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Establishment of renal failure models by laparoscopy in bama pigs which underwent partial nephrectomy and radical contralateral nephrectomy

(WBC) and red blood cell (RBC) counts and was performed immediately after sample collection with an MEK-7222K haematology analyser (Nihon Kohden Corporation, Japan). Serum was stored at −80°C after centrifugation. A total of 300 mg of xylocaine was injected intravenously for euthanasia after general anaesthesia with xylazine and ketamine hydrochloride at 13 weeks, or earlier if a serious complication occurred. Histopathological examination. Tissue was collected from the caudal pole of the remnant kidney. The renal tissue was fixed in 10% buffered formalin

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Impact of prepartum body condition score loss on metabolic status during the transition period and subsequent fertility in Brown Swiss dairy cows

.31 ± 1.26 0.041 0.322 0.112 Cholesterol BCS-H 93.88 ± 3.43 b 68 ± 4.14 c 79.94 ± 4.48 bc 115.19 ± 5.91 a BCS-L 88.70 ± 2.90 b 67.25 ± 2.77 c 76.55 ± 8.45 bc 110.30 ± 7.29 a 0.164 0.000 0.940 BCS-C 92.38 ± 2.99 b 76.86 ± 3.05 c 87.48 ± 6.09 bc 117 ±6.01 a BID BCS-H 0.11 ± 0.02 ab 0.18 ± 0.03 a,AB 0.13 ± 0.03 ab 0.08 ± 0.02 b BCS-L 0.10 ± 0.01 bc 0.27 ± 0.03 a,A 0.16 ± 0.02 b 0.08 ± 0.01 c 0.008 0.000 0.016 BCS-C 0.11± 0.01 a 0

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Relationship between mRNA of immune factors expressed by milk somatic cells and bacteria present in healthy lactating Holstein cows

.873 12419862 Kai K. Komine Y. Komine K. Asai K. Kuroishi T. Kozutsumi T. Itagaki M. Ohta M. Kumagai K. Effects of bovine lactoferrin by the intramammary infusion in cows with staphylococcal mastitis during the early non-lactating period J Vet Med Sci 2002 64 873 878 9 Lasagno M., Ortiz M., Vissio C., Yaciuk R., Bonetto C., Pellegrino M., Bogni C., Odierno L., Raspanti C.: Pathogenesis and inflammatory response in experimental caprine mastitis due to Staphylococcus chromogenes Microb Pathog 2018, 116, 146–152. 10.1016/j

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Effects of ketosis in dairy cows on blood biochemical parameters, milk yield and composition, and digestive capacity

. Sample collection and analysis . Blood samples of each cow were collected daily before morning feeding by venepuncture of the caudal vein, and heparin sodium was used as an anticoagulant. The samples were immediately centrifuged at 1,400 g for 10 min. The plasma was subsequently stored at −80°C. Blood parameters, including BHBA, nonesterified fatty acids (NEFA), glucose (Glu), calcium (Ca), aspartate aminotransferase (AST), alanine aminotransferase (ALT), total cholesterol (TC), triglycerides (TG), total bilirubin (TBIL), and γ-glutamyl transpeptidase (GGT) were

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Protective role of propolis on low and high dose furan-induced hepatotoxicity and oxidative stress in rats

.09 a 25.79 ± 2.42 b 29.46 ± 0.82 b 42.27 ± 1.16 a 42.39 ± 2.46 a GST (U/mg protein) 23.19 ± 0.84 a 21.05 ± 0.80 ab 14.96 ± 0.84 c 13.87 ± 1.02 c 21.03 ± 0.90 ab 19.97 ± 1.19 b SOD (U/g protein) 77.49 ± 0.25 a 77.19 ± 0.31 ab 74.18 ± 0.22 c 73.00 ± 0.58 c 76.10 ± 0.27 ab 75.83 ± 0.81 b The data are expressed as mean ± SE for seven animals per group. Within rows, means with different letters (a, b, and c) are significantly different (p < 0.001) Plasma AST, ALT, ALP, and LDH activities and cholesterol levels

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Marine tetrodotoxin as a risk for human health – a review

.F. Paralytic toxins in three new gastropod Olividae species implicated in food poisoning in southern Taiwan Toxicon 2003 41 529 533 24 Isbister G.K., Kiernan M.C.: Neurotoxic marine poisoning. Lancet Neurol 2005, 4, 219–228. 15778101 10.1016/S1474-4422(05)70041-7 Isbister G.K. Kiernan M.C. Neurotoxic marine poisoning Lancet Neurol 2005 4 219 228 25 Isbister G.K., Son J., Wang F., Maclean C.J., Lin C.S., Ujma J., Balit C.R., Smith B., Milder D.G., Kiernan M.C.: Puffer fish poisoning: a potentially life-threatening condition. Med J Aust 2002

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Effect of selected nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs on the viability of canine osteosarcoma cells of the D-17 line: in vitro studies

, and tolfenamic acid were tested at concentrations of 0.05, 0.1, 0.5, 1, 5, 10, and 20 μg/ml, while carprofen and ketoprofen assay concentrations were the same and additionally 40μg/ml. The concentrations in which these compounds were tested were established based on those in the literature ( 20 ), the maximum concentrations they reach in canine serum, and the permissible maximum non-cytotoxic solvent concentration. As a positive control, non-treated cells were used, and as a negative control, cells were challenged with doxorubicin at a concentration of 0.5 μg

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African swine fever virus – persistence in different environmental conditions and the possibility of its indirect transmission

uptake of flies fed ASFV-infected blood. ASFV resistance and stability have attracted the interest of numerous investigators over the years ( 5 , 7 , 10 , 23 , 26 , 27 , 28 , 41 , 42 , 47 ). It has been proved that ASFV shows high resistance to environmental conditions and remains infectious over a long storage time either below 0°C or at 4°C. The curing process of infected meat (a process like that which Parma, Iberian, or Serrano ham undergoes) facilitated survival of ASFV in ham for over a year ( 28 ). ASFV can survive many freeze–thaw cycles, and

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Electrochemical reduction of azo dyes mimicking their biotransformation to more toxic products

drying gas (air) flow, each 10 L/min, interface temperature at 300°C, desolvation line temperature at 250°C, heat block temperature at 400°C, and capillary voltage at −3 and 4 kV for negative and positive ionisation, respectively. The mass analyser was configured in selected reaction monitoring mode; each analyte was analysed using two transitions. The compounds were separated using a Kinetex F5 (100 mm, 2.1 mm, 2.6 μm) analytical column (Phenomenex, USA) and acetonitrile (A) and 10 mM ammonium acetate pH 7.0 (B) as a mobile phase. The following gradient elution was

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Plasma metabolic characterisation of dairy cows with inactive ovaries and oestrus during the peak of lactation

-nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy in postpartum dairy cows with ovarian inactivity. Theriogenology 2016, 86, 1475–1481. 27291083 10.1016/j.theriogenology.2016.05.005 Xu C. Xia C. Sun Y. Xiao X. Wang G. Fan Z. Shu S. Zhang H. Xu C. Yang W. Metabolic profiles using (1)H-nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy in postpartum dairy cows with ovarian inactivity Theriogenology 2016 86 1475 1481 29 Yudkoff M., Daikhin Y., Nissim I., Horyn O., Luhovyy B., Lazarow A., Nissim I.: Brain amino acid requirements and toxicity: the

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