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Amnah Nasim, Laura Burattini, Muhammad Faisal Fateh and Aneela Zameer

.K. and Rout, P.K., 2016, Design of Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy controller for VSCHVDC parallel AC transmission system using differential evolution algorithm, International Journal of Computer Aided Engineering and Technology, 8(3), pp. 277-294. DOI: 10.1504/IJCAET.2016.077605 [16] Mokhtari, H. and Salmasnia, A., 2015, A Monte Carlo simulation based chaotic differential evolution algorithm for scheduling a stochastic parallel processor system, Expert Systems with Applications, 42(20), pp. 7132-7147. DOI: 10.1016/j.eswa.2015.05.015 [17] Acebrón, J.A. and Spigler, R

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Kamel Aissat and Ammar Oulamara

-time rideshare matching problem. University of Maryland, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, UMD-2009-05 (2011) [7] Amey, A.: Proposed Methodology for Estimating Rideshare Viability Within an Organization: Application to the MIT Community, Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting 2011, pp. 11-2585 (2011) [8] Winter, S., Nittel, S: Ad-hoc shared-ride trip planning by mobile geosensor networks. International Journal of Geographic Information Science, 00, pp. 1-21 (2006) [9] Xing, X., Warden, T., Nicolai, T., Herzog, O.: Smize: a spontaneous

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Jiong Ding, Suijun Yang and Shuliang Ye

Sheet AD7177-2. [13] Vishay Precision Group. (2014). Hermetically sealed miniature ultra high precision Z-foil technology resistors with TCR of 0.05 ppm/°C, tolerance of ± 0.001% and load life stability of ± 0.005 %, unaffected by humidity. VHP203 (Z-Foil). [14] Analog Devices, Inc. (2013-2015). High performance, low power, rail-to-rail precision instrumentation amplifier. Data Sheet AD8422. http

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Sheriff Sadiqbatcha, Saeed Jafarzadeh and Yiannis Ampatzidis

-675. [4] S. Abbasbandy, M. Otadi, Numerical solution of fuzzy polynomials by fuzzy neural network, Applied Mathematics and Computation, Volume 181, Issue 2, Pages 1084-1089, ISSN 0096-3003. [5] S. Abbasbandy, M. Otadi, M. Mosleh, Numerical solution of a system of fuzzy polynomials by fuzzy neural network, Information Sciences, Volume 178, Issue 8, Pages 1948-1960, ISSN 0020-0255. [6] R. Boukezzoula and S. Marteau, Exact solving of the fuzzy equation: A.X 2 + B.X = C, The 14th IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems, FUZZ ’05., Reno, NV, 2005, pp

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Sebastian Porębski and Ewa Straszecka

), (1991), 87-101. [10] W. D uch , R. A damczak and K. G rabczewski : A new methodology of extraction, optimization and application of crisp and fuzzy logical rules. IEEE Trans. on Neural Networks , 12 (2), (2001), 277-306. [11] M. F athurachman , U. K alsum , N. S afitri and C.P. U tomo : Heart disease diagnosis using extreme learning based neural networks. In Int. Conf. of Advanced Informatics: Concept, Theory and Application (ICAICTA), 2014 , (2014), 23-27. [12] R. A. F isher : Iris Plants Database. https

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Xiaoguang Wang, Xuan Liu, Nathalie Japkowicz and Stan Matwin

Various Strategies. In: Proc. Am. Assoc. for Artificial Intelligence(AAAI) Workshop Learning from Imbalanced Data Sets, pp. 10-15. (Technical Report WS-00-05) (2000) [28] Zhang, Q., Goldman, S. A.: EM-DD: An improved multiple instance learning technique. In: Neural Information Processing Systems 14 (2001) [29] Elkan, C.: The Foundations of Cost-Sensitive Learning. In: Proc. Int’l Joint Conf. Artificial Intelligence, pp. 973-978 (2001) [30] Ting, K.M.: An Instance-Weighting Method to Induce Cost-Sensitive Trees. In: IEEE Trans. Knowledge and Data Eng

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Michał Romaszewski, Piotr Gawron and Sebastian Opozda

Image Processing XXIX. (August 2006) [9] Karni, Z., Gotsman, C.: Compression of soft-body animation sequences. Computers&Graphics 28(1) (2004) 25-34 [10] Váša, L., Skala, V.: Cobra: Compression of the basis for pca represented animations. In: Computer Graphics Forum. Volume 28., Wiley Online Library (2009) 1529-1540 [11] Váša, L., Skala, V.: Geometry-driven local neighbourhood based predictors for dynamic mesh compression. In: Computer Graphics Forum. Volume 29., Wiley Online Library (2010) 1921-1933 [12

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Przemysław Otomański, Grzegorz Wiczyński and Bartosz Zając

.J. (1994). Foveal flicker sensitivity in healthy aging eyes. II. Cross-sectional aging trends from 18 through 77 years of age. Journal of the Optical Society of America , 11 (7), 1958–1969. [23] Rashbass, C. (1970). The visibility of transient changes of luminance. Journal of Physiology , 210 (1), 165–186. [24] Sokol, S., Tiggs, L.A. (1971). Electrical and psychophysical responses of the human visual system to periodic variation of luminance. Investigative Ophthalmology , 10 (3), 171–180. [25] Wilkins, A., Veitch, J., Lehman, B. (2010). LED lighting

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J. Mikulka, E. Gescheidtova and K. Bartusek

References Frollo, I., Andris, P., Přibil, J., Vojtíšek, L., Dermek, T., Valkovič, L., (2010). Measurement and imaging of planar electromagnetic phantoms based on NMR imaging methods. Measurement Science Review , 10 (3), 97-101. Jan, J. (2006). Medical Image Processing, Reconstruction and Restoration : Concepts and Methods. CRC Press. Hlavac, V., Sonka, M. (1992). Image Vision. Praha: Grada. Valkovič, L., Windiwschberger, C. (2010). Method for

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Christina Brester, Eugene Semenkin and Maxim Sidorov

-100. [9] D. Whitley, S. Rana, and R. Heckendorn, Island model genetic algorithms and linearly separable problems, Proceedings of AISBWorkshop on Evolutionary Computation, Manchester, UK. Springer, volume 1305 of LNCS, 1997, pp. 109-125. [10] Ch. Brester, E. Semenkin, Cooperative Multiobjective Genetic Algorithm with Parallel Implementation // Advances in Swarm and Computational Intelligence, LNCS 9140, 2015, pp. 471-478. [11] R.W. Picard, Affective computing. Tech. Rep. Perceptual Computing Section Technical Report No. 321, MIT Media