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Stefan Kolar

Interstate Alliance Dataset, 1816-2000.” In Journal of Peace Research, 41/2, 2004, pp. 211-222 Gill, Bates. “Chinese Military Modernization and Arms Proliferation in the Asia-Pacific.” In In China’s Shadow: Regional Perspectives on Chinese Foreign Policy and Military Development, edited by Jonathan D. Pollack and Richard H. Yang. Santa Monica: RAND, 1998, pp. 10-36 Gill, Bates. Rising Star: China’s New Security Diplomacy. Washington, D.C.: The Brookings Institution, 2010 Glaser, Bonnie S. and Brittany Billingsley. “Reordering

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Marco Akira Klebel

REFERENCES Arnstein, Sherry. “A Ladder of Citizen Participation.” In JAIP (Journal of the American Institute of Planners) , 35/4, July 1969, pp. 216-224 E-GOV. “Gyōsei tetsuzuki-hō” 行政手続法 [Administrative Procedure Law]. 2010, , accessed September 2010 Feindt, Peter, et al. “Strukturbildungsprobleme in lokalen und regionalen Agenda-Prozessen.” In Lokale ‚Agenda 21’-Prozesse , Reihe “Städte und Regionen in Europa”, 7, edited by Hubert Heinelt and Eberhard Mühlich. Opladen: Leske und Budrich, 2008

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Eva Ignatuschtschenko

://, accessed 2 February 2016 Kiddee, Peeranart, Ravi Naidu, and Ming H. Wong. “Electronic Waste Management Approaches: An Overview.” In Waste Management, 33, 2013, pp. 1237-1250 Lee, Soo-cheol and Sung-in Na. “E-Waste Recycling Systems and Sound Circulative Economies in East Asia: A Comparative Analysis of Systems in Japan, South Korea, China and Taiwan.” In Sustainability, 2, 2010, pp. 1632-1644 Leung, Anna O. W., Nurdan S. Duzgoren-Aydin, K.C. Cheung, and Ming H. Wong. “Heavy Metals

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Thomas Stephan Eder

International Studies], 6, 2011, pp. 61-68 Petersen, Alexandros. “Inadvertent Empire.” In The Gadfly, 16 April 2013a,, accessed October 2013 Petersen, Alexandros. “Russia’s Energy Bully Takes a Fall.” In Foreign Policy, 6 May 2013b,, accessed October 2013 Petersen, Alexandros. “Central Asia’s New Energy Giant: China.” In The Atlantic, 28 June 2013c,

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Alfred Gerstl

:// (accessed: June 6, 2018). Benková, Livia. 2018. “Current Developments in Central Europe Regarding the Involvement of the Main External Actors.” In: Livia Benková, Apolonija Rihtaric, and Velina Tchakarova, eds., Will the EU Lose the East? Vienna: Austria Institute for European and Security Policy, pp. 5-23. Bevins, Vincent. 2018. “New Malaysian Government Steps Back from Spending, Chinese Projects.” In Washington Post (May 30). Online:

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Elisabeth Gumpenberger

und Fremdenfeindlichkeit tun kann . Klagenfurt, Celovec: Drava, 2001b “Bó’áo xiǎozhèn de 10 nián zhuǎnxíng lù” 博鳌小镇的10 年转型路 [The Path of Ten Years’ Transformation of the Little Town of Bó’áo]. 2008, , accessed September 2009 Bó’áo Zhèn rénmín zhèngfǔ 博鳌镇人民政府. Lùntán chénglì qiánhòu Bó’áozhèn jīngjì fāzhǎn zhuàngkuàng 论坛成立前后博鳌镇经济发展状况 [The Economic Circumstances of Bó’áo Town Before and After the Establishment of the Forum]. Unpublished document, 2002 Bó’áo Zhèn rénmín zhèngfǔ 博鳌镇人民政府

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Julia Peitl

Affairs, Republic of Korea, Speeches and Published Materials website,, accessed January 2014 Fukuda, Yasuo. “Address by H.E. Mr. Yasuo Fukuda, Prime Minister of Japan at the Opening Session of the Fourth Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD IV).” May 28, 2008, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Regional Affairs website, http

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Rosalina Pisco Costa, Carlos Vieira and Isabel Vieira

7. REFERENCES Ballantine, J. and Hammack, F. M. (2016). The Sociology of Education: A systematic Analysis . New York: Routledge. Brewin, C., Furnham, A. and Howes, M. (1989). Demographic and psychological determinants of homesickness and confiding among students. British Journal of Psychology 80 (4), 467-477. DOI: 10.1111/j.2044-8295.1989.tb02336.x Brown, B. and Perkins, D. (1992). Disruptions in place attachment, in I. Altman and S. Low (Eds.). Place Attachment (279-304). New York: Plenum. Burt, C. (1993). Concentration and academic

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Dennis Matotoka and Kola O. Odeku

. Anderson, D. Anderson, L.A. (2010). Beyond change management: How to achieve breakthrough results through conscious change leadership available at , accessed on 10 June 2018. available at accessed on 9 June 2018. Barak, M.E.M. (2016). Managing diversity: Toward a globally inclusive workplace, available at