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conductivity as parameters to characterise bioethanol. Accred. Qual. Assur., (4), 671-676. DOI 10.1007/s00769-009-0565-0, 671-676. 4. Rucins, A., Zihmane-Ritina, K., Bremers, G., Vilitis, O., Birzietis, G., Baltins, A. Skele, A. & Bergs, J. (2012). Exploration of technological equipment for bioethanol dehydration. Engineering for rural development, 24-25, 406- 411. 5. Bremers, G., Rucins, A., Baltins, A., Birzietis, G., Zihmane-Ritina, K., Skele, A. & Bergs, J. (2012). Device for semi-dry congruent dehydration of bioethanol. European patent application, EP 2 524 722 A1, 22.03

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