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Przedsiebiorczosc i Zarzadzanie

Entrepreneurship and Management; The Journal of Spoleczna Akademia Nauk

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Yilmaz Bayar

Management and Industrial Engineering, pp.594-598. 26. Lumsdaine, R.L., Papell, D.H. (1997), “Multiple Trend Breaks and the Unit-Root Hypothesis”, The Review of Economics and Statistics , Vol.79, No.2, pp.212-218. 27. Meng, C., Pfau, W. D. (2010), The Role of Pension Funds in Capital Market Development , [Accessed 08.05.2015] (08.05.2015) 28. Niggemann, T., Rocholl, J. (2010), Pension Funding and Capital Market Development , [Accessed 07.05

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Eliza Marta Kierska-Woźny

Bibliografa Department of the Treasury, 2008, Te Department of the Treasury Blueprint for a Modernized Financial Regulatory Structure, Washington 2008 Fiserv Executive Briefng Series, Headlights into 2011: U.S. Financial Regulatory Reform. A Game Changer for Financial Services, (dostęp 18.05.2011) Goodhart C., 2000, Te Organisational Structure of Banking Supervision, FSI Occasional Papers, No. 1 (2000) Group of Tirty, 2008, Te Structure of fnancial Supervision Approaches and Challenges in a Global Marketplace, Washington 2008

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Angelica-Nicoleta Neculăesei Onea

. Chelcea, Septimiu (2002), Un secol de cercetări psihosociologice, Iaşi:Polirom. 10. Durand, Christophe, Fili Jean-François, Hénault Audrey(2000), “Culture d'entreprise”, 11. , [Accessed 2.05.2017]. 12. Ferreol, G., & Jucquois, G. (2005), Dictionarul alterităţii şi al relaţiilor interculturale, Iaşi: Polirom. 13. Gilbert, G. M. (1951), Stereotype persistence and change among college students. The Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology , 46 (2), 245. 14.

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Wioletta Mierzejewska

References [1] Burns T., Stalker G.M. - The management of innovation. Tavistock, London 1961. [2] Chudzicka J. - Insourcing as a New Trend in Global Business [in] Foundations of Management, Vol. 05, Nr 02 (10), 2013. [3] Griffin R.W. - Podstawy zarządzania organizacjami. PWN, Warszawa 2010. [4] Hopej M., Kamiński R. - Struktury organizacyjne współczesnych organizacji. OW Politechniki Wrocławskiej, Wrocław 2010. [5] Jakubowska W. - Ewolucja struktur organizacyjnych w teorii i

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Alexandru Jivan, Ciprian Alexandru Șipoş and Janeta Weisz

. (2010) The Productivity of Services: A systematic literature review, pp. 12-18, , accessed at: 18.10.2016. Li X., Prescott D. (2009) Measuring productivity in the service sector, University of Guelph, March, online at , accessed at 23.05.2016. Şipoş C., Preda C. (2006) Econometrie, Mirton Publishing, Timisoara Tavenas, F. (2004)Quality Assurance: A

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Tomasz Sitek and Michal Litka

: a management perspective., Addison Wesley Longman, 1999. [6] Januszewski A. - Funkcjonalnošč informatycznych systemów zarządzania (The functionality of a IT systems). Tom 2 System Business Intelligence. Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN, Warszawa 2008. [7] Gartner home page, (accessed on 2012.11.05). [8] Quarles van Ufford D. - Business Intelligence. The Umbrella Term. BWI-Werkstut, Amsterdam, 2002. [9] Orlowski C., Sitek T. - Supporting Management Decisions with Intelligent Mechanisms of Obtaining and Processing Knowledge [in

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Przemysław Kabalski and Ewelina Zarzycka

Management Accounting , 24 April 2009, or (15.05.2015). Weißenberger B.E., Angelkort H., 2007, Controlling under IFRS in Austria – Empirical Results from Austrian IFRS Users (manuscript). Weißenberger B.E., Angelkort H., 2011, Integration of financial and management accounting: the mediating influence of a consistent financial language on controllership effectiveness , Management Accounting Research, vol. 22, pp. 160-180. Zarzycka E., 2016, Koncepcje i tendencje rozwoju zawodu

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Mihaela Brodocianu and Ovidiu Stoica

. Huang. 1995. “Following the pied piper: Do individual returns herd around the market?” Financial Analysts Journal 51 (4): 31–37. doi:10.2469/faj.v51.n4.1918. 5. Dasgupta, A., A. Prat, and M. Verardo. 2011. “The Price Impact of Institutional Herding.” Review of Financial Studies 26 (5): 892–925. doi:10.1093/rfs/hhq137. 6. Demirer, R., A. M. Kutan, and C.-D. Chen. 2010. “Do investors herd in emerging stock markets?: Evidence from the Taiwanese market.” Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 76 (2): 283–95. doi:10.1016/j.jebo.2010.06.013. 7. Frey

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Janusz Zawiła-Niedźwiecki

zarządzania ciągłością działania w instytucjach finansowych [in] Komputerowo zintegrowane zarządzanie (ed. R. Knosala). Wydawnictwo Politechniki Opolskiej, Opole 2007. Zawiła-Niedźwiecki J. - Model oceniania dojrzałości zarządzania ciągłością działania organizacji [in] Przegląd Organizacji, No. 4, 2007. Zawiła-Niedźwiecki J. - Dobre praktyki czy teoria zapewniania ciągłości działania [at] Ogólnopolska Konferencja Naukowa nt. Zarządzanie rozwojem organizacji, Politechnika Łódzka Katedra Zarządzania, Spała 10-12.05