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Post-Mortem Estimation of Time of Death of Dogs Based on Measurements of Kidney Temperature in Comparison with Rectal Temperature

. Warszawa. 1989, 260-283. 8. Michalski Z: Weterynaria sądowa. Skrypty Akademii Rolniczej we Wrocławiu nr 387. Wydawnictwo Akademii Rolniczej we Wrocławiu. Wrocław. 1993. 9. Szarek J, Przeździecka D, Babińska I, Sobczak-Filipiak M, Truszczyńska M: Weterynaria Sądowa - przewodnik do ćwiczeń. Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Warmińsko - Mazurskiego. Olsztyn. 2003. 10. Nozdryn-Plotnicki Z, Listos P, Lopuszyski W, Debiak P: Section investigation of animals wounded from fi re arms: some remarks. Med Weter 2005, 61

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Effect of Flax-Seed Enriched Concentrate Supplementation in Grazing Pramenka Breed Lamb’s Diet on Omental Fat Fatty Acids

polyunsaturated fatty acid and conjugated linoleic acid content of sheep meat and adipose tissue. Br J Nutr 2002, 88:697-709. 10. Cooper SL, Sinclair LA, Wilkinson RG, Hallett KG, Enser M, Wood JD: Manipulation of the n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid content of muscle and adipose tissue in lambs. J Anim Sci 2004, 82:1461-1470. 11. Demirel G, Wachira AM, Sinclair LA, Wilkinson RG, Wood JD, Enser M: Effects of dietary n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, breed and dietary vitamin E on the fatty acids of lamb muscle, liver and adipose tissue. Br J Nutr 2004, 91

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Effects of Acute Administration of D,L-Homocysteine Thiolactone on the Antioxidative Status of Rat Intestine and Liver

Biochem 1976, 72: 248-254. 9. Aebi H: Catalase in vitro. Methods Enzymol 1984, 105: 121-126. 10. Ohkawa H, Ohishi N, Yagi K: Assay for lipid peroxides in animal tissues by thiobarbituric acid reaction. Anal Biochemistry 1979, 95: 351-358. 11. Johnstone C, Day JG, Staines H, Benson EE: The development of a 2,2’-azinobis-(3- ethyl-benzothiazoline-6-sulfonic acid) radical cation decolourisation assay for evaluating total antioxidant status in an alga used to monitor environmental impacts in urban aquatic habitans. Ecol Indic

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Antioxidant enzymes in canine mammary tumors

Monica N, de Rinaldis E: Comparative expression pathway analysis of human and canine mammary tumors. BMC Genomics 2009, 10:135. 4. Leonel C, Gelaleti GB, Jardim B V, Moschetta MG, Regiani VR, Oliveira JG, Zuccari D: Expression of glutathione, glutathione peroxidase and glutathione S-transferase pi in canine mammary tumors. BMC Veterinary Research 2014, 10:49. 5. Goldschmidt M, Peña L, Rasotto R, Zappulli V: Classification and grading of canine mammary tumors. Veterinary Pathology 2011, 48:117–131. 6. Gilbertson SR, Kurzman ID, Zachrau RE, Hurvitz AI

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Evaluation of Systemic Inflammation Parameters in Dogs with Periodontitis

: Periodontal care may improve systemic inflammation. Clin Invest Med 2007, 13(30): 114-117. 16. Buttke TM, Shipper G, Delano EO, Trope M: C-reactive protein and serum amyloid A in a canine model of chronic apical periodontitis. J Endod 2005, 10:728-32. 17. Negro VB, Ciappesoni JL, Sorbello C, Rodriguez D, Juarez M, Mas J, Hernandez SZ: Periodontal disease in dogs: correlation between degree of disease, blood parameters, and systemic inflammatory response, and its response to treatment. 2015, 24th ECVD. 18. Yu G, Yu Y, Li YN, Shu R: Effect of periodontitis

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Proliferation And Differentiation Potential Of Canine Synovial Fluid Cells

-articular Injected synovial stem cells differentiate into meniscal cells directly and promote meniscal regeneration without mobilization to distant organs in rat massive meniscal defect. Stem Cells 2009, 27(4):878-87. 7. Furuzawa-Carballeda J, Macip-Rodríguez PM, Cabral AR: Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis pannus have similar qualitative metabolic characteristics and pro-inflammatory cytokine response. Clin Exp Rheumatol 2008, 26(4):554-60. 8. Karystinou A, Dell'Accio F, Kurth TB, Wackerhage H, Khan IM, Archer CW, Jones EA, Mitsiadis TA, De Bari C: Distinct

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Haemorrhagic Bowel Syndrome in Fattenig Pigs

.19. 6. Straw BD C, Kober, J, Henry SC: Factors associated with death due to hemorrhagic bowel syndrome in two large commercial swine farms, J Swine Health Prod 2002, 10: 75-79. 7. Hollis WL: Will nutrition and management stop hemorrhagic bowel syndrome? A veterinarian’s perspective. Midwest Swine Nutrition Conference 2006, 38 - 41. 8. Kersting KW, Thompson JR. Diseases of the ruminant forestomach. In: Howard JL, Smith RA, eds. Current Veterinary Therapy. 4th ed. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: WB Saunders Co; 1999, 507

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The use of herbicides to regulate weeds in forest nurseries and crops in Poland

R eferences Ainsworth, G.C. 1981. Introduction to the history of plant pathology. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK. Adamczewski, K. 2011. Weeds resistance problem in Poland (in Polish with English summary). Progress in Plant Protection , 51 (4), 1665–1673. Baker, H.G. 1974. The evolution of weeds. Annual Review of Ecology and Systematics , 5, 51–24. DOI: Dixon, F.L., Clay, D.V. 2004. Effect of herbicides applied pre- and post-emergence on forestry weeds grown from seed. Crop

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Morphological Characteristics of Three Classic Forms of Natural Equine Glanders – A Disease With High Zoonotic Significance

aspects of biological warfare. Washington DC, USA: Borden Institute, Walter Reed Army Medical Center; 2007, 121-146. 8. World Organization for Animal Health (OIE): Glanders. In: Manual of diagnostic tests and vaccines for terrestrial animals 2015. [] 9. Al-Ani FK, Al-Delami AK, Ali AH: Glanders in horses: clinical and epidemiological studies in Iraq. Pakistan Vet J 1987, 79:126-129. 10. Rotz LD, Khan AS, Lilibridge SR, Astroff SM, Hughes JM

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Folia Forestalia Polonica
Seria A - Forestry; The Journal of Forest Research Institute
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