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Adherence to Mediterranean diet and risk of depression later in life. A cross sectional study in East Attica, Greece

Kapsokefalou M Healthy dietary indices in public health practice and research Arch Hellenic Med 2008 25 3 315 328 [Article in Greek] Babatsikou F, Konsolaki E, Notara V et al. Depression in the Elderly: A Descriptive Study of Urban and Semi-Urban Greek Population. Int J Car Sciences 2017; 10 (3): 1286–1295. Babatsikou F Konsolaki E Notara V et al Depression in the Elderly: A Descriptive Study of Urban and Semi-Urban Greek Population Int J Car Sciences 2017 10 3 1286 1295 Baglioni C, Battagliese G, Feige B, Spiegelhalder K, Nissen

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The effects of Guarana (Paullinia cupana) supplementation on the cognitive performance of young healthy adults – a Systematic Review

.83). Finally, at the sentence verification task, statistically significant improvements were found for the treatment group in comparison with the placebo group at 2.5 hours (p = 0.001; d = 0.59), at 4 hours (p < 0.05; d = 0.36) and at 6 hours (p < 0.05; d = 0.35). Haskell C.F. et al. (2007) reported statistically significant improvements at reaction time for the guarana treatment group in comparison with the placebo group on the delayed word recognition task (p = 0.021; 37.5 mg dose d = 0.03; 75 mg dose d = 0.37; 150 mg dose d = 0.26; 300 mg dose d = 0.15). Veasey RC et al

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Psychometric properties of the Bangla version of the Kessler Psychological Distress Scale (K6)

properties (e.g., internal consistency, factor structure, test-retest reliability, and predictive validity) of the Bangla version of the K6 scale (hereafter referred as Bangla K6) in Bangla speaking young people of Bangladesh. Methods Participants A self-administered questionnaire survey was conducted among students aged 13–24 years from two high schools and two universities in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. These institutions were purposively chosen based on geographical convenience and connection with the researchers in order to maximize participation. Each of

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Association of severity of depressive symptoms with sleep quality, social support and stress among Pakistani medical and dental students: A cross-sectional study

Alcohol and Related Conditions J Public Health (Oxf) 2010 32 191 201 10.1093/pubmed/fdp093 Moo-Estrella J Pérez-Benítez H Solís-Rodríguez F Arankowsky-Sandoval G. Evaluation of depressive symptoms and sleep alterations in college students. Arch Med Res 2005;36:393–8. doi:10.1016/j.arcmed.2005.03.018. 10.1016/j.arcmed.2005.03.018 15950081 Moo-Estrella J Pérez-Benítez H Solís-Rodríguez F Arankowsky-Sandoval G Evaluation of depressive symptoms and sleep alterations in college students Arch Med Res 2005 36 393 8 10.1016/j.arcmed.2005.03

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The Impact of Childhood Trauma and Depressive Symptoms on Body Mass Index

the child’s basic physical needs (e.g., food, supervision) is defined as physical neglect . Regarding the variability of childhood maltreatment in general population, more people report on at least mild forms of emotional (40.7%) or physical neglect (41.7%) than on emotional (11.9%), physical (9.1%) or sexual (6.6%) abuse ( Schulz et al. 2014 ). The association between childhood trauma and higher BMI values has been investigated in several studies. In a prospective assessment, the long-term impact of childhood trauma on obesity was demonstrated ( Bentley and

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Impact of Social Context on the Self-Concept of Gay and Lesbian Youth: A Systematic Review

support variables Interpretation of Age = 15–21 (family acceptance 1–4, developmental family protection 0–4, processes may be L, G, B family relations 0–3); speculative without BSI longitudinal design 7 Savin-Williams CS N = 317 GAL-Q GAL-Q (parental RSES Individual No causal inferences (1989) knowledge of their (surveys) Small number of Age = 14–23 child’s homosexuality; female participants USA

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Quality Assurance in Psychiatric Occupational Therapy by Treatment Manuals: Patients’ Perceptions of Resistance- and Regeneration-specific Occupational Therapy

= 1.00) RG vs. RS (p = 0.02) RG scale (sum score) 4.21(1.24) 4.09(1.20) 5.05(1.00) 3.63(1.09) F (2,259) = 25.17, p < 0.001 TAU vs. RG (p < 0.001), TAU vs. RS (p = 0.01) RG vs. RS (p <0.001) Resistance 1 I learned to improve my frustration tolerance 3.81(1.75) 3.52(1.77) 3.92(1.55) 4.19(1.82) F (2,256) = 3.58, p = 0.03 TAU vs. RG (p = 0.39), TAU vs. RS (p = 0.03) RG vs. RS (p = 1.00) 2 I learned to improve my level of detachment when I get frustrated 4.10(1.74) 3.95(1.72) 4.03(1.69) 4

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The Proportion of Binge Drinking Among Female Social Drinkers of Kalingalinga in Lusaka, Zambia: A Pilot Study

, Weekly, Daily or Almost daily). Results Demographic Data of Participants The main characteristics considered were age, years of education, presence or absence of impairments and alcohol drinking. The mean age for the study participants was 27 years with a standard deviation of 5.456. On average, 43% of the participants had completed secondary education. Table 1 Demographic Data for Participants Variable Number of Participants Percentage Age (N = 30, Mean = 27.00, SD = 5.456) 20–24 12 40% 25–29 8 27% 30–34 6 20

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Facial emotion recognition performance influences executive control impairment in Anorexia Nervosa: an exploratory study

.666 Sadness 7.21 (2.15) 8.15 (1.46) 8.42 (1.17) 0.196 BDI-II mean (SD) 24.21 (13.80) 21.65 (12.55) 2.68 (3.87) 0.0001 TAS-20 mean (SD) 57.00 (10.59) 49.15 (14.38) 32.42 (6.14) 0.0001 SCL-90 GSI mean (SD) 1.42 (0.74) 1.26 (0.54) 0.29 (0.28) 0.0001 EDI-3 mean (SD) DT 79.26 (18.09) 72.55 (25.62) 9.58 (18.77) 0.0001 B 67.42 (21.48) 63.80 (21.16) 15.37 (18.87) 0.0001 BD 77.21 (15.03) 71.40 (20.58) 11.79 (17.72) 0.0001 IQR = Interquartile range. Fisher’s exact

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Increased Risk of Attempted and Completed Suicide in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: A Systematic Review of Follow-up Studies

.12.001 Angelakis I, Gooding P, Tarrier N, Panagioti M. Suicidality in obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD): a systematic review and meta-analysis. Clin Psychol Rev. 2015 Jul;39:1-15. 10.1016/j. cpr.2015.03.002. Angelakis I Gooding P Tarrier N Panagioti M Suicidality in obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD): a systematic review and meta-analysis Clin Psychol Rev 2015 Jul 39 1 – 15 10.1016/j. cpr.2015.03.002 Angst J, Gamma A, Endrass J, Hantouche E, Goodwin R, Ajdacic V, Eich D, Rössler W. Obsessive-compulsive syndromes and disorders: significance of comorbidity

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