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Inequality in Posting Behaviour Over Time

A study of Danish Facebook users

Anja Bechmann

References Baker, R., Blumberg, S. J., Brick, J. M., Couper, M. P., Courtright, M., Dennis, J. M., … Zahs, D. (2010). AAPOR report on online panels. Public Opinion Quarterly , 74(4): 711-781. Baumer, E. P. S., Adams, P., Khovanskaya, V. D., Liao, T. C., Smith, M. E., Schwanda Sosik, V. & Williams, K. (2013). Limiting, leaving, and (re)lapsing: An exploration of Facebook non-use practices and experiences. In Proceedings of the SIGCHI conference on human factors in computing systems (pp. 3257-3266). New York, NY: ACM.

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Tracing Communicative Patterns

A comparative ethnography across platforms, media and contexts

Signe Sophus Lai, Jesper Pagh and Fiona Huijie Zeng

. Burrell, J. (2009). The field site as a network: A strategy for locating ethnographic research. Field Methods, 21(2): 181-199. doi: Carter, S. & Mankoff, J. (2005). When participants do the capturing: The role of media in diary studies. In Proceedings of the SIGCHI conference on human factors in computing systems, CHI ’05 (pp. 899-908). New York, NY: ACM. doi: Cook, J., Laidlaw, J. & Mair, J. (2009). What if there is no elephant? Towards a conception of an un-sited field. In

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Four Styles of Quali-Quantitative Analysis

Making sense of the new Nordic food movement on the web

Anders Kristian Munk

Mechanics: Theory and Experiment , 10: P10008. Boellstorff, T., Nardi, B., Pearce, C. & Taylor, T. L. (2012). Ethnography and virtual worlds: A handbook of method . Princeton University Press. ISO 690. Bryman, A. (2006). Integrating quantitative and qualitative research: How is it done? Qualitative Research , 6(1): 97-113. Callon, M. & Latour, B. (1981). Unscrewing the big Leviathan: How actors macro-structure reality and how sociologists help them to do so. In K. Knorr & A. Cicourel (ed.) Advances in social theory and methodology: Toward an

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Logics of the Icelandic Hybrid Media System

Snapchat and media-use before the 2016 and 2017 Althing elections

Birgir Guðmundsson

). Bernie Sanders is using Snapchat to try to win over young voters. Business Insider, Politics [online]. Retrieved from [accessed 2019, January 10]. Hjarvard, S. (2013). The mediatization of culture and society. London and New York: Routledge. Jamieson, A. (2016). The first Snapchat election: How Bernie and Hillary are targeting the youth vote. The Guardian. Retrieved from

Open access

Niina Niskala and Pertti Hurme

Gothenburg : Nordicom. Van Ruler, B. (2004) `The Communication Grid: An Introduction of a Model of Four Communication Strategies’, Public Relations Review 30: 123-143. Viestinnän ammattilaiset-tutkimus (2011) (Communication professional survey 2011). Online: http://procom-fi Viestinn%C3%A4n%20ammattilaiset%202011%20loppuraportti.pdf (read 10.2.2013) Volek, J. and Jir´k, J. (2007) `Professional Self-Image of the Czech Journalists: Selected Attributes’, Media studies IV 2007

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Minna Saariketo

(6): 985-1002. Best, K. (2010). Living in the control society: Surveillance, users and digital screen technologies. International Journal of Cultural Studies , 13(1): 5-24. Cadwalladr, C. & Graham-Harrison, E. (2018, March 17). Revealed: 50 million Facebook profiles harvested for Cambridge Analytica in major data breach. The Guardian [online]. Retrieved from [accessed 2018, March 28]. Coté, M. (2014). Data motility. The materiality of big social data

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Łukasz P. Wojciechowski and Viktória Babjaková

References AIDS Pioneer Regrets “Grim Reaper” Demonization of Gay Men , (11.05.2015). ARIÈS P. (2000), Dějiny smrti , ARGO, Praha. BRÁDŇANSKÁ N. (1999), Pastorálny postoj k smrti človeka so zameraným na zomieranie detí a dospievajúcich , ECM, Bratislava. Buy Life/Digital Death . (2010), (11.05.2015). ČERNÁK P. (2009), Strata ako malá (?) smrť , [in:] Psychiatria – Psychoterapia – Psychosomatika , roč. 16, č. 4

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Piotr Tomski and Anna Dunay

. Effects of “best practices” of environmental management on cost advantage: The role of complementary assets . Academy of Management Journal, 43(4), 663-680. DOI: 10.2307/1556360 . Deaton, J., 2017. America’s craft breweries are on an environmental crusade. Popular Science, August 16, 2017. (17.10.2018) Dijk van, M., Kroezen J., Slob B., 2017. From Pilsner Desert to Craft Beer Oasis: The Rise of Craft Brewing in the Netherlands . [in:] C. Garavaglia

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Robert Sałek and Michał Słabik

., Pirdavani, A., Brijs, T., Souza Pitombo, C., 2019. Assessing the impacts of enriched information on crash prediction performance , Accident Analysis and Prevention, 122, 162–171, McIlroy, R.C., Plant, K.A., Hoque, M.S., Jianping, W., Kokwaro, G.O., Vũ, N.H., Stanton, N.A., 2019. Who is responsible for global road safety? A cross-cultural comparison of Actor Maps , Accident Analysis & Prevention, 122, 8-18, . Nævestad, T-O., Hesjevoll, I.S., Phillips, R.O., 2018. How can we improve

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Weronika Kruszelnicka, Andrzej Tomporowski, Józef Flizikowski, Robert Kasner and Joanna Cyganiuk

. Fuerstenau, D.W., Kapur, P.C., Gutsche, O., 1993. Comminution of single particles in a rigidly-mounted roll mill part 1: mill torque model and energy investment . Powder Technology, 76(3), 253–62, DOI: 10.1016/S0032-5910(05)80006-3. He, B., Luo, T., Huang, S., 2019. Product sustainability assessment for product life cycle . Journal of Cleaner Production, 206, 238–50. DOI: 10.1016/j.jclepro.2018.09.097. Jeswiet, J., Szekeres, A., 2016. Energy Consumption in Mining Comminution . Procedia CIRP, 48, 140–45. DOI: 10.1016/j.procir.2016.03.250. Kwiatkowski, D