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Morphological and genetic characterization of vine grape cultivars of Herzegovina

Vitis species. Genome , Vol. 42, No. 3, pp. 1-7. 19. Suhadolnik, Ž. (2015). Naši vinski susjedi: Bosna i Hercegovina: Žilavka, Blatina, Vranac . Available at [16 January 2016]. 20. This, P., Jung, A., Boccacci, P., Borrego, J., Botta, R., Costantini, L., Crespan, M., Dangl, G. S., Eisenheld, C., Ferreira-Monteiro, F., Grando, S., Ibáñez, J., Lacombe, T., Laucou, V., Magalhães, R., Meredith, C. P., Milani, N., Peterlunger, E., Regner, F., Zulini, L

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The Croatian banking system total assets concentration dynamics: performing a variety of inequality measures

References 1. Atkinson, A., Bourguignon, F. (2015). Handbook of Income Distribution. Elsevier, North-Holland,. 2. Bellu, L. G., Liberati, P. (2006). Describing Income Inequality: Theil Index and Entropy Class Indexes. Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations. 3. Council Directive (1989). The obligations of branches established in a Member State of credit institutions and financial institutions having their head offices outside that Member State regarding the publication of annual accounting documents

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On the Potential for Using Selected PCA-Based Methods to Analyze the Crime Rate in Poland

Bibliography Ali M., Razzak H., 2015, Principal component analysis of Pakistan crime data , Sci. Int. (Lahore), 27(5), pp. 4839-4844. Bąk I., 2015, Struktura i typologia przestrzenna przestępczości w Polsce , Ekonometria, 4(50), pp. 43-61. Bieniek P., Cichocki S., Szczepaniec M., 2012, Czynniki ekonomiczne a poziom przestępczości – badanie ekonometryczne , Zeszyty Prawnicze, nr 12(1), pp. 147-172. Dufour A.B., 2008, Within PCA and Between PCA , (access: 25.03.2019). Everitt B

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The ‘Working Poor’ Phenomenon in Europe – a Taxonomic Analysis*

Ekonomika-Engineering Economics, vol. 25(4), pp. 427-436. Kenworthy L., Marx I., 2017, In-Work Poverty in the United States, Discussion Paper Series, IZA DP no. 10638. Lohmann H., Marx I. (eds.), 2018, Handbook on In-Work Poverty, Edward Elgar Publisher, Cheltenham. Marlier E., Atkinson A.B., Cantillon B., Nolan B., 2007, The EU and Social Inclusion. Facing the challenges, The Policy Press, Bristol; on the Eurostat website. Marx I., Verbist G., 1998, Low-Paid Work and Poverty: A Cross-Country Perspective, [in

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