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Meat Quality and Fatty Acid Profile of Pork and Backfat from an Indigenous Breed and A Commercial Hybrid of Pigs

References Alfonso L., Mourot J., Insausti K., Mendizabal J.A., Arana A. (2005). Comparative description of growth, fat deposition, carcass and meat quality characteristics of Basque and Large White pigs. Anim. Res., 54: 33–42. Bečková R., Václavková E. (2010). The effect of linseed diet on carcass value traits and fatty acid composition in muscle and fat tissue of fattening pigs. Czech J. Anim. Sci., 55: 313–320. Cameron N.D., Enser M., Nute G.R., Whittington F.M., Penman J.C., Fisken A.C., Perry A.M., Wood J.D. (2000). Genotype with nutrition

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16. Effect of Diet Supplemented with Antioxidants (Selenium, Copper, Vitamins E and C) on Antioxidant Status and Ejaculate Quality of Breeding Boars

References Echeverría-Alonzo S., Santos-Ricalde R., Centurión- Castro F., Ake- López R., Alfaro-Gamboa M., Rodríguez-Buenfil J. (2009). Effects of dietary selenium and vitamin Eon semen quality and sperm morphology of young boars during warm and fresh season. J. Anim. Vet. Adv., 8: 2311-2317. Gao J., Koshio S., Ishikawa M., Yokoyama S., Mamauag R.E.P. (2014). Interactive effects of vitamin C and E supplementation on growth performance, fatty acid composition and reduction of oxidative stress in juvenile Japanese flounder

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Effects of different dietary n-6:n-3 PUFA ratios on growth performance, blood lipid profiles, fatty acid composition of pork, carcass traits and meat quality in finishing pigs

. Am. J. Clin. Nutr., 77: 37-42. Leskanich C.O., Matthews K.R., Warkup C.C., Noble R.C., Hazzledine M. (1997). The effect of dietary oil containing (n-3) fatty acids on the fatty acid, physicochemical, and organoleptic characteristics of pig meat and fat. J. Anim. Sci., 75: 673-683. Leslie M.A., Cohen D.J., Liddle D.M., Robinson L.E., Ma D.W. (2015). Areview of the effect of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids on blood triacylglycerol levels in normolipidemic and borderline hyperlipidemic individuals. Lipids Health Dis., 14: 53

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Metabolic Attributes, Milk Production and Ovarian Activity of Ewes Supplemented with a Soluble Sugar or a Protected-Fat as Different Energy Sources During Postpartum Period

References Appeddu L.A., Ely D.G., Aaron D.K., Deweese W.P., Fink E. (2004). Effects of supplementing with calcium salts of palm oil fatty acids or hydrogenated tallow on ewe milk production and twin lamb growth. J. Anim. Sci., 82: 2780-2789. Ashworth C.J., Toma L.M., Hunter M.G. (2010). Nutritional effects on oocyte and embryo development in mammals: implications for reproductive efficiency and environmental sustainability. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B. Biol. Sci., 364: 3351-3361. Bell A

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Effect of sous-vide technique on fatty acid and mineral compositions of beef and liver from Bonsmara and non-descript cattle

References Alfaia C.M.M., Castro M.L.F., Martins S.I.V., Portugal A.P.V., Alves S.P.A., Fontes C.M.G.A., Bessa R.J.B., Prates J.A.M. (2007). Effect of slaughter season on fatty acid composition, conjugated linoleic acid isomers and nutritional value of intramuscular fat in Barrosã- PDOveal. Meat Sci., 75: 44-52. Alfaia C.M.M., Alves S.P., Lopes A.F., Fernandes M.J.E., Costa A.S.H., Fontes C.M.G.A., Castro M.L.F., Bessa R.J.B., Prates J.A.M. (2010). Effect of cooking methods on fatty acids, conjugated isomers of linoleic acid

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Dietary Biotechnological Ajuga reptans Extract in Post Weaning Piglets: Effects on Growth Performance, Oxidative Status and Immune Parameters

References Alberti A., Bolognini L., Macciantelli D., Caratelli M. (2000). The radical cation of N, N-diethyl-para-phenylendiamine: a possible indicator of oxidative stress in biological samples. Res. Chem. Intermediat., 26: 253–267. Brüssow H. (2017). Adjuncts and alternatives in the time of antibiotic resistance and in-feed antibiotic bans. Microb. Biotechnol., 10: 674–677. Buchet A., Belloc C., Leblanc-Maridor M., Merlot E. (2017). Effects of age and weaning conditions on blood indicators of oxidative status in pigs. PLoS One, 12: e0178487

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The Effects of Dietary Cinnamon (Cinnamomum Zeylanicum) Oil Supplementation on Broiler Feeding Behaviour, Growth Performance, Carcass Traits and Meat Quality Characteristics

References Bakkali F., Averbeck S., Averbeck D. (2008). Biological effects of essential oils - a review. Food Chem. Toxicol., 46: 446-475. Baratta M.T., Dorman H.J.D., Deans S.G., Figueiredo A.C., Barroso J.G., Ruberto G. (1998). Antimicrobial and antioxidant properties of some commercial essential oils. Flavour Frag. J., 13: 235-244. Barreto M.S.R., MentenJ.F.M., Racanicci A.M.C., Pereira P.W.Z., Rizzo P.V. (2008). Plant extracts used as growth promoters in broilers. Braz. J. Poultry Sci., 10: 109

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Effect of Supplementing TMR Diets with Artificial Saliva and Acid Buf on Optimizing Ruminal pH and Fermentation Activity in Cows

. Dairy Sci., 92: 1108–1116. AOAC (2005). Association of Official Analytical Chemists. Official Methods of Analysis, Food Composition, Additives, Natural Contaminants, Arlington VA., 1: 684. Bach A., Iglesisa C., Devant M. (2007). Daily rumen pH pattern of loose-housed dairy cattle as affected by feeding pattern and live yeast supplementation. Anim. Feed Sci. Technol., 136: 146–153. Bailey C.B. (1966). A note on the relationship between the rate of secretion of saliva and the rate of swallowing in cows at rest. Anim. Prod., 8: 325–328. Beya M.M. (2007). The

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Genetic variability of farmed and free-living populations of red foxes (Vulpes vulpes)

References Botstein D., White R.L., Skolnicki M., Davis R.W. (1980). Construction ofagenetic linkage map in man using restriction fragment length polymorphism. Am. J. Hum. Genet., 32: 314-331. Hearne C.M., Ghosh S., Todd J.A. (1992). Microsatellites for linkage analysis of genetic traits. Trends Ecol. Evol., 8: 288-294. Ichikawa Y., Takahashi Y., Tsumagari S., Takeishi M., Ishihama K., Morita M., Kanemaki M., Minezawa M., Takahashi H. (2002). Identification and characterization of 40 dinucleotide

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Influence of Pre- and Postpartum Supplementation of Fibrolytic Enzymes and Yeast Culture, or Both, on Performance and Metabolic Status of Dairy Cows

-865. Chladek G. (2002). Blood plasma urea and its relationship with yield and composition of cow's milk. (In Polish). Med. Wet., 58: 871-872. Contreras L.L., Ryan C.M., Overton T.R. (2004). Effect of dry cow grouping strategy and prepartum body condition score on performance and health of transition dairy cows. J. Dairy Sci., 87: 517-523. Dann H.M., Drackley J.K., McCoy G.C., Hutjens M.F., Garrett J.E. (2000). Effects of yeast culture (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) on prepartum intake and postpartum intake and milk production

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