efficiency and Its Experimental Validation

: Kaunas University of Technology, 2016, pp. 589–593. ISSN 2351-7034. [3] A. Ambrozik, Analysis of Working Cycles in Four-Stroke IC Engines . Kielce University of Technology, Kielce, 2010. [4] A. Ambrozik, Selected Problems in Thermal Processes in Piston Internal Combustion Engines. Kielce University of Technology, Kielce, 2003. [5] O. A. Özsoysal, “Effects of Combustion Efficiency on a Dual Cycle,” Energy Conversion and Managemen , vol. 50, no. 9, pp. 2400–2406, 2009. [6] B. Sahin, O. A. Özsoysal

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The Impact of Methods of Forming on the Mechanical Properties of Fiber-reinforced Polymer-matrix Composite Materials

. Fatigue of fibrous composite materials, ASTM STP 723, American Society for Testing and Materials, 1981, pp. 133-151. [4] L. G. Zhao, N.A. Warrior, and A.C. Long. “A thermo-viscoelastic analysis of process- induced residual stress in fiber-reinforced polymer-matrix composites,” Materials Science and Engineering, vol. 452-453, pp. 483-498, 2007. [5] D. G. Yang, K. M. B. Jansen, L. J. Ernst, G. Q. Zhang, W. D. Van Drel, H. J. L. Bressers, and J

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Development of a Flexible Software Solution for Controlling Unmanned Air Vehicles via the Internet

References [1] F. Dimc and T. Magister, “Mini UAV communication link systems,” Promet Glob. Zb. Ref. Conf. Proc., p. 9, 2006. [2] D. Carrillo and J. Seki, “Rural area deployment of internet of things connectivity: LTE and LoRaWAN case study,” Proc. 2017 IEEE 24th Int. Congr. Electron. Electr. Eng. Comput. INTERCON 2017, 2017. [3] N. Goddemeier, K. Daniel, and C. Wietfeld, “Coverage evaluation of wireless networks for unmanned aerial systems,” in 2010 IEEE Globecom

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Differential Evaluation of Crew Functional Effectiveness

R eferences [1] D. O'Hare, Human Performance in General Aviation . ISBN 0-291-39852-9. Ashgate. 1999. [2] A. E. Diehl, “The effectiveness of training programs in preventing aircrew error”, Paper Presented at the 22nd International Seminar International Society of Air Safety Investigators, Canberra, Australia, November 1991, pp. 640–656. [3] R. Jensen, C. Tasoluk, H. Marshall, and M. Sanders, “FCS Intelligent Structured Training – Experimental Results and Future Applications”, in Interservice

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Context of production engineering in management model of Value Stream Flow according to manufacturing industry

view. Polish Journal of Management Studies, 18(2), 363-374, DOI: 10.17512/pjms.2018.18.2.29 Ulewicz, R., Kucęba, R., 2016. Identification of Problems of Implementation of Lean Concept in the SME Sector . Economics and Management, 8, 19-25. Werner, D., Cruz, C., 2013. Precision Difference Management using a Common Sub-vector to Extend the Extended VSM Method. Procedia Computer Science, 18, 1179-1188, DOI: 10.1016/j.procs.2013.05.284 Womack, J.P., Jones, D.T., 1997. Lean Thinking—Banish Waste and Create Wealth in your Corporation . Journal of the

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The delocalization of production to Poland

Reference Aaltonen, K., Jaakko, K., Tuomas, O., 2008. Stakeholder salience in global projects. International Journal of Project Management , 26(5), 509-516. doi:10.1016/j.ijproman.2008.05.004. Almeida, R.K., Poole, J.P., 2017. Trade and labor reallocation with heterogeneous enforcement of labor regulations , Journal of Development Economics, 126, 154-166. doi:10.1016/j.jdeveco.2017.01.004. Baptista, R., 2014. G lobalization Trends and Regional Development – Dynamics of FDI and Human Capital Flows , European Journal of Development Research, 26

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Contract Brewing – Production-Oriented Cooperation in Craft Brewing Industry

Wydawnicza Placet, Warszawa, s. 47. Podeszwa, T., 2015. Browarnictwo rzemieślnicze (craft-brewing)-oddolna aktywność mikrowytwórców stymulantem rozwoju rynku i samokształ-cenia w zakresie browarnictwa. Acta Innovations , (15), 51-56 Poszumska, U., 2017. Branża piwna. Nawarz sobie (i innym) dobrego złotego napoju , Marketing i biznes, 12.05.2017, (12.10.2018). Siedlecki D., 2015. Browar kontraktowy – co to w ogóle jest? , 10 LUTEGO 2015,

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Social engineering of human resources and provision of medical services on leadership styles in hospitals

Ribbed Wire Manufacturing Technology , METAL 2012, 21st International Conference on Metallurgy and Materials. Conference Proceedings, May 23rd - 25th, Brno, Czech Republic, 92. C ygańska , M. 2007. Metody zarządzania szpitalami, Ekonomika i Organizacja Przedsiębiorstwa , 10/2007, Instytut Organizacji i Zarządzania w Przemyśle, ORGMASZ, Warszawa. D urlik , M. 2002. Zarządzanie procesami leczenia w opiece zdrowotnej [w:] Trocki M. (red.), Nowoczesne zarządzanie w opiece zdrowotnej. Zarządzanie w zakładach opieki zdrowotnej, Warszawa. F erris , G

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