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Improvement of enzyme stability via non-covalent complex formation with dextran against temperature and storage lifetime

containing a whey protein concentrate obtained from milk serum through carboxymethylcellulose complexation. Food Hydrocoll 20, 793 - 799. DOI:10.1016/j.foodhyd.2005.07.011. Montilla, A., Casal, E., Moreno, J., Belloque, J., Olano, A. & Corzo, N., (2007). Isolation of bovine β-lactoglobulin from complexes with chitosan. Int Dairy J. 17, 459 - 464. DOI:10.1016/j.idairyj.2006.05.009. Turgeon, S. L., Beaulieu, M., Schmitt, C. & Sanchez, C., (2007). Protein-polysaccharide interactions: phase-ordering kinetics

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Evaluation of Performance of Hybrid Photolysis-DCMD and Photocatalysis-DCMD Systems Utilizing UV-C Radiation for Removal of Diclofenac Sodium Salt From Water

.cej.2010.04.020. 34. Foo, K.Y. & Hameed, B.H. (2010). Insights into the modelling of adsorption isotherm systems, Chem. Eng. J. 156, 2-10, DOI: 10.1016/j.cej.2009.09.013. 35. Lekkerkerker-Teunissen, K., Benotti, M.J., Snyder, S.A. & van Dijk, H.C. (2012). Transformation of atrazine, carbamazepine, diclofenac and sulfamethoxazole by low and medium pressure UV and UV/H 2 O 2 treatment. Sep. Purif. Technol . 96, 33-43. DOI: 10.1016/j.seppur.2012.05.005. 36. Calza, P., Sakkas, V.A., Medana, C., Baiocchi, C., Dimou, A

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Enhancement the conditioning of waste activated sludge through a sequence of freeze/thaw-electro-Fenton process

and effective microorganisms in sludge dewaterability process improvement. Environ. Sci. Technol. 3, 35–46. DOI: 10.3923/jest.2010.35.46. 23. J. Kruger, N. (1994). The Bradford method for protein quantitation. Basic protein and peptide protocols. 9–15. DOI: 10.1385/0-89603-268-X:9. 24. Tatsuya Masukoa, A.M., Norimasa Iwasaki, Tokifumi Majima, Shin-Ichiro Nishimura & Yuan C. Lee. (2005). Carbohydrate analysis by a phenol–sulfuric acid method in micro plate format. Anal. Biochem. 339, 69–72. DOI: 10.1016/j.ab.2004.12.001. 25. P.A. Vesilind, S

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Optimization of an active phase composition in the low-temperature nitric oxide reduction catalyst

Grift C. J. G., Woldbuis A. F, Maaskant O. L.: The Shell DENOX-system for low temperature NOx removal, Catal. Today , 1996 , 27, 23. Wojciechowska M., Łomnicki S., Derewiński M., Haber J., Kryściak J.: Catalytic reduction of NO by carbon monoxide over supported copper oxide, Polish J. Environ. Studies , 1997 , 6, 75. Castillo S., Moran-Pineda M., MolinaV., Gomez R., Lopez T.: Catalytic reduction of nitric oxide on Pt and Rh catalysts supported on alumina and titania synthesized by the sol-gel method, Appl. Catal

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Silver nanoparticles deposited on calcium hydrogenphosphate – silver phosphate matrix; biological activity of the composite

. 52, 4593–4602. DOI: 10.1021/ic400192c. 4. Aoki, K. & Saenger, W. (1983). Interactions of Biotin with Metal Ions. X-Ray Crystal Structure of the Polymeric Biotin-Silver(I) Nitrate Complex: Metal Bonding to Thioether and Ureido Carbonyl Groups. J. Inorg. Biochem . 19, 269–273. DOI: 10.1016/0162-0134(83)85031-4. 5. Panzner, M.J., Bilinovich, S.M., Youngs, W.J. & Leeper, T.C. (2011). Silver metallation of hen egg white lysozyme: X-ray crystal structure and NMR studies. Chem. Commun . 47, 12479–12481. DOI: 10.1039/c1cc15908a. 6. Highly dispersed

