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Monetary Policy Spillovers Through Industrial Growth in Nigeria: A Time Series Analysis

.O and Oke, M. (2016). SMEs financing, diversification and long-term growth in Nigeria. Caleb Journal of Social and Management Sciences (CJSMS), 2 (2). Starr, M. A. (2005). Does money matter in the CIS? Effects of monetary policy on output and prices. Journal of Comparative Economics, 33 (3), 441–461. Udude, C. (2014). Monetary Policy and Economic Growth in Nigeria (1981-2012). Journal of Policy and Development Studies, 9 (1). Uhlig, H. (2004). What are the effects of

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The Reaction of Stock Markets in the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries to Economic Policy Uncertainty in the United States

., & Friedman, J. (1995). Economic News and Equity Market Linkages between the US and UK. Journal of Banking & Finance, 19(7), 1191-1210. Beirne, J., Caporale, G. M., Schulze - Ghattas, M., & Spagnolo, N. (2010). Global and Regional Spillovers in Emerging Stock Markets: A Multivariate GARCH - in - Mean Analysis. Emerging Markets Review, 11(3), 250-260. Bernanke, B. S. (1983). Irreversibility, Uncertainty and Cyclical Investment. Quarterly Journal of

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Modelling Support Mechanism Impact on Electric Vehicle Registration in Latvia

, H. L., & Salon, D. (2018). Do Electric Vehicles Need Subsidies? Ownership Costs for Conventional, Hybrid, and Electric Vehicles in 14 U.S. cities. Energy Policy , 120 , 238–249. The Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia. (2016). Amendments to the Law on the Vehicle Operation Tax and Company Car Tax (23.11.2016.) Latvijas Vēstnesis , 241 (5813), 10.12.2016. Retrieved from

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Domestic Debt and Economic Growth in Nigeria: An ARDL Bounds Test Approach

–971. Beaugrand, P., Loko, B., & Mlachila, M. (2002). The Choice Between External and Domestic Debt in Financing Budget Deficits: The Case of Central and West African Countries. International Monetary Fund , No.02/79. Burnside, C., Eichenbaum, M., & Rebelo, S. (2001). Hedging and Financial Fragility in Fixed Exchange Rate Regimes. European Economic Review , 45 (7), 1151–1193. Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). (2012). Bulletin, 23. Abuja. 1–326. Chalk, N., & Hemming, R

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Greenfield and Brownfield Investments and Economic Growth: Evidence from Central and Eastern European Union Countries

, 115-135. Breusch, T. S., & Pagan, A. R. (1980). The Lagrange multiplier test and its applications to model specification in econometrics. Review of Economic Studies, 47 (1), 239-253. Calderón, C., Loayza, N., & Servén, L. (2004). Greenfield foreign direct investment and mergers and acquisitions: Feedback and macroeconomic effects . World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 3192. Carrion-i-Silvestre, J. L., del Barrio, T

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Testing the Purchasing Power Parity Hypothesis: Case of ASEAN Economies

, C. H., & Liu, W. C. (2012). Nonlinear Adjustment to Purchasing Power Parity for ASEAN Countries. Japan and the World Economy , 24 (4), 325–331. Choi, I. (2001). Unit Root Tests for Panel Data. Journal for International Money and Finance , 20, 249–272. Choji, N. M., & Sek, S. K. (2017). Testing for Purchasing Power Parity for ASEAN-5 Using Asymmetric Cointegration Tests. International Journal of Advanced and Applied Sciences , 11 (4), 155–159. https

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Economic Growth and Public Indebtedness in the Last Four Decades: Is Portugal different from the other PIIGS’ economies?

:// 11. Krouse, S. (2012). Investing in ‘PIIGS’: Portugal . Retrieved from’PIIGS’portugal?ea9c8a2de0ee111045601ab04d673622 12. Reinhart, C., & Rogoff, K. (2010). Growth in a time of debt. American Economic Review , 100 (2), 573–578. 13. Roubini, N., & Mihm, S. (2011). Can Europe be saved? Retrieved from

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Dimensions of Decision-Making Process Quality and Company Performance: A Study of Top Managers in Slovenia

References Amason, A.C. (1996). Distinguishing the effects of functional and dysfunctional conflict on strategic decision making: resolving a paradox for top management teams. The Academy of Management Journal, 39(1), 123 – 143. Cabantous, L., & Gond, J.-P. (2011). Rational decision making as performance praxis: explaining Rationality’s Eternel Retour. Organization Science , 22(3), 573 – 586. Cankar, G. & Bajec, B. (2003). Effect size as a supplement to statistical

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Big Data for Business Ecosystem Players

. 5. Beyer, A., Cohen, D. A., Lys, T. Z., & Walther, B. R. (2010). The financial reporting environment: Review of the recent literature. Journal of Accounting & Economics, 50(2-3), 296-343. 6. Bianchi, C. (2002). Introducing SD modelling into planning and control systems to manage SMEs' growth: a learning-oriented perspective. System Dynamics Review, 18(3), 315-338. 7. Bregman, R., Peng, D. X., & Chin, W. (2015). The effect of controversial global

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Does Customer Loyalty Depend on Corporate Social Responsibility?

responsibility on consumer behavior. Journal of Business Ethics, 84 (1), 65–78. Marinković, V. (2012). Marketinški aspekti satisfakcije i lojalnosti: orijentacija na potrošače u savremenom bankarskom poslovanju. Kragujevac: Ekonomski fakultet. Park, J., Lee, H., & Kim, C. (2014). Corporate social responsibilities, consumer trust and corporate reputation: South Korean consumers’ perspectives. Journal of Business Research, 67 (3), 295–302. Perez, A., García de los

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