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The Economic Growth and the Opportunity for the Private Equity Funds to Divest: An Empirical Analysis for Eastern Europe

.B. and Woodford, M., Vol 1(1), pp. 813-862. 5. Dufour, J.M., and Renault, E., (1998), Short Run and Long Run Causality in Time Series: Theory, Econometrica, Vol. 66, pp. 1099-1125. 6. European Venture Capital Association „European Private Equity Activity 2016” and „Central and Eastern Europe Statistics 2016”, Retrieved from: , Accessed 05.06.2019. 7. Foresti, P., (2007), Testing for Granger Causality Between Stock Prices and Economic Growth, MPRA Paper No. 2962, Vol. 2, pp. 1-11. 8. Garicano, L., and Steinwender, C., (2013), Survive

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Market Forecasts and Client Behavioral Data: Towards Finding Adequate Model Complexity

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Study of Consumer’s Unconscious Reaction towards the Use of Anthropomorphic Appearance of AI: An Eye-Tracking Experiment

), Computer vision for assistive technologies, Computer Vision and Image Understanding, Volume 154, January 2017, Pages 1-15; 10. Lin, C.T.; Hsu, P.F. (2003), Selection of Internet Advertising Networks Using an Analytic Hierarchy Process and Grey Relational Analysis, Information and Management Sciences, 14 (2), 1-16; 11. McCarthy, John; Minsky, Marvin; Rochester, Nathan; Shannon, Claude (1955), A Proposal for the Dartmouth Summer Research Project on Artificial Intelligence, online at

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A Model to Measure the Performance of Human Resources in Organisations

:// [Accessed 30 September 2017]. 5. Gandhi, V., 2017. Managers, Get Ready for Ongoing Performance Conversations. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 30 September 2017]. 6. Garr, S., 2011. The Performance Management Framework: Evolving Performance Management to Fit the Modern Workforce. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 30 September 2017]. 7

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A Model of Socially Responsible Organizational Culture

. Amfiteatru Economic, XIII (29), pp.57-72. 34. Schein, E.H., 1999. Process consultation revisited: Building the helping relationship. Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley. 35. Schwab, K., 2016. The Global Competitiveness Report 2016-2017. Full Data Edition, [Pdf] Available at: <>. Accesed 10 January 2017. 36. Siltaoja, M.E., 2006. Value priorities as combining core factors between CSR and reputation - a qualitative study. Journal of

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The Innovative Approaches to Packaging – Comparison Analysis of Intelligent and Active Packaging Perceptions in Slovakia

References 1. Baltes, N., Dragoe,A., G., M., Adelean, D. I. (2014) Study regarding the determination of the financial performance of a company through market rates, Studia Universitatis “Vasile Goldis” Arad Economics Series, 24(3). 2. Borlea, S, N., Mare, C., Achim, M. V., Puscas, A. (2016) Direction of causality between financial development and economic growth. Evidence for developing countries, Studia Universitatis “Vasile Goldis” Arad Economics Series, 26(2) 3. Calver, G. (2004). What is packaging design

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The standstill clause mechanism on the example of the tax on civil law transactions as applied to capital contributions

kwietnia 2009 r., I SA/Kr 147/09, „Przegląd Podatkowy” 2009, nr 6. Varga W., Glosa do wyroku TS z dnia 16 lutego 2012 r, C-594/10, LEX/el. 2012. Wesołowska A., Glosa do wyroku TS z dnia 15 kwietnia 2010 r, C-538/08 i C-33/09, LEX/el. 2011. Wesołowska A., Glosa do wyroku TS z dnia 16 czerwca 2011 r, C-212/10, LEX/el. 2011. Akty prawne Ustawa z dnia 19 grudnia 1975 r. o opłacie skarbowej (Dz. U. Nr 45, poz. 226 z późn. zm.). Ustawa o podatku od towarów i usług z dnia 11 marca 2004 r. (tekst jedn.: Dz. U. z 2016 r. poz. 710 z późn

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The law-making activity of the administrative courts in tax matters

TK z dnia 10 marca 2009 r., P 80/08, OTK-A 2009, nr 3, poz. 26. Uchwała NSA z dnia 14 marca 2005 r., FPS 4/04, ONSAiWSA 2005, nr 3, poz. 50. Uchwała siedmiu sędziów NSA z dnia 12 września 2005 r., I FPS 2/05, ONSAiWSA 2006, nr 1, poz. 1. Uchwała siedmiu sędziów NSA z dnia 8 stycznia 2007 r., I FPS 1/06, ONSAiWSA 2007, nr 2, poz. 27. Wyrok NSA z dnia 19 września 2000 r., III SA 1520/99, LEX nr 47019. Wyrok NSA z dnia 4 października 2000 r., III SA 1901/99, LEX nr 47081. Wyrok NSA z dnia 24 października 2000 r., V SA 613/00, OSP

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