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Can a Parallel Importer Rebrand Pharmaceutical Products in the EU?

Corporation [1998], C-3/78, ECR 01823. Commission Communication 98/C 229/03 on the Community marketing authorization procedures for medicinal products,’ OJ 220/4, 22.7.98. Consolidated Version of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (2010), OJ , C 53, 1.61, 30.03.2010. Directive 2001/83 on the Community code relating to medicinal products for human use, OJ , L 311, 28.11.2001. Directive 2008/95/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 22 October 2008 to approximate the laws of the Member States relating to trade marks

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Enhanced Fiscal Governance in the European Union: The Fiscal Compact

References Annett, A. (2006), Enforcement and the Stability and Growth Pact: how fiscal policy did and did not change under Europe's fiscal framework , IMF Working Paper, no. 06/116, International Monetary Fund. Bird, G. & Mandilaras, A. (2013), ‘Fiscal imbalances and output crises in Europe: will the fiscal compact help or hinder?’ Journal of Economic Policy Reform , vol. 16, no. 1, pp. 1-16. Bohn, H. & Inman, R. P. (1996), ‘Balanced budget rules and public deficits: evidence from the U.S. states

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University–Industry Interaction Trends in the Baltic Sea Region: A Bibliometric Analysis

Innovation and Economic Development, Lisbon, Portugal, 25 May – 4 June 2004. Retrieved from [accessed 28 Mar 2015] Mowery, D. C. & Sampat, B. N. (2005), ‘Universities in national innovation systems,’ in J. Fagerberg, D. C. Mowery & R. R. Nelson (eds.) The Oxford Handbook of Innovation , New York: Oxford University Press, pp. 209–239. Muravska, T. & Prause, G. (2012), European Integration and Baltic Sea Studies : University-Business Partnership through the Triple Helix , Berlin: Berliner Wissenschafts-Verlag. OECD

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A Critical Assessment of a Eurosceptic Party Group on European Integration: A Case Study of the European Conservatives and Reformists Group

Strasbourg, 25 March 2011. Retrieved from http://www.europarl. 003+DOC+XML+V0//ENandquery=INTERVanddetail=2-026-000 [accessed 03 Apr 2012] de Vreese, C. H. (2007), “A Spiral of Euroscepticism: The Media’s Fault?” Acta Politica, vol. 42, pp. 271–286. Zahradil, J. (2011), ‘EU response to a crisis should not be more Europe,’ 5 April 2011. Retrieved from [accessed 13 Nov 2011]

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Regional Disparities in Education Attainment Level in the European Union: A Spatial Approach

-Verlag, pp. 585–597. Florax, R. J. G. M.; Folmer, H. & Rey, S. J. (2003), ‘Specification searches in spatial econometrics: the relevance of Hendry’s methodology,’ Regional Science and Urban Economics , vol. 33, pp. 557–579. Getis, A. (2010), ‘Spatial autocorrelation,’ in M. M. Fischer & A. Getis (eds.) Handbook of Applied Spatial Analysis: Software Tools, Methods and Applications , Berlin & Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag, pp. 255–278.

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Bicameralism: European Tendencies and Perspectives for Ukraine

the United States,’ Australian Journal of Political Science, vol. 33, no. 1, pp. 25-36. Bentham, J. (1816), Tactiques de assemblée legislatives, suivi d’un traité des sophismes politiques, 2nd vol., translated by Dumont, Geneva & Paris: J. J. Paschaud. Bordenyuk, V. I. (2011), ‘Deiaki pytannia stvorennia dvopalatnoho parlamentuv Ukrayini u konteksti zarubizhnoho dosvidu [Some issues of creating a bicameral parliament in Ukraine in the context of foreign experience],’ Derzhava i Pravo, vol. 51, pp

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The Eastern Partnership and the EU-Turkey Energy Relations

References Antreasyan, A. (2013), ‘Gas Finds in the Eastern Mediterranean: Gaza, Israel, and Other Conflicts,’ Journal of Palestine Studies, vol. 42, no. 3, pp. 29-47. Baran, Z. (2008), Security Aspects of the South Stream Project, Washington, D.C.: Center for Eurasian Policy, Hudson Institute. Retrieved from [accessed 25 Feb 2013] Barroso, J. M. D. (2009), Statement of President Barroso following the Southern Corridor Summit, SPEECH

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Enhanced Cooperation, EMU Reforms and Their Implications for Differentiation in the European Union

Union , L 189/12, 22.07.2010. Council Decision 2011/167/EU of 10 March 2011 authorising enhanced cooperation in the area of creation of unitary patent protection, Official Journal of the European Union , L 076/53, 22.03.2011. Council Decision 2013/52/EU of 22 January 2013 authorising enhanced cooperation in the area of financial transaction tax, Official Journal of the European Union , L 022/11, 25.01.2013. Council Regulation 1259/2010/EU of 20 December 2010 implementing enhanced cooperation in the area of the law applicable to divorce and legal

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EU Soft Power in the Eastern Neighborhood and the Western Balkans in the Context of Crises

References Bodner, M. (2015), ‘Putin’s pivot: out of Ukraine, into Syria,’ The Moscow Times , 24 December. Retrieved from [accessed 27 Jun 2017] Bröning, M. (2016), ‘The rise of populism in Europe: can the center hold?’ Foreign Affairs , 3 June. Retrieved from [accessed 27 Jun 2017] Chochia, A. & Popjanevski, J. (2016), ‘Change of power and its influence on country

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Cultural Leadership and Entrepreneurship As Antecedents of Estonia’s Singing Revolution and Post-Communist Success

. Campbell, M. & Perraudin, M. (2013), The Voice of the People: Writing the European Folk Revival, 1760–1914 , London & New York: Anthem Press. Daitz, M. S. (1993), ‘ESTONIA: Its musical life and libraries,’ Fontes Artis Musicae , vol. 40, no. 1 (January 1), pp. 51–56. Davidsson, P. (2003), ‘The domain of entrepreneurship research: some suggestions,’ Advances in Entrepreneurship, Firm Emergence and Growth, vol. 6 (September 12), pp. 315–372. . Demsetz, H. (1983), ‘The neglect of the Entrepreneur,’ in J

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