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Selected Ethical Issues in Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous System Development and Large Data Set Processing

:// , accessed: 2016-02-28. 14. Diamandis, P. If Robots and AI Steal Our Jobs, a Universal Basic Income Could Help, Singularity Hub , 2016. Available at: , accessed: 2017-03-01. 15. Dorda, W., Duftschmid, G., Gerhold, L., Gall, W. & Gambal, J. Introducing the electronic health record in Austria, Studies in health technology and informatics , vol. 116, 2005, pp. 119–124. 16. Ethically Aligned Design . IEEE, 2016. 17. Falk, C. Auditing Deep Neural

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The Emotivism of Law. Systematic Irrationality, Imagined Orders, and the Spirit of Decision Making

or Rational Thinking, NeuroscienceNews, (accessed: 25.10.2018). 12. Dennett, D. C. Od Bakterii do Bacha. O ewolucji umysłów, transl. by K. Bielecka and M. Miłkowski, Kraków: Copernicus Center Press, 2017. 13. Derrida, J. Pismo filozofii, transl. by B. Banasiak, Kraków: Inter Esse, 1993. 14. DoNotPay,, (accessed: 11.03.2018). 15. Dunber, R. G. Gossip, and the Evolution of Language, Cambridge: Harvard University

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Oeconomia Suffocato: The Origins of Antipathy Toward Free Enterprise Among Catholic Intelligentsia

-114. 10. Block, W. Hayek’s Road to Serfdom, Journal of Libertarian Studies: An Interdisciplinary Review , 12, 2, Fall, 1996, pp. 327-350. 11. Block, W. E. Religion and Libertarianism: Ayn Rand was wrong, June 18, 2008. 12. Block, W. E. Ayn Rand, Religion and Libertarianism, Journal of Ayn Rand Studies , 11, 1, 21, July 2011, pp. 63-79. 13. Block, W. & and G. Yeatts. The Economics and Ethics of Land Reform: A Critique of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace’s ‘Toward a Better Distribution of Land: The Challenge of Agrarian Reform,’ Journal of

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AI Case Studies: Potential for Human Health, Space Exploration and Colonisation and a Proposed Superimposition of the Kubler-Ross Change Curve on the Hype Cycle

discovering new chemotypes, Nature 566, 2019, pp. 224-229. 50. Topol, E. High-performance medicine: the convergence of human and artificial intelligence, Nature Medicine 25, 2019, pp. 44-56. 51. Havelund, K., Lowry, M., Penix, J. Formal analysis of a space craft controller using SPIN, IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering 27, 2001, pp. 749-765. 52. Daniela, G., Dario, I. Artificial intelligence for space applications, Intelligent Computing Everywhere 2007, pp. 235-253. 53. Weir, N., Fayyad, U. M., Djorgovski, G., Roden, J. The SKICAT

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Christianity, the Free Market, and Libertarianism

:// 54. Rockwell, Jr., and Llewellyn, H. Free Market Economists: 400 Years Ago, The Freeman : Ideas on Liberty . Vol. 45, No.9, 1995. 55. Rothbard, M. N. War, Peace, and the State, The Standard , April, 1963, pp. 2-5; 15-16. 56. Rothbard, M. N. New Light on the Prehistory of the Austrian School, In. E. G. Dolan (ed.), The Foundations of Modern Austrian Economics , Kansas City: Sheed & Ward, Inc., 1976, pp. 52-74. 57. Rothbard, M. N. The Ethics of Liberty , Atlantic Highlands: Humanities Press, 1982

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