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Éva Toldi

:// (10 Apr. 2015) Füzi, László. 2011. Elbeszélések a félelemről. [Short Stories on Fear.] Magyar Könyvpiac 7. 17. (11 Apr. 2015) Gergely, A. András. 1996. Identitás és etnoregionalitás. [Identity and Ethnoregionality.] Budapest: MTA PTI Etnogeronális Kutatóközpont. Hammer, Erika. 2006. „Ábel a rengetegből”: Tér-képek és topográfiai diskurzus Terézia Mora Nap mint nap című regényében. [Space-Images and Topographic Discourse in Terézia Mora’s Day In Day Out.] Filológiai

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New Hungarian Mythology Animated

Self-Portraits of the Nation

László Attila Hubbes

-18 Rosenstone, Robert A. (ed.). 1995. Revisioning History: Film and the Construction of a New Past. Princeton - Chichester: Princeton University Press. Szakács, Gábor. 2007. A Yotengrit és a valóság. [The Yotengrit and Reality]. Dobogó 6(1): 20-22. Szántai, Lajos. 2005. Gesta Hungarorum I-II. public lectures in Kecskemét 05.09.; 03.10. (video recording available online: 14 October 2013). I/01:13-01:25. Szilágyi, Tamás. 2008. Sacred Characteristics of the Nation: ‘Hungarianism’ as

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Irina Roibu and Paula-Alexandra Roibu

. “Ocuparea si somajul.” [“Employment and Unemployment.”] (Last accessed 10 February 2016) Kwon, Michelle. 2014. “South Korea’s Woeful Workplace Inequality.” The Diplomat . . (Last accessed 12 January 2016) Kim, Joseph. 2014. In-depth: South Korea’s Fix-all ‘Childcare’ . (Last accessed 12 January 2016) Kim, Seong

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Michał Rulski

:// , 6.05.2014> Emerson M., Can Ukraine be saved at this 11th hour? Web, 27 May 2014 < > Emmott R., Croft A., Britain, Sweden, Poland want EU Ukraine Police Mission: Document , Web. 28 May 2014< > EU; US; Ukraine and Russia to Meet on 17 April in Geneva , Brussels. 11 April 2014. 140411/04: Web. 5 May 2013 < > European

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David A. Jones

-nicaragua-ever-get-its-grand-canal.html Dugan, Andrew. Opinion Briefing: U.S. vs. China – Strengths and Weaknesses , Gallup. com (June, 2013). Web. Economy, Elizabeth C. The River Runs Black: The Environmental Challenge to China’s Future . Ithaca: Cornell University Press. (July, 2010). Erickson, Andrew S. Clear Strengths, Fuzzy Weaknesses In China’s Massive Military Build-Up , “The Wall Street Journal” (May, 2015). Web.

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Mateusz Chatys

:// . Chadran, N., Tan, C. North Korea issue is ‘different this time’, warns Singapore prime minister. CNBC, (October, 2017). Web. 5 January 2018, . Clinton, H. America’s Pacific Century. “Foreign Policy” (November, 2011). Web 5 January 2018, . Contested areas of South China Sea likely have few conventional oil and gas resources. US Energy

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Maciej Paszyn

. Käfer, A., Steininger, K, Raumordnung und Klimaschutz, im Auftrag der Salzburger Landesregierung , Salzburg 2008. Kwiatkowska-Dróżdż A., Niemiecka transformacja energetyczna: trudne początki , Warszawa: Ośrodek Studiów Wschodnich, 2012. Modell Deutschland – Klimaschutz bis 2050: Vom Ziel her denken. Endbericht , Öko-Institut and Prognos, Berlin 2010. Orlen przejmuje niemieckie stacje OMV , . ÖMV und VERBUND schaffen führendes Energieunternehmen,

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Ewelina Waśko-Owsiejczuk

. 19 June 2016, <>. Ghanim, D., Iraq’s Dysfunctional Democracy. Santa Barbara: Praeger, 2011. The Greater Middle East Initiative. Web. 29 May 2016, <>. Hersh, S.M., Torture at Abu Ghraib? American soldiers brutalized Iraqis. How far up does the responsibility go?, “New Yorker” (10 May 2004). Web. 21 May 2016, <>. Hirsh, M

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Michał Kobierecki

, “Huffington Post”, 21 January 2014, , 16 May 2014. Delany M., O’Flynn K., As Sochi gets Olympics, a gold medel for Putin , “The New York Times”, 5 July 2007, , 8 May 2014. Dewey C., Journalists at Sochi are live-tweeting their hilarious and gross hotel experiences, 4 February 2014, “The Washington Post”, <

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Paweł Jaskuła

Issues . “Congressional Research Service”. Web. 26 Aug. 2017, pp. 10–30. Nakamura, D., Rauhala, E. US and China end summit with 100-day plan to boost trade and cooperation . “The Washington Post”. Web. 7 August 2017,–11e7–855e-4824bbb5d748_story.html?utm_term=.bd5c46a63869 . New Mexico Population 2017. World Population Review. Web. 7 Dec. 2017, . The