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Carolina Vendil Pallin

Centre. 2014a. ‘Oprosy obshchestvennogo mneniia: interes, doverie i strakhi’, 18 August 2014 at, accessed on 04.04.2015. Levada Centre. 2014b. ‘Otnoshenie rossiian k drugim stranam’, 8 December 2014 at http://www.levada.m/OS-12-2014/otnoshenie-rossiyan-k-drugim-stranam, accessed on 05.02.2015. Levada Centre. 2014c. ‘Rossiiane o kachesn-akli ukraintsev i russkikh’, 3 September 2014 at

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Māris Andžāns and Viljar Veebel

Security Policy, Vol. 31, No. 1 (April 2010), pp. 1-33. Available:;sequence=4 Laar, M. (2011). Reserv on Eesti kaitse selgroog. (available only in Estonian; Translation: The reservist army is the backbone of Estonian defence). Database Available: LETA (2017). Zemessargu skaits palielinās, bet nav sasniedzis maksimālo iespējamo (available only in Latvian; Translation: The number of home

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Viljar Veebel and Illimar Ploom

(2016c) Public opinion and national defence. Surveys from the period 2001-2016. Available: Accessed 30.09. 2016 Estonian Ministry of Defence (2016d). Euroopa Liit peab edasi liikuma kaitsekoostöö tugevdamisega (in Estonian), 05. 02. 2016. Available: Accessed 30.09. 2016. Eurobarometer (2014). Special Survey 413: Future of Europe (Report). Available: http

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Viljar Veebel

:// Mearsheimer, J. (1983). Conventional deterrence. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press. . Oliker, O., Chivvis, C.S., Crane, K., Tkacheva, O., Boston, S. (2015). Russian Foreign Policy in Historical and Current Context: A Reassessment. Santa Monica, CA: RAND Corporation, 2015. Persson, G. (2018). Russia and Baltic Sea Security: A

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Arūnas Molis, Claudia Palazzo and Kaja Ainsalu

natural gas security from geopolitics” (pp 87), The Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, available at (accessed 08/2018) Eesti Keemiatööstuse Liit (2013) “Eesti põlevkiviõli tootmise parim võimalik tehnika” (pp 131), The Federation of Estonian Chemical Industries, available at (accessed 09/2018) Eesti Välispoliitika Instituut (2012) “Eesti maagaasivõrgu eraldamisega seonduvatest

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Toms Rostoks and Nora Vanaga

References Bergmanis, Raimonds, 07.09.2016. Elksniņa meliem īsas kājas. Bērziņa, I. (Ed.) (2016). The Possibility of Societal Destabilization in Latvia: Potential National Security Threats. Executive Summary of the Research Project. National Defence Academy of Latvia. Retrieved from: Cabinet of Ministers (10 March 2015). Meetings

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Dovile Jakniunaite

November 2016). CNN Video (2015) ‘Lithuania President decries naive approach to Putin’, 1st March [Online]. Available at (Accessed 4 December 2015). Darczewska, J. (2014) The anatomy of Russian information warfare. The Crimean operation, a case study, Warsaw, The Centre for Eastern Studies (OSW) [Online]. Available at

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Nikola Pijović

-of-mou-between-the-commissionof-the-african-union-and-the-government-of-the-republic-ofkenya-as-troops-and-resources-contributi%E2%80%8Bng-countryto-amisom/, accessed July 05 2012. BBC. (2012a) Somalia’s al-Shabab join al-Qaeda . February 10., accessed July 04 2012. BBC. (2012b) Lamu port project launched for South Sudan and Ethiopia . March 02., accessed July 05 2012. BBC. (2012c) Somalia: Failed state or fantasy land. August 2., accessed October 22 2012. Besteman, Catherine

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Ryan C. Hendrickson

February 2015). Brannen, K., 2012. “McCain: Syrian, NATO Expansion Should Be on Summit Agenda”., 20 March 2012. Available at (accessed 10 December 2014). Burden, B.C., 2007. Personal Roots of Representation. Princeton: Princeton University Press. Carter, R. G., and Scott, J. M., 2009. Choosing to Lead: Congressional Foreign Policy Entrepreneurs. Durham, NC: Duke University Press

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Stefan Andonovski

:// [accessed 15 May 2017] Crisis Group Europe Report N°212, 2011, “Macedonia: Ten Years after the Conflict”. [accessed 15 May 2017] Crocker, C. A, Hampson, F. Osler, & Aall, P. R, ed., 2005. Grasping the nettle: analyzing cases of intractable conflict. Washington, D.C.: United States Institute of Peace Press. Czymmeck, A. and Viciska, K., 2011. A Model for Future Multi-Ethnic Coexistence? Macedonia 10 Years after the Ohrid Framework Agreement