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Anna Cox and Victoria Clydesdale

Psychotherapy [online], 45, 26-35. Available from DOI: 10.1016/j.aip.2015.05.004 (accessed: January 16, 2019). Kaparti, A., & Kay, L. (2013). Visual Expression of Beauty and Ugliness in Adolescent Art. International Journal of Education through Art, 9(2), 155-171. Available from: 10.1386/eta.9.2.155_1(accessed: February 18, 2017). Kuadu, J. (2012). Research Methodology: A Project Guide for University Students [online]. Frederiksberg: Samfundslitteratur Press. Available from: ProQuest Ebook Central. (accessed: January 16, 2019

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Boban Milenković

, 2006. 5. Justin Ćelijski, prepodobni. Dogmatika tom 1. Beograd: Zadužbina “Sveti Jovan Zlatoústi” Ave Justina Ćelijskog i manastir Ćelije kod Valjeva, 2003. 6. Nemesije, episkop Emese. “O čovekovoj prirodi”. U Gospode ko je čovek. Beograd: Obraz Svetački 2003. 7. Rouz, jeromonah Serafim. “Pravoslavlje i religija budućnosti”, Teološki Pogledi XXI, br. 3-4 (1989) 8. Orthodox Library. “Беседа XXII Благословляйте гонящия вы, благословите, а не клените (Rome. 12, 14)”. (Retreived 10.05

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Yong Mei

Deputy-Minister of Science and Higher Education. [2015-10-05]. . Guo J.R. (2009). Expansion of doctoral education, quality distribution and quality assurance of doctorate in Chinese Universities. A perspective of the institutionalism. Peking Education Review , (4), 21–47. Holm T., Sammalisto, K., Vuorisalo, T. (2015). Education for sustainable development and quality assurance in universities in China and the Nordic countries: a comparative study. Journal of Cleaner Production , (107), 529

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Szilvia Simándi

Pedagógiai Szemle, 58(3), 62-68. Goriup, J., Čagran, B., & Krošl, K. (2015). Education of older people for combating their loneliness. Acta Technologica Dubnicae, 5(1), 21-36. doi: 10.1515/atd-2015-0030 Jászberényi, J., & Bajusz, K. (2013). Az időskori tanulásról. Kultúra és Közösség, 3, 59-66. Kindström, C. (2010). A tanulókörök módszerének a bemutatása. Szentendre: Budapest Környéki Népfőiskolai Szövetség. Kolland, F. (2008). Was ist intergenerationelles Lernen im Hochschulkontext? In In A. Waxenegger namens

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Urszula Markowska-Manista

References Alderson, P. (1995). Listening to children: children, ethics and social research. Ilford: Dr Barnar­do’s. Alderson, P., & Goodey, C. (1996). Research with disabled children: how useful is child-cen­tred ethics? Children & Society, 10(2), 106-116. Ashcroft, B., Griffiths, G., & Tiffin, H. (2002). The empire writes back: Theory and practice in post-colonial literatures. New York: Routledge. Beazley, H., Bessell, S., Ennew, J., & Waterson, R. (2011). How are the human rights of chil

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Jana Goriup and Danijela Lahe

References Aday, R. H., Sims, C. R., & Evans, E. (1991). Youth’s attitudes toward the elderly: The impact of intergenerational partners. Journal of Applied Gerontology, 10 (3), 372-384. Alford, C. L., Miles, T., Palmer, R., & Espino, D. (2001). An introduction to geriatrics for first-year medical students. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, 49 (6), 782-787. Allan, L. J., & Johnson, J. A. (2009). Undergraduate attitudes toward the elderly: The role of knowledge, contact and aging anxiety. Educational Gerontology, 35 (1), 1

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András Semjén, Marcell Le and Zoltán Hermann

-92). plankog (2018). Tölgyessy Péter: Orbán kivételesen jól ismeri a magyarokat, olykor mégis évszázados beállítódásokat sért. . Retrieved from Pollitt, C., & Bouckaert, G. (2011). Public Management Reform. A Comparative Analysis – New Public Managemnt, Governance, and the Neo-Weberian State (Third Edition). Oxford: Oxford University Press. Rosta, M. (2014). Túlzott központosítás és hatalomkoncentráció. Közigazgatási reform

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Miloš Stamenković

. . 44. . 45. . 46. . 47. . 48. . 49.

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Ewa Jarosz

References Alderson, P. (2010). Younger children’s individual participation in matters affecting them. In: B. Percy-Smith, & N. Thomas (Eds.), Handbook of Children and Young People’s Participa­tion. Perspectives from Theory and Practice (pp. 88-96). London, New York: Routledge. Beck, U. (1997). Democratization of the Family. Childhood, 4(2), 151-168. Berman, G., Hart, J., O’Mathuna, D., Mattellone, E., Potts, A., O’Kane, C., Shusterman, J., & Tanner, T. (2013). What we know about ethical research involving

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Belinda Halilaj

. 9918, dated 19/05/2008 “On electronic communication in the Republic of Albania”. Licaj. L., & Goxhaj. J. (2015). The development of Albanian legislation and the codification process during the Zogist period. European Scientific Journal.11, 195. [Online] Available: (September 10, 2016) Luarasi (2001). The history of the state and law in Albania. Tirane. Malltezi, A. (2001). The Albanian right of trade companies. Tirane: Mediaprint. Mandro A