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Krisanat Chuamsaamarkkee, Putthiporn Charoenphun, Natthaporn Kamwang, Sahakan Monthonwattana, Wirote Changmuang, Kittiphong Thongklam, Arpakorn Kositwattanarerk, Yoch Anongpornjossakul, Wichana Chamroonrat and Chanika Sritara

] Bartlett DT. Personal dose equivalent, Hp(d), and reference point for calibration. Radiat Prot Dosimetry. 2006;121(3):209-210. [10] Changmuang W, Chamroonrat W, Kositwattanarerk A, et al . Radiation from an admitted thyroid cancer patient with high dose I-131 treatment in related hospitalized area and exposure to associated personnel in Ramathibodi’s new inpatient unit. Asean J Radiol. 2012;18(2):118-122. [11] Wrixon AD. New ICRP recommendations. J Radiol Prot. 2008;28(2):161-168. [12] Chu BP, Horan C, Basu E, et al . Feasibility of administering high

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Mihai Nicolae Dănilă, Florin Unga, Marius Mihai Cazacu, Adrian Timofte, Mitachi Strat, Dan Gheorghe Dimitriu and Silviu Gurlui

References [1] A. Timofte, M. M. Cazacu, R. Radulescu, C. Talianu., D. G. Dimitriu., S. Gurlui, Environmental Engineering and Management Journal, vol. 10, No.1, 91 – 97, (2011); [2] ECMWF, (2010), European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts, Forecasts images from 17.04.2010 - [3] Satrep Online, (2010), Satellite images database from 14.04.2010 to 18.04.2010 - [4] Met Office, (2010), UK's National Weather Service, Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre - [5

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Piotr Ulkowski, Wojciech Bulski, Barbara Gwiazdowska and Joanna Rostkowska

References Rozporzadzenie Ministra Zdrowia z 25.08.05. w sprawie bezpiecznego stosowania promieniowania jonizujacego dla wszystkich rodzajow ekspozycji medycznej. Dziennik Ustaw Nr 194, poz. 1624, 1625. [Regulation of the Minister of Health of 25.08.05 on the safety of ionizing radiation use in all type of medical exposure]. Polish Andreo P, Seuntjens JP, Podgorsak EB. Calibration of photon and electron beams. In: Podgorsak EB, ed. Radiation Oncology Physics. Vienna: IAEA 2005. pp. 301

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Ouiza Moussous, Toufik Medjadj and Saad Khoudri

absorbed dose to water. Vienna: International Atomic Energy Agency, Technical Reports Series TRS-398; 2000. [10] ISO. Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement: International Organization for Standardization, ISO 1993. [11] Bhat AA, Choudhary D, Sarma A, et al. Response of an FBX dosimeter to high LET 7 Li and 12 C ions. Radiat Phys Chem. 2003;68(5):909-916. [12] Gupta BL, Nilekani SR. Ferrous ion oxidation by H, OH and H 2 O 2 in aerated FBX dosimetry system. Radiat. Phys. Chem. 1998;53(6):643-650. [13] Smith CW. Orthovoltage x

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Ibtissem Boulacel, Brahim Harkati, Radia Ayad, Ibrahim Demirtas, Hocine Laouer and Salah Akkal

-60. [14]. Mofiz Uddin Khan, N.M; Sagar Houssain, M.d., Scopoletin and ß-sitistéol glucoside from roots of Ipomoea digitata, Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry , 2015 , 4 , 05-07. [15]. Fahee. A; Keng. C.W; Ibrahim. E; Mohammad. Z.A; Hasnah. O., Evaluation of Biological Activities of Extracts and Chemical constituents of Mimusops Elengi, Tropical Journal of pharmaceutical research, 2013 , 12 (4), 591-596. [16]. Luximon-Ramma, A; Bahorun, T; Soobrattee, A. M; Aruoma, O.I., Antioxidant activities of phenolic, proanthocyanodin and flavonoid

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Laurent André, Christomir Christov, Arnault Lassin and Mohamed Azaroual

., André, L., Azaroual, M., A thermodynamic model of aqueous electrolyte solution behavior and solid liquid equilibrium in the Li-H-Na-K-Cl-OH-H 2 O system to a very high concentrations (40 molal) from 0° to 250°C, American Journal of Science, 2015 , 315, 204-256. [10]. Christov, C., Dixon, A., Moller N., Thermodynamic modeling of aqueous aluminum chemistry and solid liquid equilibria to high solution concentration and temperature. I. The acidic H-Al-Na-K-Cl-H 2 O system from 0° to 100°C, J. Solution Chem ., 2007 , 36, 1495-1523. [11]. Moller, N