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Implementing Ethical Principles in Social Research: Challenges, Possibilities and Limitations

References 1. Adams, L. A., & Callahan, T. (1998). Research ethics. Ethics in Medicine . USA: University of Washington, School of Medicine. Available at: (2018-12-16). 2. Adelle, C., & Weiland, S. (2012). Policy assessment: the state of the art. Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal , 30(1): 25–33. 3. Akaranga, S I., & Makau, B. K. (2016). Ethical Considerations and their Applications to Research: a Case of the University of Nairobi. Journal of Educational Policy and Entrepreneurial

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Opinions Of Social Workers And Social Pedagogues About Their Professional Responsibility While Interacting With Clients

-51. Bernstein, V., & Hartsell, T. (2000). The Portable Ethicist for Mental Health Professionals. New York: Wiley. Cantwell, N. (2013). The Role of Social Work in Juvenille Justice . Copenhagen: UNICEF Available at (Retrieved on 25/10/2015). Comartin, E. B., & Gonzalez-Prendes, A. A. (2011). Dissonance Between Personal and Professional Values: Resolution of an Ethical Dilemma. Journal of Social Work Values and Ethics , 8(2), 5-11. Available at http

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Importance of Promoting Metacognitive Awareness at University

University. Available at: (Retrieved on 28/03/2018). 20. Maxim, G. (2009). Dynamic Social Studies for constructivist classrooms. NJ: Prentice Hall. 21. McCaig, G., Dixon, M., Keramatian, K., Lui, L., & Christoff K. (2011). Improved modulation of rostrolateral prefrontal cortex using real time fMRI training and meta-cognitive awareness. Neuroimage, 55, 1298–1305. 22. Meer, L., Costafreda, S., Aleman, A., & David, A. (2010). Self-reflection and brain: A theoretical review and meta-analysis of neuroimaging

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Inclusive education for Roma children in Albania and Belarus (legal situation, accessibility, opportunities to learn in own language and support of ethnic identity)

its eighty-third session. Retrieved from: (accessed: November 20, 2018). United Nations. (1989). Convention on the Rights of the Child. Retrieved from: (accessed: November 20, 2018).

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Aspects Related to the Implementation of Ethical Principles in Museums

:// LAAGE, Philipp. Ein Louvre am Golf - Abu Dhabi hat große Pläne. 01.03.2015. In: Die Welt digital [online]. [25. 2. 2016]. Quelle: SMITHSONIAN, National Museum of the American Indian. W. Richard West Jr. Founding Director of the National Museum of the American Indian [online]. Smithsonian Institution. Dec. 2007, SI-414-2006 [20. 2. 2016]. Quelle: www

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The Use of Hedging in Research Articles on Applied Linguistics

. Hyland, K. (2005). Stance and Engagement: A Model of Interaction in Academic Discourse. Discourse Studies, 7, 173-192. . Hyland, K. (2017) Metadiscourse: What is it and where is it going? Journal of Pragmatics , 113, 16-29 . Hyland, K., & Tse, P. (2004). Metadiscourse in Academic Writing: A Reappraisal. Applied Linguistics, 25, 156-177. . Kreutz, H., & Harres, A. (1997). Some observations on the distribution and

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