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The Impact of Major Maritime Accidents on the Development of International Regulations Concerning Safety of Navigation and Protection of the Environment [access 17.05.2017]. [8] France upholds total verdict over Erika oil spill, BBC News, [online], [access 17.05.2017]. [9] Investigation report of the capsizing on 28 September 1994 in the Baltic Sea of the Ro-Ro Passenger Vessel MV ESTONIA, The German Group of Experts, [online], [access 17.05.2017]. [10] M/S Estonia September 28, 1994, The final report, The Joint Accident Investigation Commission, [online], www

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Energy Profiles as a Method for Minimizing Weight of Hybrid Power Supply Systems

References [1] Fuel Cells and Other Emerging Manportable Power Technologies for the NATO Warfighter, Part I, Power Sources for Manportable/Manwearable Applications, STO-TR-SET-173, NATO STO, Technical Report RDP, October 2014, [online],

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A Concept of Minimizing an Electric Power Supply System for Portable Gear and Arms

ich podlegania przepisom ustawy z dnia 24 kwietnia 2009 r. o bateriach i akumulatorach, Dz.U., 2009, No. 79, Pos. 666 [Technical guidelines for batteries and battery sets regarding the stipultions contained in the Act of Law as of 24 April, 2009, on batteries and battery sets - available in Polish]. [9] [access 24.05.2016]. [10] http

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Analysis of technologies for producing composites with polyester-glass recyclate

., Verijenko U. E., Von Klemperer C. J., Chevallereau B., Mathematical model of stress formation during vacuum resin infusion process , ‘Composites. Part B’, Vol. 30, No. 5, pp. 513–521. [10] Wiliams C. D., Grove S. M., Summerscales J., The compression response of fibre-reinforced plastic plates during manufacture by the resin infusion under flexible tooling metod , ‘Composites. Part A’, 1998, Vol. 29, No. 1–2, pp. 111–114. [11][access 29.05.2018]. [12] [access 29.05

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Relationship Between Basic Physiochemical Properties of Seawater and Magnitude of Underwater Electric Field

REFERENCES [1] Birsan M., Variability of ship’s electric signature during the RIMPASSE trial , DRDC — Atlantic Research Centre, Scientific Report, DRDC-RDDC-2015-R272, December 2015. [2] Chernyshev I., Mines — a formidable weapon , Naval Intelligence Support Center Washington, D.C., [online], [access 02.04.2018]. [3] Cohen R. E., Lide D., Trigg G., AIP Physics Desk Reference , Springer-Verlag New York, 2003. [4] Girjatowicz J., Charakterystyki i związki temperatury wód u polskich

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Analysis of Impact of Disruptions Coming from a Ship on the Accuracy of Determining the Location of the Tracked Air Target by The Modified Optoelectronic Scanning and Tracking Ir Seeker

scan-track warhead on the accuracy of target position location - available in Polish]. [12] Hu Q., Cai F., Yang C., Shi C., An Algorithm for Interpolating Ship Motion Vectors, ‘TransNav the international Journal on Marine Navigation and Safety of Sea Transportation’, 2014, Vol. 8, No. 1, DOI: 10.12716/1001.08.01.04. [13] Ibrahim R. A, Grace M. I., Modeling of Ship Roll Dynamics and Its Coupling with Have and Pitch, ‘Mathematical Problems in Engineering’, Vol. 2010, DOI: 10.1155/2010/934714. [14] Janowski W., Matematyka

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Functioning of PHI-CS (Polish Harbors Information & Control System) and the system for the exchange of information and safety in the national marine safety system

Polish]. [7] Leksykon bezpieczeństwa morskiego , ed. T. Szubrycht, C.H. Beck, Warszawa 2016 [ The lexicon of maritime security — available in Polish]. [8] Sprawozdanie oceniające wdrożenie i skutki środków podjętych zgodnie z dyrektywą 2002/59/WE ustanawiającą wspólnotowy system monitorowania i informacji o ruchu statków , European Commission, Brussels, 05.04.2018 [ Report assessing the implementation and impact of measures taken in accordance with Directive 2002/59/EC establishing a Community vessel traffic monitoring and information system — available

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Analysis of Ice Conditions in the Baltis Sea and in the Puck Bay

References [1] Baltic Sea ice winters. Ice winters in the Baltic Sea, Finish Meteorological Institute , [online], [access 16.07.2017]. [2] Dyrcz C., Analysis of the occurrence of ice balls on the Hel Peninsula, ‘Scientific Journal of Polish Naval Academy’, 2014, No. 1, pp. 17-29. [3] Ice winters in the Baltic Sea, Finish Meteorological Institute, [online], [access 16.07.2017]. [4

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Using Gamification and Fear Appeal Instead of Password Strength Meters to Increase Password Entropy

Dependable and Secure Computing’, 2014, Vol. 11, No. 6, pp. 568–581, DOI: 10.1109/TDSC.2013.2297110. [13] Johnston A. C., Warkentin M., Fear appeals and information security behaviors: an empirical study , ‘MIS Quarterly’, 2010, pp. 549–566. [14] Kelley P. G., Komanduri S., Mazurek M. L., Shay R., Vidas T., Bauer L., Lopez J., Guess again (and again and again): Measuring password strength by simulating password-cracking algorithms , Security and Privacy (SP), IEEE, Symposium, 2012, pp. 523–537. [15] Melicher W., Ur B., Segreti S. M., Komanduri S., Bauer

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