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Body composition assessment by bioelectrical impedance analysis and body mass index in individuals with chronic spinal cord injury

34 63.4 1.74 20.95 Tetraplegic active SD 8.31 9.61 0.03 2.89 CI 23.69- 51.47- 1.7-1.78 17.35- 44.31 75.33 24.54 Mean 37.25 76.98 1.78 24.11 Tetraplegic inactive SD 9.94 10.46 0.05 2.82 CI 30.94- 70.33- 1.75- 22.32- 43.56 83.62 1.82 25.89 Abbreviations: SD, standard deviation; CI, confidence intervals; BMI, body mass index In Figure 1 , the difference between groups in fat percentage and BMI can be observed. For able-bodied persons, fat

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Improving Image Quality in Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT) Using Projection Error Propagation-Based Regularization (PEPR) Technique: A Simulation Study

. Castro G. M. Gaona G. A. Aguillon M.A. Rosell F. P. J. Carrera B. J Electrical Impedance Tomography: An Electronic Design, with Adaptive Voltage Measurements and A Phantom Circuit for Research in The Epilepsy Field Proceedings - 19th Internl Conf. - IEEE/EMBS Oct. 30 - Nov. 2 1997 867 868 USA 19 Henderson R. P., Webster J. G. An impedance camera for spatially specific measurements of the thorax. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering. 1978;Bme-25(3):250-254. 10.1109/TBME.1978.326329 Henderson R. P. Webster J. G An

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A new system for measuring electrical conductivity of water as a function of admittance

all frequencies of distilled water. Distilled Water f / kHz Admittance (μS) 2-Outer Electrodes Admittance (μS) 2-Inner Electrodes Admittance (μS) 4-Electrodes 0.05 1.49 2.91 13.09 2 1.65 3.77 20.10 6 2.55 5.06 24.96 20 6.62 10.38 24.03 60 15.78 20.25 34.16 100 20.05 23.81 44.28 The configuration of the electrodes also contributes to the increase in the measured admittance. For the four electrode setup there is no current flow through the voltage measurement electrodes, thus there

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A fast method to estimate body capacitance to ground at mid frequencies

analyzer and calculated body capacitance to ground C g for the four subjects and two feet heights above to ground: 10 cm (u) and direct outsole contact (d). Subject C HLu (pF) C gu (pF) C HLd (pF) C gd (pF) 1 22.5 95.4 18.2 153.0 2 23.5 85.1 17.8 159.7 3 24.8 72.9 20.5 119.2 4 25.5 66.8 20.2 123.2 Table 3 Capacitance C HL measured with the MT4080 LCR meter and calculated body capacitance to ground C g for the four subjects and two feet heights above ground: 10 cm (u) and direct outsole

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Electrical bioimpedance spectroscopy in time-variant systems: Is undersampling always a problem?

through analogue filtering. Figure 2 Apparent frequencies of a signal with a 0.3 Hz actual frequency component, sampled at 0.2, 0.3, 0.4 and 0.5 Hz are depicted. It is clear that due to aliasing the apparent frequency differs from the actual frequency in all cases. Irrespective of choice of estimation method for the impedance spectra, be it frequency sweep, multi-sine or other, longer estimation times yield better estimates; the more periods of the stimulation and sensing voltage/current, the higher signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). For slowly varying signals, e.g

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Electrical impedance tomography methods for miniaturised 3D systems

16 A. P. Bagshaw, A. D. Liston, R. H. Bayford, A. Tizzard, A. P. Gibson, a. T. Tidswell, M. K. Sparkes, H. Dehghani, C. D. Binnie and D. S. Holder, Neuroimage, 2003, 20, 752–764. Bagshaw A. P. Liston A. D. Bayford R. H. Tizzard A. Gibson A. P. a. T Tidswell Sparkes M. K. Dehghani H. Binnie C. D. Holder D. S. Neuroimage 2003 20 752 764 org/10.1016/S1053-8119(03)00301-X 17 B. Amm, T. Kao, X. Wang, G. Boverman, J. Sabatini, J. Ashe, J. Newell, S. Member, D. Isaacson and

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Isoconductivity method to study adhesion of yeast cells to gold electrode

)00229-X 14623474 Liju Y Chuanmin R Yanbin L Detection of viable Salmonella typhimurium by impedance measurement of electrode capacitance and medium resistance Biosens. Bioelectron 2003 19 495 – 502 24 Manli G, Jinhua Ch, Xubin Y, Kun Ch, Lihua N, Shouzhuo Y. Monitoring of cell growth and assessment of cytotoxicity using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. Biochim. Biophys. Acta. 2006; 1760: 432-439. 16388905 10.1016/j.bbagen.2005.11.011 Manli G Jinhua Ch Xubin Y Kun Ch Lihua

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Transient bioimpedance monitoring of mechanotransduction in artificial tissue during indentation

Supporting Information (see Fig. S2 and Table S1). The coefficients for the relaxation modulus are shown in Table 2 : Table 2 The mean coefficients for the relaxation modulus and time constants as calculated by fitting to the small strain indentation data given in figures 8 and 14 . Errors given to one standard deviation. Acellular Tissue Cellular Tissue G ∞ (kPa) 15.83±0.9 16.61±1.4 G 0 (kPa) 69.91±6.6 82.29±18.5 G 1 (kPa) 36.05±5.2 51.98±14.6 G 2 (kPa) 15.03±1.1 13.69±2.5 T 1 (s) 7.61±0.9 5.22±1.0 T

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Transient impedance changes in venous endothelial monolayers as a biological radiation dosimetry response

928 25 Coy SL, Cheema AK, Tyburski JB, Laiakis EC, Collins SP, Fornace A, Jr. Radiation metabolomics and its potential in biodosimetry. Int J Radiat Biol 2012;87(8):802-23. Coy SL Cheema AK Tyburski JB Laiakis EC Collins SP Fornace A, Jr Radiation metabolomics and its potential in biodosimetry Int J Radiat Biol 2012 87 8 802 23 26 Paul S, Amundson SA. Development of gene expression

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Low power current sources for bioimpedance measurements: a comparison between Howland and OTA-based CMOS circuits

, 23 , 24 , 25 , 26 ). Most EIS systems consist of applying a multi-frequency sinusoidal current of constant amplitude into the tissue sample, measuring the resulting potential, and then calculating the transfer impedance (Z t ) ( 14 , 15 ). In order to get accurate calculated transfer impedances, it is necessary to ensure that the injecting current has a constant amplitude over a wide frequency range, which may be obtained by using a current source with high output impedance ( 14 , 15 ). However, stray capacitances are known reduce the current amplitude at higher

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