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Eugenijus Nazelskis

:// . (Retrieved on 02/02/2015). Kvalifikacijų ir profesinio mokymo plėtros centras (2014). Profesiniai standartai. Available atžos%20nuostata (Retrieved on 20/10/2014). Lietuvos suvirintojų asociacija (2014). Suvirinimo įmonių sertifikavimo ir specialistų profesinio mokymo ir jų kvalifikacijos pripažinimo problemos Lietuvoje. Byla 1. p. 1–4. Lietuvos darbo birža (2013). Available at (Retrieved on 05

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Virbalienė Akvilė, Žebrauskaitė Aurelija and Žydžiūnaitė Vilma

Science+Business Media, LLC. 9. Dweck, C. S. (2000). Self-theories: Their Role in Motivation, Personality, and Development . New York: Taylor & Francis. 10. English-Lithuanian Dictionary Online (2018). Available at: (Retrieved on 05/06/2018). 11. Fragouli, E. (2018). The dark-side of charisma and charismatic leadership Evangelia. The Business and Management Review , 9(4), 298-307. 12. Hall, J. A., & Horgan, T. G. (2003). Happy Affect and Smiling: Is Their Relation Moderated by Interpersonal Power? Emotion, 3

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Daiva Abromavičienė

/01/2016). Siemens, G. (2005). Connectivism: A Learning Theory for the Digital Age. International Journal of Instructional Technology and Distance Learning, 2(1), 3-10. Available at: (Accessed on 15/01/2016). Šiaudvytienė, E. (2007). Different Learning with Web 2.0. Available at: (Accessed on 20/01/2016). The Report of a Scientific Research Introduction of Information and Communication Technologies in

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Vilma Šliužaitė, Laimutė Anužienė and Aivaras Anužis

Respublikos Seimas. (2013). Nutarimas „Dėl Valstybinės Švietimo 2013–2022 metų strategijos patvirtinimo“, 2013 12 23, no. XII-745. Available at (Retrieved on 17/08/2015). Lietuvos Respublikos Seimas. (2012). Lietuvos pažangos strategija „Lietuva 2030“ , 2012 05 15, no. XI-2015. Available at (Retrieved on 21/08/2015). Maceina, A. (1985). Dievas ir laisvė. Oak Lawn: Ateitis. Mayring, P. (2000). Qualitative

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Ieva Anužienė

). Developing socio-cultural competence in the ESL classroom. Nottingham Linguistic Circular , 17,1-16. Johnson, K. E. (2009) Second Language Teacher Education–A Sociocultural Perspective. London: Routledge. Key competencies. A developing concept in general compulsory education (2002). Eurydice. Available at (Retrieved on 21/09/2014). Leavitt, R. L. (2002). Developing Cultural Competence in a Multicultural World. Part 1. PT Magazine, 10(12),36-48. Lee, J. S., & McChesney

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Judita Kasperiūnienė and Vilma Žydžiūnaitė

in social networks. Management Science , 49(4), 432-445. Charmaz, K. (2014). Constructing grounded theory . London: Sage. Charmaz, K. (2006). Constructing grounded theory: A practical guide through qualitative analysis . London: Pine Forge Press. Chen, I. Y., Chen, N. S., & Kinshuk (2009). Examining the factors influencing participants' knowledge sharing behavior in virtual learning communities. Journal of Educational Technology & Society , 12(1), 134-148. Chou, S. W., & Liu, C. H. (2005). Learning effectiveness in a Web-based virtual

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Obase Ralph, Ngoran Gilles, Nde Fon, Henry Luma and Ngwane Greg

References Asaah, V. (2010). Lode gold mineralization in the neoproterozoic granitoids of Batouri, southeastern Cameroon. Doctoral Thesis. Cameroon: Technical University of Clausthal, Clausthal Zellerfield, Germany. Retrieved from Accessed 10/05/2012 Bernd, D., Jennifer, H., & Manfred, W. (2010). An Occupational Safety Health System For Small Scale Mines in Rwanda. . Rwanda : Projekt-Consult Gmbh . Borralho, C. (2013, August 2). Gold mining affects

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Eneida Përmeti Çifligu

) Lainà P. (2011): “Dynamic Effects of Total Debt and GDP: A Time-Series Analysis of the United States”, Master Thesis, Aalto University School of Economics, page 74-77 Pattillo C., Poirson. H and Ricci. L, 2002, “External Debt and Growth,” Review of Economics and Institutions, Fall 2011, vol. 2, issue 3, Article 2 Schclarek. A “Debt and Economic Growth in Developing and Industrial Countries” T December 15, 2004. Available: Sheikh. M. et al. (2010): “Domestic Debt and Economic Growth in

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Dare O. Omonijo, Michael C. Anyaegbunam, Chidozie B. Obiorah, Samuel N. C Nwagbo, Caleb A. Ayedun, Victoria Ajibola Adeleke, Elizabeth I. Olowookere, Jonathan A. Odukoya and Chioma Agubo

: Dominion Publishing House. Hallary (2012) Failure of governance in Nigeria. BBC Hausa service, Wednesday 25 April 2012 Ilechukwu, L. C., Uchem, C and Asogwa, U. (2015). Stemming the Incidence of Kidnapping in the Nigerian Society: What Religious Education Can Do? Journal of Culture, Society and Development, 12: 28-47 Inyang, J. D and Abraham, (2013). The Social Problem of Kidnapping and its Implications on the Socio-Economic Development of Nigeria: A Study of Uyo Metropolis. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences , 4(6): 531-544. Doi:10.5901/mjss

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Ali Alghafli

:// . Accessed April 10, 2018. Böhm, R; Rusch, H.; Baron, J. (2018). The psychology of intergroup conflict: A review of theories and measures. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization , DOI: 10.1016/j.jebo.2018.01.020. Cali, M. & Miaari S. (2015). Economics in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: Historical insights from quantitative data (Executive Summary). International Economic Development Group. Retrieved from: https