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Donald Trump’s Administration Confronting Missile Defence: Key Challenges and Probabilistic Overview

Committee . (April 17, 2018). Web. 25 July 2018, . Grego, L., Lewis, G., Wright, D. Shielded from Oversight. The Disastrous US Approach to Strategic Missile Defense . Union of Concerned Scientists (July 2016). Web. 25 July 2018, . Jóźwiak, J., Podgórski, J. Statystyka od podstaw . Warszawa: Polskie Wydawnictwo Ekonomiczne, 2012. Judson, J. Congress provides USD3,3 billion boost

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Political Relations of Australia with the United States: 2000–2017

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Heterogeneity of the Notion of Interest in Accordance with the International Relations Theory: A Study of Russia’s National Interests

-ukraine-crisis-idUSBREA1Q1E82014030 . Keohane, R.O. Joseph S. Nye, Power and Interdependence. New York, 2001 Kropatcheva, E. Russian Foreign Policy in the Realm of European Security through the Lens of Neoclassical Realism. “Journal of Eurasian Studies”, no. 3, 2012. Levada Center Poll. Russia’s role in the world . Web. 25 March 2015, . Levada Center Poll. Sankcii: ocenki i ożydanija. Web. 28 August 2014, . Lobell, S.E., Ripsman

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The Ukraine Crisis and Shift in us Foreign Policy

-blocks-combat-training-center-for-russia Friedman G., The Next Decade , New York: Doubleday 2011. Fact Sheet: International Support for Ukraine, The White House Office of the Press Secretary March 4, 2014 Fact Sheet: Ukraine-Related Sanctions, The White House Office of the Press Secretary March 17, 2014: Huntington S., The Clash of Civilizations , New York: Touchstone Books Simon & Schuster 1996

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American Plans to Build Democracy in the Middle East After 9/11: the Case of Iraq

>. National Strategy for Victory in Iraq, National Security Council (November 2005). Web. 17 May 2016, <>. Pfiffner, J.P., US Blunders in Iraq: De-Baathification and Disbanding the Army, “Intelligence and National Security,” no. 25.1 (2010), pp. 80-82. President Bush Addresses the Nation, The White House (19 March 2003). Web. 22 May 2016, <>. President Bush

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Competition Between Chinese and United States Companies in the Internet Market

Works Cited Alibaba 2015 Annual Report . Shanghai: Alibaba Group Holding Limited, 2016. 2014 Annual Report . Seattle: Inc., 2015. Barak, Sylvie. China uncensors Wikipedia , “The Inquirer”. Web. 9 September 2016, . Bieliński, T., Chinese video game market as an opportunity for Polish game producers , “International Business and Global Economy”, no. 32 (2013), pp. 25–39. Bieliński, T., Potencjał konkurencyjności chińskich firm sektora Internetu , „Gdańskie Studia Azji Wschodniej”, no

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The Swedish Perception of European Security in the Light of the Crisis in Ukraine

-protests_n_4635120.html , 16 May 2014. Grytsenko O., Ukrainian protesters flood Kiev after president pulls out of EU deal , “The Guardian”, 24 November 2014, , 15 May 2014. Morello C., Englund W., Witte G., Crimea’s parliament votes to join Russia , “The Washington Post”, 17 March 2014, , 16 May 2014. Polityuk P., Zinets N

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Russia and Its International Image: From Sochi Olympic Games to Annexing Crimea

, Amsterdam 1928, and the Origin of the Olympic Flame , [in:] Schaus G.P., Wenn S.R. (Eds.), Onward to the Olympics: The Historical Perspective on the Olympic Games , pp. 253–261, Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2007. Belarus Says Russia’s Annexation of Crimea Sets a ‘Bad Precedent’ , 24 March 2014, , 16 May 2014. Borger J., Barack Obama: Russia is a regional power showing weakness over Ukraine, “The Guardian”, 25 March 2014, http

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A New Alliance against the US? Sino-Russian Relations in Response to Trump’s Redefined Foreign Policy Priorities

Works Cited Ashraf, J. Impact of Trump Backing out of TPP: An Opportunity for China in the Region. Institute of Strategic Studies (March 2017). Web. 15 Jan. 2018,–6–2016–1.pdf . Baggiani, G. China-Ukraine Relations After Crimea. China Brief Volume: 15, The Jamestown Foundation. Web. 16 Jan. 2018, . Bartsch, B., Stanzel, A. Sino-US Relations in the Trump Era – A Conflict in the Making? “ Trilogue

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Searching for Solid Ground in Polish-American Relations in the Second Year of the Trump Administration

2017). Web. 23 December 2017, . Walt, S. The Origins of Alliance . Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1990. Wrona, M. Polsko-Amerykański Szczyt Przywództwa na Florydzie. W tle spór o ustawę o IPN . Fakty TVN24. (11 February 2018). Web. 25 August 2018,,60/polsko-amerykanski-szczyt-przywodztwa-naflorydzie,814227.html . Zachara, M. Poland in Transatlantic Relations after 1989

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