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Journal of Water and Land Development
The Journal of Polish Academy of Sciences Committee on Agronomic Sciences, Section of Land Reclamation and Environmental Engineering in Agriculture and Institute of Technology and Life Sciences in Falenty
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Model of water economic value optimization based on the land use change

. Iss. 4 p. 436–451. INWRDAM 2001. Decision support system in the field of water resources planning and management [online]. [Access 12.03.2001]. Available at: J uwono P.T. 2011. Evaluation of water price due to sediment dredging at Wlingi dam, Indonesia. Journal of Basic and Applied Scientific Research. Vol. 1(7) p. 764–769. L imantara L.M. 2010. Optimization of water needs at Kepanjen dam and Sengguruh dam, East Java, Indonesia. International Journal of Academic Research. Vol. 2(5) p. 216–220. L

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Stakeholder engagement in a water user association for agricultural irrigation management in the villages in Indonesia

Jamaica. London. Zed Books. ISBN 978-0862323943 pp. 182. E l C hami D., S cardigno A., Z agnoli G., M alorgio G. 2011. Integrated irrigation water policies: Economic and environmental impact in the “Renana” reclamation and irrigation board, Italy. New Medit. No. 10(2) p. 25–32. F oxton F., J ones R. 2011. Social capital indicators review [online]. Office for National Statistics pp. 7. [Access 20.08.2018]. Available at: F reeman R.E. 1984

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Regional modelling with flood-duration-frequency approach in the middle Cheliff watershed

. Hydrological Sciences Journal. Vol. 59. No. 5 p. 959–977. B ouchehed H., M ihoubi M.K., D erdous O., D jemili L. 2017. Evaluation of potential dam break flood risks of the cascade dams Mexa and Bougous (El Taref, Algeria). Journal of Water and Land Development. No. 33 p. 39–45. B randimarte L., D i B aldassarre G., B runi G., D’ odo - rico P., M ontanari A. 2011. Relation between the north-atlantic oscillation and hydroclimatic conditions in mediterranean areas. Water Resources Management. Vol. 25. Iss. 5 p. 1269–1279. CTGREF, SRAE, DIAME, SH 1980

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Geochemical status and interactions between soil and groundwater systems in the area of Akrefnio, Central Greece. Risk assessment, under the scope of mankind and natural environment

-1560. Davis J., 1984. Statistics and data analysis in geology. 2 nd ed. New York, Wiley: 1-646. Fipps G., 2003. Irrigation water quality standards and salinity management. Texas Cooperative Extension, Texas A&M University, B-1667, 4-03: 1-19. Hem J., 1985. Study and interpretation of the chemical characteristics of natural water. U. S. Geological Survey, Water Supply Paper, 2254: 1-264. Kelepertsis A., Alexakis D., Skordas K., 2006. Arsenic, antimony and other toxic elements in the drinking water

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Age structure, condition and length increase of the topmouth gudgeon (Pseudorasbora parva Schlegel 1842) in non-native populations of small rivers of Poland

.C., A dams H., H ope B., P owell M. 2004. Risk assessment for invasive species. Risk Analysis. Vol. 24 p. 787–793. A rkush K.D., M endoza L., A dkison M.A., H edrick R.P. 2003. Observations on the life stages of Sphaerothecum destruens n. g., n. sp., a mesomycetozoean fish pathogen formerly referred to as the rosette agent. Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology. Vol. 50(6) p. 430–438. B ănărescu P. 1999. Pseudorasbora parva (Temmnick et Schlegel 1846). In. The freshwater fishes of Europe. Ed. P. Bănărescu. 5.1. Cyprinidae 2/1 p. 207–224. Aula

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A hybrid model for modelling the salinity of the Tafna River in Algeria

modelling hydrological time series. Hydrological Sciences Journal. Vol. 51. Iss. 4 p. 588–598. DOI 10.1623/hysj.51.4.588. K isi O. 2006. Daily pan evaporation modelling using a neurofuzzy computing technique. Journal of Hydrology. Vol. 329 p. 636–646. DOI 10.1016/J.JHYDROL.2006.03.015. K oujok M.E., G ouriveau R., Z erhouni N. 2008. Towards a neuro-fuzzy system for time series forecasting in maintenance applications. 17th IFAC Word Congress, Seoul Korea. DOI 10.3182/20080706-5-KR-1001.02174. M ahabir C., H icks F., F ayek F.R. 2006. Neuro

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Changes of the nutrient loads of the Odra River during the last century - their causes and consequences

Hydrochimica 27: 274-281. Behrendt H., Opitz D., 2000. Retention of nutrients in river systems: Dependence on specific runoff and hydraulic load. Hydrobiologia 410: 111-122. Behrendt H., Huber P., Kornmilch M., Opitz D., Schmoll O., Scholz G., Uebe R., 2002. Estimation of the nutrient inputs into river basins - experiences from German rivers. Regional Environemental Changes 3: 107-117. Behrendt H., Bach M., Kunkel R., Opitz D., Pagenkopf W.-G., Scholz G., Wendland F., 2003. Quantifizierung der

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Dynamic simulation for wastewater treatment plants management: Case of Souk-Ahras region, north-eastern Algeria

validation of ecological and environmental models. Ecological Modelling. Vol. 68. Iss. 1 p. 33-50. RIEGER L., GILLOT S., LANGERGRABER G., OHTSUKI T., SHAW A., TAK I., WINKLER S. 2012. Guidelines for using activated sludge models. London. IWA Publ. ISBN 9781780401164 pp. 312. SIEGRIST H., TSCHUI M. 1992. Interpretation of experimental data with regard to the activated sludge model no. 1 and calibration of the model for municipal wastewater treatment plants. Water Science and Technology. Vol. 25. Iss. 6 p. 167-183. SIN G

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Actions and measures for mitigation drought and water scarcity in agriculture

. Guidelines. ISBN 978-80-9720603-1 pp. 25. IPCC 2007. Climate change 2007 – Impacts, adaptation and vulnerability. Contribution of working group II to the Forth Assessment report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, United Kingdom and New York, NY, USA pp. 961. IPCC 2013. Climate change 2013: The physical science basis. Contribution of working group I to the Fifth Assessment report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Eds. T.F. Stocker, D. Qin, G.-K. Plattner, M. Tignor, S.K. Allen, J. Boschung, A

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