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Impact of Artisanal Gold Mining on Human Health and the Environment in the Batouri Gold District, East Cameroon

References Asaah, V. (2010). Lode gold mineralization in the neoproterozoic granitoids of Batouri, southeastern Cameroon. Doctoral Thesis. Cameroon: Technical University of Clausthal, Clausthal Zellerfield, Germany. Retrieved from Accessed 10/05/2012 Bernd, D., Jennifer, H., & Manfred, W. (2010). An Occupational Safety Health System For Small Scale Mines in Rwanda. . Rwanda : Projekt-Consult Gmbh . Borralho, C. (2013, August 2). Gold mining affects

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The Relationship between Public Debt and Economic Growth in Albania and Other Countries

) Lainà P. (2011): “Dynamic Effects of Total Debt and GDP: A Time-Series Analysis of the United States”, Master Thesis, Aalto University School of Economics, page 74-77 Pattillo C., Poirson. H and Ricci. L, 2002, “External Debt and Growth,” Review of Economics and Institutions, Fall 2011, vol. 2, issue 3, Article 2 Schclarek. A “Debt and Economic Growth in Developing and Industrial Countries” T December 15, 2004. Available: Sheikh. M. et al. (2010): “Domestic Debt and Economic Growth in

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Examining the Social Problem of Kidnapping as a Reaction Against Injustice in Nigeria

: Dominion Publishing House. Hallary (2012) Failure of governance in Nigeria. BBC Hausa service, Wednesday 25 April 2012 Ilechukwu, L. C., Uchem, C and Asogwa, U. (2015). Stemming the Incidence of Kidnapping in the Nigerian Society: What Religious Education Can Do? Journal of Culture, Society and Development, 12: 28-47 Inyang, J. D and Abraham, (2013). The Social Problem of Kidnapping and its Implications on the Socio-Economic Development of Nigeria: A Study of Uyo Metropolis. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences , 4(6): 531-544. Doi:10.5901/mjss

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Societal Conflict Defies Peace Diplomacy: Evidence from the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

:// . Accessed April 10, 2018. Böhm, R; Rusch, H.; Baron, J. (2018). The psychology of intergroup conflict: A review of theories and measures. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization , DOI: 10.1016/j.jebo.2018.01.020. Cali, M. & Miaari S. (2015). Economics in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: Historical insights from quantitative data (Executive Summary). International Economic Development Group. Retrieved from: https

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An Evaluation of a Key Innovation: Mobile Learning

the Horizon , 14(3): 108-120. Bruner, J. (1966). Towards a theory of instruction . Cambridge, MA: Harvard university Press. Burguillo. J. C. (2010). Using game theory and competition-based learning to stimulate student motivation and performance. Computers in Education , 55(2): 566-575. Cormier, D. (2011). Rhimazotic learning: Why we teach? Available at Crescente, M. & Lee, D. (2011). Critical issues of M-learning: Design models, adoption processes and future trends

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Understanding Health Exposures and Vulnerabilities of Women Workers and their Work Changes

. Lancet, 372(9650), 1661-1669 [Online] Available: (November, 2008) McGibbon, E., Francis, S., & McPherson, C. (2010). Applying Intersectionality & Complexity Theory to Address the Social Determinants of Women’s Health. Nova Scotia: St. Francis Xavier University, 59-86. Population Council. (2007). The World Health Organization on Health Inequality, Inequity and Social Determinants of Health. Population and Development Review, 33(4), 839-43. Sen, G., & Ostlin, P. (2007). Unequal

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The International Public Procurement Evolution: New Strategic Challenges Met in Collaboration with Internal Audit Advisory Services

Hiroyuki, Odagiri - Akira Goto - Atsushi Sunami - Richard R. Nelson (2010), Intellectual Property Rights, Development, and Catch Up: An International Comparative Study: An International Comparative Study, Oxford, OUP Oxford Ho, William - Xiaowei, Xu and Prasanta K. Dey (2010), "Multi-criteria decision making approaches for supplier evaluation and selection: A literature review", European Journal of Operational Research Vol. 202, No. 1, pp. 16-24.. doi: Ilieska, Karolina (2013

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