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Victoria Knight, David Simpson and Walter Block

, January, Vol. 19, Issue 1, p. 28; HIGGS, ROBERT (1995), “The myth of ‘failed’ policies”. The Free Market , 13 (6); HOLLINGSWORTH, BARBARA (2014), “In 2013, Regulations Cost Americans $447 Million Each Day Government Was Open”. January 9; JACOBS, JANE (1972), The Death and Life of Great

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Antón Chamberlin and Walter E. Block

Society”, April 10; HUEBERT, JACOB (2010), Libertarianism Today . Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger; HUME, DAVID (1826 [1748]), “Of the Original Contract”. Essays Moral, Political, and Literary , p. 515 INTERNET ENCYCLOPEDIA OF PHILOSOPHY (N.D.), “The Social Contract”; KING, SETH (2010

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Dorota Suzuki and Hideo Takagi

REFERENCES Agata, T. (1998) Geochemistry of ilmenite from the Asama ultramafic-mafic layered igneous complex, Mikabu greenstone belt, Sambagawa metamorphic terrane, central Japan. Geochemical Journal, vol. 32, 231-241. Doi:10.2343/geochemj.32.231 Futami Okitama Jinja (“Husband and Wife Rocks”) , available at (5th March, 2016) Hayman, N.W., Byrne, T.B., McNeill, L.C., Kanagawa, K. Kanamatsu, T. (2012) Structural evolution of an inner accretionary

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Maria Amelia and Anshul Garg

.1037/1528-3542.6.2.269 [9] Bitner, M. (1992). Servicescapes: The Impact of Physical Surroundings on Customers and Employees. Journal Of Marketing, 56(2), pp. 57-71. doi:10.2307/125204 [10] Churchill, A. G. (1995). Marketing Research: Methodological Foundations (6 ed.). New York: Dryden Press. [11] Cousins, J., Foskett, D. & Gillespie, C. (2002). Food and beverage management. Harlow: Prentice Hall [12] Davis, L. (2014). Why Perception Means Everything To Generation-Y. Retrieved from : http

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Thiago Ferreira Pinheiro Dias Pereira and Leonardo Batista de Paula

References [1] Araujo, T. (2014). Almanaque das drogas (2nd ed.). LeYa: Sao Paulo, 324 [2] Belhassen, Y., Santos, C.A., & Uriely, N. (2007). Cannabis usage in tourism: A sociological perspective. Leisure Studies, 26(3), 303-319 [3] Bieleman, B., Nijkamp, R., & Bak, T. (2012). Coffeeshops in Nederland 2011. Available at: (Accessed July 14, 2014) [4] EMCDDA - European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction, 2008 (2008). Annual report: The state of the drugs problem in Europe. Available at

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Jože Perić and Maja Nikšić Radić

volumes. Tourism Management, 27(4), 600-614 [8] FDi Intelligence. (2012). FDI into Tourism (Croatia). London: The Financial Times Ltd [9] Fereidouni, H. G., & Al-mulali, U. (2014). The interaction between tourism and FDI in real estate in OECD countries. Current Issues in Tourism, 17 (2), 105-113 [10] Ford, T. C., Rork, J. C., & Elmslie, B. T. (2008). Foreign Direct Investment, Economic Growth, and the Human Capital Threshold: Evidence from US States. Review of International Economics, 16(1), 96-113 [11] Giles, D. (2011). Testing for Granger