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Boban Milenković

, 2006. 5. Justin Ćelijski, prepodobni. Dogmatika tom 1. Beograd: Zadužbina “Sveti Jovan Zlatoústi” Ave Justina Ćelijskog i manastir Ćelije kod Valjeva, 2003. 6. Nemesije, episkop Emese. “O čovekovoj prirodi”. U Gospode ko je čovek. Beograd: Obraz Svetački 2003. 7. Rouz, jeromonah Serafim. “Pravoslavlje i religija budućnosti”, Teološki Pogledi XXI, br. 3-4 (1989) 8. Orthodox Library. “Беседа XXII Благословляйте гонящия вы, благословите, а не клените (Rome. 12, 14)”. (Retreived 10.05

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K. Talattinis, G. Kyriakides, E. Kapantai and G. Stephanides

. P., Jarmoszko, A. T., & Labedz Jr, C. S. (2016). Predicting wins and spread in the Premier League using a sentiment analysis of twitter. Decision Support Systems , 88 (C), 76-84. doi: 10.1016/j.dss.2016.05.010 Scibilia, B. (2012). How Could You Benefit from a Box-Cox Transformation?. [The Minitab Blog.] Retrieved September 10 2018 from . Sharpe, W. (1994). The Sharpe Ratio. The Journal Of Portfolio Management , 21 (1), 49

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B. Serrien, R. Clijsen, S. Anders, M. Goossens and J-P. Baeyens

:10.1016/j.humov.2011.05.005 Wagner, H., Pfusterschmied, J., von Duvillard, S. P., & Müller, E. (2012). Skill-dependent proximal-to-distal sequence in team-handball throwing. Journal of Sports Sciences , 30 (1), 21–9. doi:10.1080/02640414.2011.617773 Wu, G., van der Helm, F. C. T., (DirkJan) Veeger, H. E. J., Makhsous, M., Van Roy, P., Anglin, C., … Buchholz, B. (2005). ISB recommendation on definitions of joint coordinate systems of various joints for the reporting of human joint motion—Part II: shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand. Journal of

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K. Petri, N Bandow and K Witte

environments. Computer & Graphics 37, 121-136. Argelaguet Sanz, F., Multon, F. & Lécuyer (2015). A methodology for introducing competitive anxiety and pressure in VR sports training. Frontiers in Robotics and AI 2:10. DOI: 10.3389/frobt.2015.00010 Bailenson, J.N., Blascovich, J., Beall, A.C. & Loomis, J.M. (2003). Interpersonal distance in immersive virtual environments. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 29 (7), 819-833. DOI: 10.1177/0146167203029007002 Bandow, N., Emmermecher, P., Stucke, C., Masik, S. & Witte, K

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C. Soto Valero

soccer result prediction. Paper presented at the Seventh International Conference on Intelligent Systems Design and Applications. Baumer, B., & Zimbalist, A. (2014). Quantifying Market Inefficiencies in the Baseball Players’ Market. Eastern Economic Journal, 40(4), 488-498. doi: 10.1057/eej.2013.43 Burges, C. J. C. (1998). A Tutorial on Support Vector Machines for Pattern Recognition. Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, 2(2), 121-167. doi: 10.1023/a:1009715923555 Chang, J., & Zenilman, J. (2013). A study of

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J. M. Jäger, J. Kurz and H. Müller

., Theakston, S. C., Owen, A. & Nevill, A. M. (2003). Characteristics Associated With 10-km Running Performance Among a Group of Highly Trained Male Endurance Runners Age 21-63 Years. Journal of Aging and Physical Activity, 11, 333-350. doi: 10.1123/japa.11.3.333 Breiman, L. (2001). Random forests. Machine learning, 45, 5-32. Darr, K. C, Bassett, D. R, Morgan, B. J., Thomas, D. P. (1988). Effects of age and training status on heart rate recovery after peak exercise. American Journal of Physiol, 254(2), H340-343. Deuster, P

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Zuzana Sakáčová

: Norská sportovní univerzita a Český olympijský výbor Oslo a Praha. ISBN 80-239-5723-6. 8. FASTING, K., 2013. Preventing sexual harassment in sport - a need for transforming coaching education? [online]. 2013 [2015-03-02]. Dostupné z: . 9. FASTING, K., C. BRACKENRIDGE and J. SUNDGOT-BORGEN, 2000. Females, Elite Sports and Sexual Harassment. The Norwegian Women Project . Oslo, Norwegian Olympic Committee. 10. FASTING, K., C.H. BRACKENRIDGE and J. SUNDGOT-BORGEN, 2004. Prevalence of

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D. Kolossa, M.A. Bin Azhar, C. Rasche, S. Endler, F. Hanakam, A. Ferrauti and M. Pfeiffer

. (1999). Lectures on dynamic systems and control. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, vol. Course 6.241, Lecture Notes. Hellard, P., Avalos, M., Lacoste, L., Barale, F., Chatard, J. C., & Millet, G. P. (2006). Assessing the limitations of the Banister model in monitoring training. Journal of sports sciences, 24(05), 509-520. Jobson, S. A., Passfield, L., Atkinson, G., Barton, G., & Scarf, P. (2009). The analysis and utilization of cycling training data. Sports medicine, 39(10), 833-844. Ludyk, G. (1995). Theoretische

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Melanie Ludwig, Alexander Asteroth, Christian Rasche and Mark Pfeiffer

education , 37(2), 134–152. Hellard, P., Avalos, M., Lacoste, L., Barale, F., Chatard, J.-C., & Millet, G. P. (2006). Assessing the limitations of the banister model in monitoring training. Journal of sports sciences , 24(05), 509–520. Hellard, P., Avalos, M., Millet, G., Lacoste, L., Barale, F., & Chatard, J.-C. (2005). Modeling the residual effects and threshold saturation of training: a case study of olympic swimmers. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research , 19(1), 67. Kolossa, D., Bin Azhar, M., Rasche, C., Endler, S., Hanakam, F., Ferrauti