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The Effects of Moxibustion on Serum Interleukins and T Cell Subset in H.polyri Infected Rats

References 1 Zhong-Ren LI. Experimental Acupuncture. Beijing:China Press of Traditional Chinese Medicine,2007:327-329. 2 Yu-yu YANG. Expression of IL-12,IL-10 and CRP levels in patients with Helicobacter Pylori gastritis. Modern Diagnosis & Treatment 2012,23(1);13-15. 3 Yi CHEN, Xiao-Li YAN, Hua LI, et al.Serum IL-6, IL-8 and IL-10 changes in children infected by Helicobacter Pylori. Journal of Clinical Pediatrics 2003;21:163-165. 4 Hai-Mei YOU, Tuan-Min HU. Serum levels of IL-10 and TNF

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Electro-acupuncture on Nei Guan and Bai Hui: How Does It Affect GRP78 and Caspase-12 Gene Expression in Rats with Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury

. Neuroscience,2003,118 (2):491-499. 4 Ito D,Tanaka K,Suzuki S,et al.Up-regulation of the Ire 1- mediated signaling molecule,Bip,in ischemic rat brain.Neuroreport,2001,12(18):4023-4028. 5 Hayashi T,Saito A,Okuno S,et al.Induction of GRP78 by ischemic preeonditioning reticulum strss and prevents delayed neuronal cell deal.Cereb Blood Flow Metab,2003,23(8):949-961. 6 Paschen W, Aufenberg C, Hotop S, et al. Transient cerebral ischemia activates processing of xbp1 messenger RNA indicative of endoplasmic reticulum stress

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Electro-acupuncture on Lower He-sea Points: How Does it Affect Serum HMGB1 and Tissue α7 nAChR in Ulcerative Colitis Rats

):183-185. 8 Monique Adolphe, André-Laurent Parodi .Ethical issues in animal experimentation. Bulletin de L 'Academie Nationale de Medicine,2009;193(8):1803-1804. 9 Zhong-Ren LI. Experimental acupuncture. Beijing: China Press of Traditional Chinese Medicine 2003;425-431. 10 Xing-Bang HUA. Study on acupoints map in rats. Experimental Animals and Animal Experiments 1991;1(1): 13-15. 11 Chu-Tao CHEN, Jie YAN, Hao-Mei TIAN, et al. Comparative study of electro-acupuncture at Tianshu and Dachangshu, Tianshu and Shangjuxu on serum

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