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An Increasing Trend of Illicit Drug use Among Romanian University Students From 1999 to 2011

other unsafe behaviours, such as driving under the influence, having unprotected sex, being involved in delinquent behaviour and dropping out of school. Teens that begin drug use at an early age are at risk of developing addiction and continued drug habits into and throughout adulthood ( 2 - 10 ). Moreover, intravenous drug use is associated with an increased risk of acquiring HIV/AIDS and hepatitis B and C, due to the sharing of used needles ( 10 , 11 ). After the fall of the communist regime in 1989, Romania started a process of political, economic and socio

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E-healthcare for diabetes mellitus type 2 patients – a randomised controlled trial in Slovenia

related to changes of HbA1c. The degree of statistical significance was defined as p<0.05. 3 Results Twenty-two Slovene family practices applied to participate in the study, of which 15 enrolled at least one patient. Fifty-eight participants were randomly assigned to the interventional group and the remaining 62 to the control group. The first participant entered the study in April 2012 and the last consultation was completed in December 2013. Fifty-three participants in the interventional group and 54 in the control group completed the first office consultation

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The Drinking Habits of Users of an Alcohol Drinking Screening Website in Slovenia

test to determine if a statistically significant relationship existed between particular demographic characteristics and the likelihood of AUDIT score. Tests were performed at the significance level of p < 0.05. The study was approved by the National Medical Ethical Committee on April 14th, 2009 (No 107/04/09). 3 Results 9.087 of our website visitors filled in the whole questionnaire for themselves between January 2010 and December 2013; of those 37.1% (N=3.373) were women and 62.9% (N=5.714) men. The average age was 33 years (from 10 to 99 years), with

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Epidemiological surveillance of gastrointestinal communicable diseases in Slovenia from 1999 to 2009

References Grilc E, Koren N, Blaško M. Epidemiološko spremljanje črevesnih nalezljivih bolezni v Sloveniji v letih od 1997 do 2006. Med Razgl 2007; 46 (Suppl 2): 3-9. Kuchenmüller T, Hird S, Stein C, Kramarz P, Nanda A, Havelaar AH. Estimating the global burden of foodborne diseases-a collaborative effort. Eurosurveill 2009: 18. Pridobljeno 10.11.2011 s spletne strani:

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Anticholinergic burden and most common anticholinergic-acting medicines in older general practice patients

medicines (G) 5 (6.4%) 0.8% Darifenacin (G04BD10) 3 (3.8%) 0.5% 2 Tolterodine (G04BD07) 2 (2.6%) 0.3% 2 Cardiovascular system medicines (C) 1 (1.3%) 0.2% Disopyramide (C01BA03) 1 (1.3%) 0.2% 1 The patient who scored 4 (DBI 1.83) was taking mirtazapine (score 1), darifenacin (score 2), and promazine (score 1) concurrently. Of ATC categories, most commonly prescribed medicines were psychotropic medicines, representing 12 medicines from 21 occurring in our population, and occurring in more than half of

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Perceptions towards healthy diet of the Portuguese according to area of work or studies

healthy diet was equal to 0.61±0.31, meaning that, in general, the participants’ perceptions were compliant with a healthy diet. Table 2 presents the results for the relations between an individual’s characteristics and their perceptions towards a healthy diet and, as it can be observed, the mean scores were similar for all age groups and were between 0.5 and 1.0, which means that for those participants the perceptions were compliant with a healthy diet. The results of the ANOVA test revealed that there were no significant differences in the perceptions towards

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The prevalence of elevated blood pressure in a sample of slovene children and adolescents: a pilot study

also allocated to different groups dependent on their height, waist, and hip circumferences. When the waist-to-hip circumference ratio exceeded 0.85 for girls or 0.9 for boys, it was regarded as increased ( 16 ). Waist-to-height ratio was defined as increased when it exceeded 0.5 ( 17 ). 2.4 Statistical Methods and Sample Size We used IBM SPSS statistical program (version 20), running on a PC with Windows 10 operating system. To calculate the independence of the distributions of categorical variables, we used the chi-square test. Pearson’s correlation

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Effects of perinatal factors on body mass index and physical fitness of school-age children

study PLoS One. 2016 11 e0161314 10.1371/journal.pone.0161314 10 Vasylyeva TL, Barche A, Chennasamudram SP, Sheehan C, Singh R, Okogbo ME. Obesity in prematurely born children and adolescents: follow up in pediatric clinic. Nutr J. 2013;12:150. 10.1186/1475-2891-12-150 . Vasylyeva TL Barche A Chennasamudram SP Sheehan C Singh R Okogbo ME. Obesity in prematurely born children and adolescents: follow up in pediatric clinic Nutr J. 2013 12 150 10.1186/1475-2891-12-150 11 Gaskins RB, Liu J, Shankaran S, Lester BM, Bada HS. Small for gestational age and higher birth

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Individual and contextual factors of nulliparas’ levels of depression, anxiety and fear of childbirth in the last trimester of pregnancy: intimate partner attachment a key factor?

Association between demographic, social and attachment variables and mental-health functioning during the last trimester of pregnancy. Anxiety score Std. B (p-value) Depression score Std. B (p-value) Fear of childbirth Std. B (p-value) Age -0.08 (0.166) -0.04 (0.509) -0.02 (0.727) Years of education -0.21 (<0.001) -0.10 (0.091) -0.05 (0.389) Weeks of pregnancy 0.03 (0.586) -0.08 (0.194) -0.03 (0.664) Planned pregnancy -0.06 (0.347) 0.06 (0.374) 0.19 (0.005) Multigenerational household 0.12 (0.038) 0.08 (0.172) 0.10

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Dietary Intake In Adult Female Coeliac Disease Patients In Slovenia

intake (D-A-CH) for the Basal metabolic rate - BMR and TEE of the average values according to the age structure of participants in the survey ( 10 ). 140 For the recommended TEE, factors for physical activity PAL 1.4 were taken into account. The difference of the average value of the recommended intake. The difference was considered statistically significant if p<0.05. Sig. (p<0.05) 0.017 0.024 BMI – Body Mass Index, RMR– Rest Metabolic Rate, TEE - Total Energy Expenditure Evaluated food diaries show that average total energy

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