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Contemporary Religiosity and the Absence of Solidarity With Those in Need

:// (accessed 2/6/2018). While at first glance, the religious affiliation of the population of the four countries differs dramatically, ranging from those characterized as predominantly religious (Poland and Slovakia) to those understood as secular (the Czech Republic and Hungary), See, for example, “Religious Belief and National Belonging in Central and Eastern Europe,” Pew Research Centre, 10 May 2017, (accessed 4/6/2018). the political rhetoric “justifying” the fears frequently includes a claim to be upholding

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Islamophobia Without Muslims? The “Contact Hypothesis” as an Explanation for Anti-Muslim Attitudes – Eastern European Societies in a Comparative Perspective

.04 * -.01 (.03) (.03) (.03) (.05) (.03) (.05) (.03) (.03) (.02) Realistic threat .30 *** .28 *** .40 *** .22 *** .20 ** .21 * .24 *** .48 *** .46 *** percention (.06) (.07) (.07) (.10) (.08) (.11) (.06) (.05) (.06) Symbolic threat .34 *** .41 *** .26 *** .58 *** .64 *** .55 *** .63 *** .46 *** .50 *** perception (.06) (.06) (.07) (.09) (.07) (.10) (.05) (.05) (.05) Ethnocentrism .08 *** .16 *** .11 *** .08 *** .08 ** .16

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Regulations Regarding the Spelling of National Minorities’ Names in the Documents and the Protection of the State Language in Latvia and Lithuania

- Koncepcja autonomii terytorialnej Wileńszczyzny - cele i metody realizacji, Rocznik Stowarzyszenia Naukowców Polaków Litwy, Vol. 15. ECHR [2007] Kuharec alias Kuhareca vs. Latvia, no. 71557/01 Decision of 7 December 2007, [online] available at:, [Accessed on: 10 August 2017]. ECJ [2011] C-391/09 - Runevič-Vardyn and Wardyn, Judgement of 12 May 2011 [online] available at: [Accessed on

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Digitalization and Political Party Life in Poland – A Study of Selected Communication Habits of Party Members and Elective Representatives

References Anduiza, Eva, Laia Jorba and Michael J. Jensen (eds.). (2012). Digital Media and Political Engagement Worldwide: A Comparative Study . Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Antoszewski, Andrzej. (2012). System polityczny RP, Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN. Bennett, W. Lance, Segerberg Alexandra and Curd B. Knüpfer. (2017). The democratic interface: technology, political organization, and diverging patterns of electoral representation, Information, Communication & Society 21:11, 1655–1680,

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External and Internal Policies of Belarus After Crimea Annexation

.12.2016] Bielecki J., Szoszyn R. (2016). Białoruś Zaskakuje Porządkiem. Rzeczpospolita. Available at [Accessed on 20.01.2017] Dudek B., Goncharenko R., Stasik E. (2013). Szczyt Partnerstwa Wschodniego w Wilnie. DW. Available at [Accessed on: 08.12.2016] Dynko A. (2014). Shoking — Belarusian President Speaks Belarusian. Radio Free Europe. Available at http

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Legitimacy through Subsidiarity? The Parliamentary Control of EU Policy-Making

Parliaments, Regions and Civil Society in the Decision-Making Process, (red.) M. Cartabia, N. Lupo and A. Simoncini, ‘Il Mulino - Percorsi’, Series of Nova Universitas, 2013, pp. 337-364. Borońska-Hryniewiecka Karolina. [b]. Subnational parliaments in EU Policy-control. Explaining the variations across Europe. Robert Schuman Working Paper Series , 2013/38. Borońska-Hryniewiecka Karolina. [c]. The role of regional and local authorities in EU development policies in the perspective of the Committee of the Regions. Multi-level governance revisited in the times of

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Challenges of the Illiberal Democracy in Hungary. Some Aspects to the 2018 Elections

References Appelbaum, (2018): A Warning from Europe: The Worst is yet to Come, Berend, Iván (1997): Central and Eastern Europe 1944–1993 , Cambridge University Press Berend, Iván (2010): Europe since 1980 , Cambridge University Press Biro-Nagy, András (2017): Illiberal democracy in Hungary. The social background and practical steps of building an illiberal state. In: Morillas, Pol (ed.): Illiberal democracies in the EU. The Visegrad Group and the risk of

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Ethnic Identity of Kazakhstani Russians: The Dynamics of Change and the Place of Russia as a Kin State

’ diaspora” Ethnic and Racial Studies vol. 28 no. 1 1 19 Calhoun, C. 1993. “Nationalism and Ethnicity”, Annual Review of Sociology , vol. 19, pp. 211-239. 10.1146/ Calhoun C. 1993 “Nationalism and Ethnicity” Annual Review of Sociology vol. 19 211 239 Cederman, L., Girardin, L. & Gleditsch, K.S. 2009. “Ethnonationalist Triads: Assessing the Influence of Kin Groups on Civil Wars”, World Politics , vol. 61, no. 3, pp. 403-437. 10.1017/S0043887109000148 Cederman L. Girardin L. Gleditsch K.S. 2009

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Language Differentiation of Ukraine’s Population

language – the Russian language. To show the situation of languages spoken by small minorities, the case study of the Kirimli language is discussed. What the figures show Data of the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, the results of the all-Ukrainian population censuses of 1989 and 2001 and opinion surveys as well as publications of researchers in the field of linguistic diversity constitute the information basis of the research. Although the United Nations recommends conducting population censuses every 10 years, there were problems in Ukraine with organization

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The Arabic Language: A Latin of Modernity?

19-35). In: Dwight F Reynolds, ed. The Cambridge Companion to Modern Arab Culture . Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 10.1017/CCO9781139021708.004 Brustad Kristen 2015 The Question of Language 19 35 Dwight F Reynolds The Cambridge Companion to Modern Arab Culture Cambridge Cambridge University Press Cadei, Emily. 2015. Many Women In The Arab World Are Highly Educated, But Underemployed. Huffpost: The World Post . 13 May. . Accessed: Oct 7, 2017. Cadei Emily 2015 Many Women

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