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Wild-Caught Versus Farmed Fish – Consumer Perception

culinary programs in the emergency of “distinct” consumers. EAAE-AAEA Joint Seminar, 25-27.09.2015. Naples, Italy. Di Turi, L., Ragni, M., Caputi Jambrenghi, A., Lastilla, M., Vicenti, A., Colonna, M.A., Giannico, F., Vonghia, G. (2009): Effect of dietary rosemary oil on growth performance and flesh quality of farmed seabass (Dicentrarchus labrax). Italian Journal of Animal Science, 8, 2, 857-859. Drichoutis, A. C., Lazaridis, P., Nayga, R. M. (2006): Food involvement and food purchasing behaviour. 98 th EAAE Seminar ‘Marketing Dynamics

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