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Creating and Maintaining a Secure and Safe Environment on a Challenged Civilian University Campus in Papua New Guinea

References [1] Central Intelligence Agency. The World Factbook, East Asia/Southeast Asia: Papua New Guinea. Washington, D.C. [USA], March 21, 2019. Retrieved: (30/03/2019). [2] Ibid. [3] Central Intelligence Agency, op. cit .; Gully, G.G. University of Technology Risk Environment Statement, Forward (unpublished consulting report), 2016 (pp. i-ix). [4] The Papua New Guinea University of Technology. Vision and Mission (n.d.). Retrieved: http

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Hungarian Security Policy and the Migrant Crisis (2015–2017)

:// (available on 07.04.2017). [7] Ibid. [8] Gotev, G. Visegrad countries trigger crisis ahead of EU refugee summit. 22.09.2015. (available on 18.03.2017). [9] Refugee quotas 'unacceptable' for Visegrad states. 4.09.2015. (available on 18.03.2017). [10] Toth, B. Handling the refugee crisis: Progressive views from Hungary.- https

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Consumer Acceptance of Outdoor Advertising: A Study of Three Cities

References AllBusiness Editors. (2009). Using Outdoor Advertising to get Exposure for your Business, Advertising, Marketing & PR, available at:, accessed on: 25.03.2017. Associação Brasileira de Estudos Populacionais (ABEP). (2015). available at / accessed on: 02.04.2017. Boştină-Bratu, B. (2012). Consumer Acceptance of Outdoor Advertising: A

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Machinery Life Cycle Efficiency Models for their Sustainable Development

References Ackermann, T., 2005. Transmission Systems for Offshore Wind Farms . Wind Power in Power Systems, 479–503. Wiley-Blackwell. DOI: 10.1002/0470012684.ch22. Caiado, R.G.G., de Freitas Dias, R., Mattos, L.V., Quelhas, O.L.G., Leal Filho, W., 2017. Towards sustainable development through the perspective of eco-efficiency - A systematic literature review . Journal of Cleaner Production, 165, 890–904, DOI: 10.1016/j.jclepro.2017.07.166. Cherrington, R., Goodship, V., Meredith, J., Wood, B.M., Coles, S.R., Vuillaume, A., Feito-Boirac, A

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Analysis of Some of the Applicable Outsourcing Services in the Structures of the Bulgarian Armed Forces

Armed Forces. [6] Letter with a Reg. № 1240/25.03.2014 sent to the Rector of the Vasil Levski national Military University to the head of the Logictics Directorate. [7] Comparative Analisys of the catering at the Vasil Levski NMU and Measures for its Improvement in 2014. [8] The Army Will Eat Sandwiches, They Stopped the Catering, 03.11.2015 [9] Morkin, D. “The Armed Forces Fined Security Companies” - Newspaper Trud, 12.02.2012, http

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Influence of the Environment on the Operational Safety of a Fluidized Bed Boiler

REFERENCES Demirbas, M.F., Balat, M., Balat, H., 2009. Potential contribution of biomass to the sustainable energy development . Energy Conv. Manag., 50(7), 1746-1760. DOI: 10.1016/j.enconman.2009.03.013 Domagala, M., Momeni, H., Domagala-Fabis, J., Filo, G., Krawczyk, M., 2018b, Simulation of Particle Erosion in a Hydraulic Valve . Mater. Res. Proc. 5, 17-24. DOI: 10.21741/9781945291814-4 Guidoni, G., Dudek, A., Patsias, S., Anglada, M., 2005. Fracture behaviour of thermal barrier coatings after high temperature exposure in air . Mat. Sci

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A Study of Nutrition and The Nutritional Status of Servicemen, Assessed on The Basis of Anthropometric Indicators

References [1] Birdanova V., Petkov A., Stoynovska M., Petkov K., Statev N., A study of anthropometric indicators for the assessment of the nutritional status of students in medical specialities. Nauka Dietetics, 1-2/2013. [2] Enteral feeding. Journal, 1/2015. [3] Manolova A., Tsolova G., Grigorova-Petrova K., Dimitrov P., Petrova S., Medical facts relating to physical activity. Project BG051PO001-5.3.03-0001-C0001. [4] Nichev N., Gloushkov P., Economic efficiency of the feeding of servicemen and

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The Energy Use Of Granulate And Pyrolysis Oil From Discarded Car Tires As A Method To Increase Ecological And Energy Safety

(1), 11-18, Sharma, V. K., Fortuna, F., Mincarini, M., Berillo, M., Cornacchia, G., 2000. Disposal of waste tyres for energy recovery and safe environment . Applied Energy, 65(1-4), 381-94, Sunthonpagasit, N., Duffey, M. R., 2004. Scrap tires to crumb rubber: feasibility analysis for processing facilities . Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 40(4), 281-299, Szymański, M., Szymczak, M., Łukasiewicz, J., 2006

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The Work Environment Management in the Aspect of the Safety Shaping at the Administration and Office Workplace

computer work . Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation, 21(4), 482-492. . Dziuba, S.T., Ingaldi, M. 2016. Employees Satisfaction in Chosen Metallurgical Company as an Element Influencing Quality of Finished Products . In: 25th Anniversary International Conference on Metallurgy and Materials, Ostrava, Tanger, 1769-1775. Ingram, J.M., Averill, A.F., Gomez-Agustina, L., Holborn, P.G., Battersby, P., Benson, C.M. 2018. Potential hazard consequences to personnel exposed to the ignition of small volumes of weakly confined

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The Professionalization of Public Relations in the Romanian Army

References [1] 155 Years of Military Press , Editura Militară, București, 2009 pp. 12-24. [2] M20 from 20. 03.1990, the order of the Minister of National Defense on setting up military educational bodies, the press, radio and television broadcasts and psychological preparation . [3] Florin Şperlea, De la armata regală la armata populară. Sovietizarea armatei române (1948–1955), Publishing House Ziua, Bucureşti, 2003, p. 28. [4] Dissolved by the order of M 01. 03.1990, the order of the Minister of National Defense on setting up and

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