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Electronic Waste in China, Japan, and Vietnam: A Comparative Analysis of Waste Management Strategies

in China’s Economic Rise.” In Studies in Comparative International Development, 43/1, 2008, pp. 1-26 Herat, Sunil and P. Agamuthu. “E-waste: A Problem or an Opportunity? Review of Issues, Challenges and Solutions in Asian Countries.” In Waste Management & Research, 30/11, 2012, pp. 1113-1129 Hicks, Charlotte, Rolf Dietmar, and Martin Eugster. “The Recycling and Disposal of Electrical and Electronic Waste in China-Legislative and Market Responses.” In Environmental Impact Assessment Review, 25, 2005, pp. 459

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Media Systems and Political Systems in East Asia: A Comparative Analysis of China, Japan, and South Korea

ich sing? Medien und politische Kultur, edited by Roger Blum, Peter Meier, and Nicole Gysin. Bern, Stuttgart and Vienna: Haupt Verlag, 2006, pp. 11-23 Blumler, Jay G., and Michael Gurevitch. The Crisis of Public Communication. London and New York: Routledge, 1995 Chan, Joseph Man. “Administrative Boundaries and Media Marketization: A Comparative Analysis of the Newspaper, TV and Internet Markets in China.” In Chinese Media, Global Contexts, edited by Chin-Chuan Lee. London: RoutledgeCurzon, 2003, pp. 159-175 Chennai

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Privatisation in East Asia: Comparison of Causes, Processes and Results

Ha, Yong-Chool, and Hwang-Hwi Lee. “The Politics of Economic Reform in South Korea: Crony Capitalism after Ten Years.” In Asian Survey, 47/6, 2007, pp. 894-914 Haque, M .Shamsul. “Privatization in Developing Countries: Formal Causes, Critical Reasons, and Adverse Impacts.” In Privatization or Public Enterprise Reform?, edited by Ali Farazmand. Westport: Greenwood Press, 2000, pp. 217-238 Harvey, David. A Brief History of Neoliberalism. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2006 Highbeam Business. “KT&G Dominates Korea

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Climate Change Policy in Chinese Online Media Discourse: The Case of the Debate on the Copenhagen Climate Summit 2009

】卫星照片揭示极地冰川加速消融,加深恶劣气候 [Disclosing a Beautiful Secret: Satellite Images Show that Polar Glaciers Melt Faster and Deepen Disgusting Climate], 20 September 2009,, accessed January 2015 Chen, Huang, Jinxia Wang, and Huang Jikun. “Policy Support, Social Capital, and Farmers’ Adaption to Drought in China.” In Global Environmental Change, 24, 2014, pp. 193-202 China Daily. “China to Develop Low-carbon Economy.” 3 March 2010,, accessed

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East Asian Foodways: How Ingredients Speak of Regionality

Shafiq. “Exodus Conversations: What significance Does Bread Have in Your Tradition?”, 2013,, accessed May 2016 Ashkenazi, Michael and Jeanne Jacob. Food Culture in Japan. Westport: Greenwood Press, 2003 Avieli, Nir. Rice Talks: Food and Community in a Vietnamese Town. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2012 Barthes, Roland G. “Toward a Psycho-Sociology of Contemporary Food Consumption.” In Food and Drink in History, edited by

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Japanese and South Korean Official Development Assistance (ODA): A Comparative Analysis of Rhetoric and Behaviour

Post-2015 Development Agenda: Minister Gemba’s Remarks.” September 25, 2012, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Speeches and Statements by Foreign Minister website,, accessed February 2014 Hatoyama, Yukio. “Basic Policies of the Hatoyama Government.” September 16, 2009, Provisional Translation, Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet, Speeches and Statements by Prime Minister website,, accessed January 2014

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Myths and the American Nation: Jefferson’s Declaration and the development of American nationalism

Independence , “The Virginia Chronicle” March 18, 1817, [access on: 25.03.2017]. Farber D., Sherry S., A History of the American Constitution , Saint Paul 1990. Grimke A., Appeal to the Christian Women of the South , [in:] The Norton anthology of American Literature: 1820-1865 , 9 th ed., New York 2017. Hroch M., Real and Constructed: the Nature of the Nation , [in:] The State of the Nation: Ernest Gellner and the Theory of Nationalism , edit. J. Hall, Cambridge 1998

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Economic expansion of China in Ukraine. Can the New Silk Road project support Ukrainian statehood?

Bibliography Blanchard B., Cameron-Moore S., China’s Xi says willing to help resolve Ukraine crisis , “Reuters” January 17, 2017, [access on: 5.07.2017]. Chińczycy ruszają na Ukrainę , “” December 6,. 2017, [access on: 25.01.2018]. Huashou M., Jian L., 30-lecie wprowadzania reform gospodarczych i “otwarcia na zewnątrz” Chiń-skiej Republiki Ludowej , [in:] Chiny supermocarstwem XXI wieku

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Serbian nation and its problems from the perspective of Polish nationalists in the early 21st century

szlaku idei. Nacjonalizm Narodowego Odrodzenia Polski w świetle analizy zawartości pisma “Szczerbiec” , Radzyń Podlaski 2004. Maj E., Myśl narodowa i nacjonalistyczna , [in:] Myśl polityczna w Polsce po 1989 roku. Wybrane nurty ideowe , edit. E. Maj, A. Wójcik, Lublin 2008. MW na manifestacji w obronie serbskiego Kosowa , [access on: 22.09.2015]. Pacuła P., Kosowo: problemy teraźniejszości i wyzwania przyszłości , “Bezpieczeństwo Narodowe” 2012, No. 22. Serbskie

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The Use of Hedging in Research Articles on Applied Linguistics

. Hyland, K. (2005). Stance and Engagement: A Model of Interaction in Academic Discourse. Discourse Studies, 7, 173-192. . Hyland, K. (2017) Metadiscourse: What is it and where is it going? Journal of Pragmatics , 113, 16-29 . Hyland, K., & Tse, P. (2004). Metadiscourse in Academic Writing: A Reappraisal. Applied Linguistics, 25, 156-177. . Kreutz, H., & Harres, A. (1997). Some observations on the distribution and

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