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Kinetics of electrooxidation of phenol on polycrystalline platinum

References 1. Torres, R.A., Torres, W., Peringer, P. & Pulgarin, C. (2003). Electrochemical degradation of p-substituted phenols of industrial interest on Pt electrodes. Attempt of a structurereactivity relationship assessment. Chemosphere 50, 97-104. DOI: 10.1016/S0045-6535(02)00487-3. 2. Rajkumar, D. & Palanivelu, K. (2004). Electrochemical treatment of industrial wastewater. J. Hazard. Mater. B113, 123-129. DOI: 10.1016/j.jhazmat.2004.05.039. 3. Pirvu, C., Banu, A., Radovici, O. & Marcu, M. (2008

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Polyurethanes used in the endoprosthesis of joints

) Polyurethanes. Chemistry, technology, applications. Warszawa, Poland: WNT, in Polish. Nair, L. S. & Laurencic, C. T. (2007). Biodegradable polymers as biomaterials. Prog. Polym. Sci. 32, 762-798. DOI:10.1016/j.progpolymsci.2007.05.017. Elzein, T., Nasser-Eddine, M., Delaite, C., Bistac, S. & Dumas, P. (2004). Ftir study of polycaprolactone chain organization at interfaces. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 273, 381-387. DOI:10.1016/j.jcis.2004.02.001. Lee, K.-S., Kim, D. S. & Kim, B. S. (2007

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Impact of paint matrix composition and thickness of paint layer on the activity of photocatalytic paints

., Raju, N. & Subrahmanyam, A. (2011). Thickness dependent physical and photocatalytic properties of ITO thin fi lms prepared by reactive DC magnetron sputtering. Appl. Surf. Sci. 257, 3075-3080. DOI: 10.1016/j.apsusc.2010.10.119. 26. Chen, Y. & Dionysiou, D. (2006). Correlation of structural properties and fi lm thickness to photocatalytic activity of thick TiO2 fi lms coated on stainless steel. Appl. Catal. B. 69, 24-33. DOI: 10.1016/j.apcatb.2006.05.002. 27. Wu, C., Lee, Y., Lo, Y., Lin, C. & Wu, C. (2013). Thickness- dependent

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Economically viable synthesis of Fe3O4 nanoparticles and their characterization

References Liu, Z.L., Wang, H.B., Lu, Q.H., Du, G.H., Peng, L., Du, Y.Q., Zhang, S.M. & Yao, K.L. (2004). Synthesis and characterization of ultra fine well dispersed magnetic nano particles. J. Magnetism Magnetic Mater. 283, 258-262. DOI:10.1016/j.jmmm.2004.05.031. Salazar, J.S., Roman, M.A.C. & Gomez, L.B. (2007). Structural and magnetic domains characterization of magnetic nanoparticles. Mater. Sci. Eng. C. 27, 317-1320. DOI:10.1016/j.msec.2006.07.027. Thapa, D., Palkar, V

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Montmorillonite as the catalyst in oxidation of limonene with hydrogen peroxide and in isomerization of limonene

demand. Appl. Clay Sci. 131, 84–99. DOI: 10.1016/j.clay.2016.05.001. 10. Fernandes, C., Catrinescu, C., Castilho, P., Russo, P.A., Carrott, M.R. & Breen, C. (2007). Catalytic conversion of limonene over acid activated Serra de Dentro (SD) bentonite. Appl. Catal. A: General. 318, 108–120. DOI: 10.1016/j.apcata.2006.10.048. 11. Koolia, F., Liu, Y., Alshahateet Solhe, F., Messali, M. & Bergaya, F. (2009). Reaction of acid activated montmorillonites with hexadecyl trimethylammonium bromide solution. Appl. Clay Sci. 43, 357–363. DOI: 10.1016/j.clay.2008.10

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