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Florentin Rochet and Olivier Pereira

-guard-discovery.txt , 2017. Accessed: 2017-05-20. [9] Github repository regarding data and code of this paper. , 2017. [10] Ricochet: Anonymous instant messaging for real privacy. , 2017. Accessed: 2017-05-20. [11] Securly and anonymously sharing files with onionshare. , 2017. Accessed: 2017-05-20. [12] Ticket 21155: Client’s choice of rend point can leak info about guard(s) of misconfigured hidden services with entrynodes option. https

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Joshua Juen, Aaron Johnson, Anupam Das, Nikita Borisov and Matthew Caesar

. Augustin, B. Krishnamurthy, and W. Willinger. IXPs: mapped? In Proceedings of the 9th ACM SIGCOMM conference on Internet Measurement Conference (IMC) , pages 336–349, 2009. [8] K. Bauer, D. McCoy, D. Grunwald, T. Kohno, and D. Sicker. Low-Resource Routing Attacks Against Tor. In Proceedings of the Workshop on Privacy in the Electronic Society (WPES) , 2007. [9] R. Collon. Use of OSI IS-IS for Routing in TCP/IP and Dual Environments accessed 05/14/2015., December 1990. Accessed 05/14/2015. [10] Í. Cunha, R

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Lachlan J. Gunn, Ricardo Vieitez Parra and N. Asokan

,” Tech. Rep., 2016. [5] (2018) Briar: Secure messaging, anywhere. Accessed 2018-04-29. [Online]. Available: [6] (2018) Messenger. Accessed 2018-05-03. [Online]. Available: [7] (2018) OTR version 4. Draft, accessed 2018-05-03. [Online]. Available: [8] “Signal Protocol C library,” Code, 2018, commit 9e10362fce9072b104e6d5a51d6f56d939d1f36e. [Online]. Available: [9] N. Asokan, G. Tsudik

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Steven Englehardt, Jeffrey Han and Arvind Narayanan

diffusion enabled by browser extensions. In Proceedings of the 26th International Conference on World Wide Web , pages 1481–1490, 2017. [40] Narseo Vallina-Rodriguez, Christian Kreibich, Mark Allman, and Vern Paxson. Lumen: Fine-grained visibility and control of mobile traffic in user-space. 2017. [41] W3C. 4.10 Forms - HTML5. . Online; accessed 2017-09-07. [42] Yahoo Help. Block images in your incoming Yahoo Mail emails. . Online; accessed 2017-09-06. [43] Zhonghao Yu

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Jeremy Martin, Douglas Alpuche, Kristina Bodeman, Lamont Brown, Ellis Fenske, Lucas Foppe, Travis Mayberry, Erik Rye, Brandon Sipes and Sam Teplov

. Matte. Wi-Fi Tracking: Fingerprinting Attacks and Counter-Measures . PhD thesis, Université de Lyon, 2017. [49] S. F. Mjølsnes and R. F. Olimid. Easy 4G/LTE IMSI catchers for Non-Programmers. In International Conference on Mathematical Methods, Models, and Architectures for Computer Network Security , pages 235–246. Springer, 2017. [50] A. Musa and J. Eriksson. Tracking Unmodified Smartphones using Wi-Fi Monitors. In Proceedings of the 10th ACM conference on embedded network sensor systems , pages 281–294. ACM, 2012. [51] C. Neumann, O. Heen, and

Open access

Matthew Smith, Daniel Moser, Martin Strohmeier, Vincent Lenders and Ivan Martinovic

.13. CRC Press, 3rd edition, 2015. [35] R. T. Oishi and A. Heinke. Air-Ground Communication. In C. R. Spitzer, U. Ferrell, and T. Ferrell, editors, Digital Avionics Handbook, pages 2.1 - 2.3. Taylor & Francis Group, third edition, 2015. [36] J. Olds. JAERO, 2017. URL Retrieved on 2017-05-08. [37] K. Pascoe. ACARS and Error Checking, 2015. URL Retrieved on 2017-11-07. [38] I. Rouf, R. Miller, H. Mustafa, T. Taylor, S. Oh, W. Xu

Open access

Chen Chen, Anrin Chakraborti and Radu Sion

References [1] Bonnie++ . “ ”. [2] Hive . “ ”. [3] TrueCrypt . “ ”. [4] Western digital blue wd10spcx. “ ”. [5] R. Anderson, R. Needham, and A. Shamir. The stegano-graphic file system. In Information Hiding , pages 73–82. Springer, 1998. [6] C. C. Anrin Chakraborti and R. Sion. DataLair: Efficient block storage with plausible

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Miro Enev, Alex Takakuwa, Karl Koscher and Tadayoshi Kohno

responding to medical emergency, for medical research or for vehicle servicing or repair. [26] S.-H. Park and J. Fürnkranz. Efficient pairwise classification. In Machine Learning: ECML 2007, pages 658-665. Springer, 2007. [27] L. Sweeney. k-anonymity: A model for protecting privacy. International Journal of Uncertainty, Fuzziness and Knowledge-Based Systems, 10(05):557-570, 2002. [28] M. Van Ly, S. Martin, and M. M. Trivedi. Driver classification and driving style recognition using inertial sensors. In Intelligent Vehicles

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Konstantinos Chatzikokolakis, Ehab ElSalamouny and Catuscia Palamidessi

. Chatzikokolakis, and C. Palamidessi, “Optimal geo-indistinguishable mechanisms for location privacy,” in Proc. of CCS , 2014. [8] R. Shokri, “Privacy games: Optimal user-centric data obfuscation,” Proceedings on Privacy Enhancing Technologies , vol. 2015, no. 2, pp. 299–315, 2015. [9] C. Dwork, “Differential privacy,” in Proc. of ICALP , vol. 4052 of LNCS , pp. 1–12, Springer, 2006. [10] “Location guard.” . [11] K. Fawaz and K. G. Shin, “Location privacy protection for smartphone users,” in Proc. of CCS

Open access

Raphael R. Toledo, George Danezis and Ian Goldberg

-based systems. In: Proceedings of the 2013 ACM SIGSAC conference on Computer & communications security. pp. 901-914 (2013) [4] Asonov, D., Freytag, J.C.: Almost optimal private information retrieval. In: Dingledine, R., Syverson, P.F. (eds.) Privacy Enhancing Technologies, Second International Workshop, PET 2002, San Francisco, CA, USA, April 14-15, 2002, Revised Papers. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 2482, pp. 209-223. Springer (2002), [5] Balsa, E., Troncoso, C., Diaz, C.: OB