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Role Play as a Method of Improving Communication Skills of Professionals Working with Clients in Institutionalized Care – a Literature Review

, K., & Bennett, M. I. (2012). Communication skills training in dementia care: a systematic review of effectiveness, training content, and didactic methods in different care settings. International Psychogeriatrics , 25 (03), 345-358. Grainger, K. (2004). Communication and the institutionalized elderly. Handbook of communication and aging research , 479-497. Kuske, B., Hanns, S., Luck, T., Angermeyer, M. C., Behrens, J., & Riedel-Heller, S. G. (2007). Nursing home staff training in dementia care: a systematic review of evaluated programs

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The Influence of Genital Mutilation on Women’s Sexual Activities in Oke-Ona, Community, Abeokuta, Nigeria

-000467 Lee, C. H., Hung, C. C., Chien C. S., Zhuang, W. L and Hsu, C. Y. Y. (2017). Regulatory foci and expatriate adjustment. Personnel Review 46 (3): 512-525. Mimiko, N.O. (2010). “Would Falola Frustrations Suffice?: Tradition, Governance Challenges and the Prospects of Change in Africa” in Niyi Afolabi, ed. Toyin Falola: The Man, The Mask, The Muse. North Carolina: Carolina Academic Press. Mohammed, E. H., Dandash; G. L. K., Refaat, A and Eyada, M. (2001) Female Genital Mutilation and its Psychosexual Impact

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Genre of an Academic Lecture

in Education. Systemic Functional Linguistics in Action. A Special Edition of the Journal of English Language, Literatures in English and Cultural Studies , 13–40. Davis, B.G (1993). Tools for Teaching . San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Fairclough, N. (1992). Discourse and Social Change. Cambridge: Polity Press. Ferguson, N. (1973). Some Aspects of the Reading Process. ELT Journal , 28, 63–86. DOI: 10.1093/elt/XXVIII.1.29Field (1998) Flowerdew, J. (1992). Definitions in Science Lectures . Applied Linguistics , 13, 201-221. Flowerdew

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How Can Collaborative Learning Be Applied in Undergraduate Courses in Health Sciences?

.01.013 LoSavio, S. T., Dillon, K.H., Murphy, R.A., Goetz, K., Houston, F., Resick, P.A. (2019). Using a Learning Collaborative Model to Disseminate Cognitive Processing Therapy to Community-Based Agencies. Behav Ther, 50, 1, 36-49. doi: 10.1016/j.beth.2018.03.007 Marjan, L., and Mohammad G. (2012). Benefits of collaborative learning. Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences, 2012, 31, 486-490. McHugh, D., Hall, J., McLeod, K.M., Kovelowski, C.J., Payne, A.M. (2019). Twelve tips for developing and implementing curriculum in

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Linguistic Awareness and Knowledge among Prospective English Teachers in Kuwait: Implications in Inclusive Classrooms

: An experimental comparison of initial early literacy field experiences. Reading and Writing , 25 (1), 109-129. doi: 10.1007/s11145-010-9250-2 Al-Darwish, S. (2013). Kindergarten Children and Language Learning: Missing Pillars for Language Acquisition. International Journal of Higher Education , 2 (1), 44-52. Ali, S. (2014). Reading ability and diglossia in Kuwaiti primary schools. Ph.D. Thesis , University of Leeds. Almusawi, H. (2014). The Role of Phonology, Morphology, and Dialect in Reading Arabic

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“... As Long as Power Relations Exist ... Yes, There are Inequalities…” Social and Educational Inequalities in Greece According to the Views of Female and Male Students of Tertiary Education Institutions

Study No. F/03. Jowell, R., Brook, L. & Dowds, L. (Eds.) (1993). International Social Attitudes: The 10th BSA Report. Aldershot: Dartmouth Publishing. Jowell, R., Witherspoon, S. & Brook, L. (Eds.) (1989). British Social Attitudes: Special International Report. Aldershot: Gower. Karatasos, G., Kyridis, A., Anastasiadou, S. & Golia, P. (2007). Students, Politics and Politicians in Greece: trends of political apathy and devaluation of political institutions. Proceedings of the 2007 South European and Mediterranean

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