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Assessing Perception of Floods within the Framework of VULMIN Project: Methodological Remarks

REFERENCES American Psychological Association (APA) (2009), Psychology & Global Climate Change. Addressing a multifaceted phenomenon and set of challenges. A report of the American Psychological Association Task Force on the Interface Between Psychology and Global Climate Change , , accessed on 25.03.2016 Armaş, I. (2008), Percepţia riscului natural: cutremure, inundaţii, alunecari de teren , [Natural risk perception: earthquakes, floods, landslides], Editura Universităţii din

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Rainfall Variability and Trend Analysis of Multiannual Rainfall in Romanian Plain

REFERENCES Alexander L. V., Zhang X., Peterson T. C., Caesar J., Gleason B., Klein Tank A. M. G., Haylock M., Collins D., Trewin B., Rahimzadeh F., Tagipour A., Rupa Kumar K., Revadekar J., Griffiths G., Vincent L., Stephenson D. B., Burn J., Aguilar E., Brunet M., Taylor M., New M., Zhai P., Rusticucci M., and Vazquez-Aguirre J. L. (2006). Global observed changes in daily climate extremes of temperature and precipitation, Journal of Geophysical Research , Vol. 111, 1-22, D05109, DOI: 10.1029/2005JD006290. Alpert T., Ben G., Baharad A., Benjamini Y

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Landscape Change in the Steppe of Algeria South-West Using Remote Sensing

). Digital change detection methods in ecosystem monitoring: a review. Int. J. Remote Sens; 25: 1565-96. Congalton, R.G. (1991). A review of assessing the accuracy of classifications of remotely sensed data. Remote Sens. Environ. 37, 35-46. Dai XL. &Khorram S. (1999). Remotely sensed change detection based on artificial neural networks. Photogrammetr Eng Remote Sensing; 65(10): 1187-94. Dewan AM. & Yamaguchi Y. (2009). Land use and land cover change in greater Dhaka, Bangladesh: using remote sensing to promote sustainable

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Estimating Trends of Mean Monthly Ozone Emission in Urbanised Areas of Malaysia

.06.022. Shaharuddin, A. & Mohamed, E. Y. (2005). Urban climate research in Malaysia. IAUC Newsletter, 5-10. Available at: Simeonov, V., Stratis, J.A., Samara, C., Zachariadis, G., Voutsa, D., Anthemidis, A., Sofoniou, M., Kouimtzis, T. (2003). Assessment of the surface water quality in Northern Greece. Water Research, 37, 4119 – 4124, Sneyers, R. (1992). On the use of statistical analysis for the objective determination on climatic change. Meteorologische Zeitschrift, 1, 247 – 256

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