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V.C. Prabha and V. Revathi

-3087. 7. Shadi Riahi, Ali Nazari, “The effects of nanoparticles on early age compressive strength of ash-based geopolymers”, Ceramics International 38: 4467–4476, 2012. 8. Partha Sarathi Deb, Pradip Nath, Prabir Kumar Sarker, “The effects of ground granulated blast-furnace slag blending with fly ash and activator content on the workability and strength properties of geopolymer concrete cured at ambient temperature”, Materials and Design (2014), doi: . 9. Chien-Chung Chen, Ivan Diaz, Kathleen Menozzi, Luis

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A. Chandran and M. Neelamegam

) Volume-1, Issue-2, 2013. 4. Alaa Morsy and Ei Tony Mahmoud, “ Bonding technique for the flexural strengthening of R.c beams using CFRP laminates” Ain Shams Engineering journal, p. 369-374, 2013. 5. S. Balaji et. Al, “Flexural Strengthening of Reinforced concrete beams using precast SIFCON” Journal of Structural Engineering, Vol. 40, No. 3, pp. 262-267, 2013. 6. R. Anandakumar, Selvamany, C, and Kannan, S.U, “Retrofitting of Concrete Specimen and Reinforced Concrete Piles using Basalt Fibre” Volume 2 Issue 8, PP.01-05, 2013. 7. S. Arivalangan

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R. Bijak

References 1. S.P. Timoshenko, J.M. Gere, “Theory of elastic stability”, 2nd ed., McGraw-Hill, New York, 1961. 2. M. Salvadori, “Lateral buckling of eccentrically loaded I-columns”, Translacions of the ASCE, 121:1163-78, 1956. 3. D.A. Nethercot, K.C. Rockey, “A unified approach to the elastic lateral buckling of beams”, The Structural Engineer, 49:321-30, 1971. 4. F. Mohri, A. Brouki, J.C. Roth, “Theoretical and numerical stability analyses of unrestrained, monosymmetric thin-walled beams”, J. of

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Mohammad Reza Javaheri Tafti and Farhad Behnamfar

Framing Alliance. 9. AISI, Performance of cold-formed steel-framed shear walls: Alternative configurations Research report RP 02-7. 2002, REVISION 2006, Steel Framing Alliance: Washington, D.C. 10. AISI, Code of standard practice for cold-formed steel structural framing, Practice guide CF06-1. 2006, American Iron and Steel Institute: Washington, D.C. 11. ASCE7-05, ASCE 7-05 Minimum design loads for buildings and other structures. 2005, ASCE: USA. 12. FEMA-450, NEHRP recommended provisions for seismic

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P. B. Sakthivel

Conference on Structural Engineering, , Mechanics and Computation, Cape Town, South Africa, Edited by A. Zingoni 10-12 September, 2007, Millpress, The Netherlands, pp.537-538. 37. C.B. Cheah and M. Ramli, "Load capacity and crack development characteristics of HCWA-DSF high strength mortar ferrocement panels in flexure", Construction and Building Materials, 36: 348-357, 2012, DOI:101016/jconbuildmat.2012.05.034 38. M.Z. Hossain, M. Rokonuzzaman and S. Inoue, "Flexural behavior of cement composites panels reinforced with different types of

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Krzysztof Wilde, Kazimierz Jamroz, Dawid Bruski, Marcin Budzyński, Stanisław Burzyński, Jacek Chróścielewski and Wojciech Witkowski

. w sprawie warunkow technicznych, jakim powinny odpowiadać drogowe obiekty inżynierskie i ich usytuowanie.” 7. ZDW w Katowicach, „Wytyczne projektowe stosowania drogowych barier ochronnych na drogach wojewodzkich”. Katowice, 2012. 8. Ministerstvo dopravy „Odbor silnični infrastruktury. Svodidla na pozemnich komunikacich”, Dopravoprojekt Brno, 2010. 9. TRB, “NCHRP Report 537. Recommended Guidelines for Curb and Curb-Barrier Installations.” Washington, D.C. 2005. 10. Austroads. “Guide to road design part

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M. Spławińska

Multimodal Mobility Analysis. Washington, D.C.: Transportation Research Board 2017 8. M. T. Li, F. Zhao, Y. Wu: Application of Regression Analysis for Estimating Seasonal Factors in Southeast Florida. Transport Research Record 1870, Washington DC 2004, s. 153÷ 161 9. P. Lingras: Classifying Highways: Hierarchical Grouping versus Kohonen Neural Networks. Journal of Transportation Engineering, 07/08.1995, s. 364 ÷ 368. 10. P. Lingras: Statistical and Genetic Algorithms Classification of Highways. Journal of Transportation Engineering, Vol. 127, No.3, 2001

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Łukasz Szarek, Paweł Falaciński and Małgorzata Wojtkowska

:// (18.12.2017). 8. EN 12457-4:2002 Characterisation of waste – Leaching – Compatibility test on leaching of granular waste materials and sludges. Part 4: Single-stage batch testing with a ratio of the liquid to 10l/kg solid phase in case of materials with particle sizes of less than 10 mm (with or without the size reduction). (2002). 9. Mizerna, K., & Król, A. Wpływ wybranych czynników na wymywalność metali ciężkich z odpadu hutniczego . Inżynieria Ekologiczna. (2015). 10. Karczewska A. Metale ciężkie w glebach zanieczyszczonych emisjami hut miedzi

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E. Radziszewska-Zielina

learning: conceptual challenges from a project perspective, Construction Management and Economics, 23, 9, 747-756, 2005. 8. E.W.L. Cheng, H. Li, Development of a practical model of partnering for construction projects, Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, 130, 6, 790-798, 2004. 9. S.O. Cheung, H.C.H. Suen, K.K.W. Cheung, An automated partnering monitoring system - Partnering Temperature Index, Automation in Construction, 12, 3, 331-345, 2003. 10. Construction Industry Institute (CII), In Search of Partnering

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J. Zamorowski

, Engineering Mechanics. Computer methods of mechanics of solids (in Polish), t. XI, PWN Warszawa 1995. 21. M. Paluch, Fundamentals of the mechanics of deformable media (in Polish), Wydanie II rozszerzone, CIT Kraków 1997. 22. C. A. Felippa, B. Haugen, Unifi ed Formulation of Small-Strain Corotational Finite Elements: I. Theory. Report No. CU-CAS-05-02 Contributed to Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering for the Special Issue on Shells, edited by E. Ramm, M. Papadrakakis and W. A. Wall. 2005. 23. E. Majchrzak, B