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Regulations Regarding the Spelling of National Minorities’ Names in the Documents and the Protection of the State Language in Latvia and Lithuania

- Koncepcja autonomii terytorialnej Wileńszczyzny - cele i metody realizacji, Rocznik Stowarzyszenia Naukowców Polaków Litwy, Vol. 15. ECHR [2007] Kuharec alias Kuhareca vs. Latvia, no. 71557/01 Decision of 7 December 2007, [online] available at:, [Accessed on: 10 August 2017]. ECJ [2011] C-391/09 - Runevič-Vardyn and Wardyn, Judgement of 12 May 2011 [online] available at: [Accessed on

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Digitalization and Political Party Life in Poland – A Study of Selected Communication Habits of Party Members and Elective Representatives

References Anduiza, Eva, Laia Jorba and Michael J. Jensen (eds.). (2012). Digital Media and Political Engagement Worldwide: A Comparative Study . Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Antoszewski, Andrzej. (2012). System polityczny RP, Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN. Bennett, W. Lance, Segerberg Alexandra and Curd B. Knüpfer. (2017). The democratic interface: technology, political organization, and diverging patterns of electoral representation, Information, Communication & Society 21:11, 1655–1680,

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External and Internal Policies of Belarus After Crimea Annexation

.12.2016] Bielecki J., Szoszyn R. (2016). Białoruś Zaskakuje Porządkiem. Rzeczpospolita. Available at [Accessed on 20.01.2017] Dudek B., Goncharenko R., Stasik E. (2013). Szczyt Partnerstwa Wschodniego w Wilnie. DW. Available at [Accessed on: 08.12.2016] Dynko A. (2014). Shoking — Belarusian President Speaks Belarusian. Radio Free Europe. Available at http

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Legitimacy through Subsidiarity? The Parliamentary Control of EU Policy-Making

Parliaments, Regions and Civil Society in the Decision-Making Process, (red.) M. Cartabia, N. Lupo and A. Simoncini, ‘Il Mulino - Percorsi’, Series of Nova Universitas, 2013, pp. 337-364. Borońska-Hryniewiecka Karolina. [b]. Subnational parliaments in EU Policy-control. Explaining the variations across Europe. Robert Schuman Working Paper Series , 2013/38. Borońska-Hryniewiecka Karolina. [c]. The role of regional and local authorities in EU development policies in the perspective of the Committee of the Regions. Multi-level governance revisited in the times of

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Challenges of the Illiberal Democracy in Hungary. Some Aspects to the 2018 Elections

References Appelbaum, (2018): A Warning from Europe: The Worst is yet to Come, Berend, Iván (1997): Central and Eastern Europe 1944–1993 , Cambridge University Press Berend, Iván (2010): Europe since 1980 , Cambridge University Press Biro-Nagy, András (2017): Illiberal democracy in Hungary. The social background and practical steps of building an illiberal state. In: Morillas, Pol (ed.): Illiberal democracies in the EU. The Visegrad Group and the risk of

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