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Loredana Di Consiglio and Tiziana Tuoto

Linkage Using Mixture Models”. Journal of the American Statistical Association 96: 32-41. Doi: Lincoln, F.C. 1930. Calculating Waterfowl Abundance on the Basis of Banding Returns 118: United States Department of Agriculture Circular, 1-4. McFadden, D. 1974. “Conditional Logit Analysis of Qualitative Choice Behavior”. In Frontiers in Econometrics, edited by P. Zarembka, 105-142, New York: Academic Press. McLeod, P., D. Heasman, and I. Forbes 2011. Simulated Data for the on the

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Peter G.M. van der Heijden, Paul A. Smith, Maarten Cruyff and Bart Bakker

.1080/02664760120108430. Reurings, M.C.B. and N.M. Bos. 2012. “Ernstig Verkeersgewonden in de Periode 2009 en 2010. Update van de Cijfers.” Stichting Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek Verkeersveiligheid SWOV, ref.; R-2012-7, Leidschendam, 2012. Available at: Reurings, M.C. and H.L. Stipdonk. 2011. “Estimating the Number of Serious Road Injuries in the Netherlands.” Annals of Epidemiology 21(9): 648-653. Doi: Schafer, J. 1997a. Analysis of Incomplete

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Enrico D’Elia

: Graham, P., J. Young, and R. Penny. 2009. “Multiply Imputed Synthetic Data: Evaluation of Hierarchical Bayesian Imputation Models.” Journal of Official Statistics 25: 245-268. Granger, C.W.J. and M.J. Machina. 2006. “Forecasting and Decision Theory.” In Handbook of Economic Forecasting, edited by G. Elliott, C.W.J. Granger, and A. Timmermann. Amsterdam: Elsevier. Granger, C.W.J. and M.H. Pesaran. 2000. “Economic and Statistical Measures of Forecast Accuracy.” Journal of

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Richard Sigman, Taylor Lewis, Naomi Dyer Yount and Kimya Lee

References American Association for Public Opinion Research. 2009. Standard Definitions: Final Dispositions of Case Codes and Outcome Rates for Surveys. Sixth Edition. Available at: (accessed January 27, 2014). Baruch, Y. and B.C. Holtom. 2008. “Survey Response Rate Levels and Trends in Organizational Research.” Human Relations 61: 1139-1160. DOI:

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Marcel Das and Mick P. Couper

References Anderman, C., A. Cheadle, S. Curry, P. Diehr, L. Shultz, and E. Wagner. 1995. “Selection Bias Related to Parental Consent in School-Based Survey Research.” Evaluation Review 19: 663-674. DOI: Bates, N.A. 2005. “Development and Testing of Informed Consent Questions to Link Survey Data with Administrative Records.” In Proceedings of the American Statistical Association, May 12-15, 2005. 3786-3793, Miami Beach, FL. Available at: http:// www

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Michael Webster and Rory C. Tarnow-Mordi

Lemma and Decompositions of Superlative Indexes.” Journal of Economic and Social Measurement 28(1,2): 63–88. Doi: . Diewert, W.E. and K.J. Fox. 2017. “Substitution Bias in Multilateral Methods for CPI Construction using Scanner Data.” Paper presented at the 15th meeting of the Ottawa Group, Eltville, 10–12 May 2017. Available at: (accessed February 2019). Éltetö, Ö., and P. Köves. 1964

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Sabine Krieg, Harm Jan Boonstra and Marc Smeets

-Components Model for Prediction of County Crop Areas Using Survey and Satellite Data.” Journal of the American Statistical Association 83: 28-36. Doi: Boonstra, H., J. van den Brakel, B. Buelens, S. Krieg, and M. Smeets. 2008. “Towards Small Area Estimation at Statistics Netherlands.” Metron LXVI (1): 21-49. Available at: Chambers, R. and N. Tzavidis

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Maarten Vanhoof, Fernando Reis, Thomas Ploetz and Zbigniew Smoreda

-01688-9 . Glasson, M., J. Trepanier, V. Patruno, P. Daas, M. Skaliotis, and A. Khan. 2013. “What Does ‘Big Data’ Mean for Offical Statistics?” Available at: (Last accessed February 2018). Gong, H., C. Chen, E. Bialostozky, and C.T. Lawson. 2012. “A GPS/GIS Method for Travel Mode Detection in New York City.” Computers, Environment and Urban Systems 36(2): 131–139. Doi: . Grauwin, S., M. Szell, S. Sobolevsky, P. Hövel, F. Simini, M

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Taylor Lewis

.com/sitesusa/wp-content/uploads/sites/242/2014/05/IHSNG-asa2000proceedings.pdf (accessed April 2017). Beaumont, J., C. Bocci, and D. Haziza. 2014. “An Adaptive Data Collection Procedure for Call Prioritization.” Journal of Official Statistics 30: 607–621. Doi: . Bethlehem, J., F. Cobben, and B. Schouten. 2011. Handbook of Nonresponse in Household Surveys . Hoboken, NJ: Wiley. Biemer, P. and L. Lyberg. 2003. Introduction to Survey Quality . Hoboken, NJ: Wiley. Billiet, J., M. Philippens, R. Fitzgerald, and I. Stoop. 2007. “Estimation

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Peter van de Ven

Insights , 5 October 2016. Available at: . Piketty, T. 2014. Capital in the Twenty-First Century . Cambridge, Massachusetts, London, England: The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press. United Nations, European Commission, International Monetary Fund, Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, and World Bank 1993. System of National Accounts 1993 . Brussels/Luxembourg, New York, Paris, Washington D.C. United Nations, European Commission, International Monetary Fund