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Budget transparency innovation in the Czech local government

:// Frýdek Místek (2017). Dodatek číslo 26 ke smlouvě číslo SWR/95/35 ze dne 22.2.1995 . [online]. [cit.2017-06-29]. Available from Grimmelikhuijsen, S. G., & Welch, E. W. (2012). Developing and testing a theoretical framework for computer-mediated transparency of local governments. Public administration review , 72(4), 562-571. Halachmi, A., & Greiling, D. (2013). Transparency, E-Government, and Accountability. Public Performance & Management Review , 36(4), 562-584. Heald

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Mandatory Pension System and Redistribution: The Comparative Analysis of Institutions in Baltic States

REFERENCES Aidukaite, J. (2006). The formation of social insurance institutions of the Baltic States in the post-socialist era. Journal of European Social Policy, 16 (3), 259-270. Atkinson, A. B. (2003). Income inequality in OECD countries: Data and explanations. CESifo Economic Studies, 49 (4), 479-513. Barr, N. A. (1998). The economics of the welfare state . Stanford University Press. Basurto, X., Kingsley, G., McQueen, K., Smith, M., & Weible, C. M. (2009). A systematic approach to institutional analysis: applying Crawford and Ostrom

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Evaluation of the Impact of the EU Structural Support on the Competitiveness of Lithuanian Economics

-Old Black Box. Region and Development, 30, 77-100. Dumčiuvienė, D. & Adomynienė, I. (2014). The Evaluation of European Union Structural Support. Economics and Management, 156, 382-387. doi: 10.1016/j.sbspro.2014.11.207 Enguix, M., Garcia, J., & Gallego, J. (2012). An Impact Analysis of the Structural Funds on the Variation of the Rate of Employment and Productivity in Objective 1 Regions. European Planning Studies, 20 (4), 685-705. Fiaschi, D., Lavezzi, A. M., & Parenti, A. (2011, November 25). Productivity Growth across

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Technology Roadmaps, Innovation Journeys, and Nanoworld: A Spatio-temporal Consolidation of the EC Nanotechnology Policy

–28. Berker, T., and Throndsen, W. (2017). Planning story lines in smart grid road maps (2010–2014): three types of maps for coordinated time travel, Journal of Environmental Policy and Planning , 19(2), 214–228. Brown, N., and Michael, M. (2003). A Sociology of Expectations: Retrospecting Prospects and Prospecting Retrospects. Technology Analysis & Strategic Management , 15(1), 3–18. Cameron, L. (1999). Operationalizing Metaphor for Applied Linguistic Research. In L. Cameron and G. Low (Eds.), Researching and Applying Metaphor (pp. 3–28), Cambridge

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Childcare policy in the Czech Republic and Norway: two countries, two paths with many possibilities

REFERENCES Aarseth, H. (2014). Finanskapitalismens kjønnsromantikk: Næringslivselitens kjønnskomplementære familiekultur. Tidsskrift for kjønnsforskning 03-04, 203-218. Andress, H.-J. & Heien, T. (1999). Four Worlds of Welfare State Attitudes? A Comparison of Germany, Norway, and the United States. European Sociological Review, 17 (4), 337-356. Bahle, T. (2009). Public Child Care in Europe – Historical Trajectories and New Directions. In K. Scheiwe & H. Willekens (Eds.) Child Care and Preschool Development in Europe. Institutional

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