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Land Use Analysis in Latvia in The context of Sustainable Development

References Antonelli, M., Siciliano, G. Turvani, M. E., &Rulli, M. C. (2015). Global investments in agricultural land and the role of the EU: Drivers, scope and potential impacts. Land Use Policy, 47, 98-111. Auziņš, A., Grinbergs, M., & Geipele, I. (2012). Influence of Development of Land Use Goals to the Economics of Latvia. 2nd International Conference on Applied Social Science.(ICASS 2012), Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, 1-2 February, 2012. Los

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Measuring the Value of the Assets of the Monument Building When Assessing the Insured Value of an Object

June 25, 2017, from RPTS reshila sdelat Isaakiyevskiy sobor patriarshim khramom. (n. d.). Retrieved May 10, 2017, from [In Russian]. Russia Today. (n. d.). Main page. Retrieved May 10, 2017, from [In Russian]. Sankt-Peterburgskij gorsovet. (1996). O metodike otsenki stoimosti imushchestva i opredeleniya urovnya arendnoy platy za nezhilyye pomeshcheniya k zdaniyam ((s izmenenijami na 03.06.1996) (No. 210

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Online Marketing Issues of Real Estate Companies: A Case of Latvia

Research, 25(4), 498-526. Gefen, D. (2000). E-commerce: the role of familiarity and trust. OMEGA, 28(6), 725-737. Grover, C. (2012). Sales and marketing 101 for the real estate professionals (2nd ed.). Dearbon real estate education. Kaplan Inc. Retrieved from Karayanni, D. A., Baltas, G. A. (2003). Web site characteristics

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Housing Heterogeneity Dimensions and Their Elements: a Systemic Approach

., & Michelsen, C. (2016). Housing Market Fundamentals, Housing Quality and EnergyConsumption: Evidence from Germany. The Energy Journal, 37(4), 25-43. Daud, N. (2015). Real Estate Education: Taking Needs and Issues into Consideration. Articles of 7th WAVO Valuation Congress (12th - 13th November 2015. Beijing. China. Retrieved October 10, 2016, from Dezhi, L., Yanchao, C., Hongxia, C., Kai, G., Chi-Man Hui, E., & Yang, J. (2016). Assessing the integrated sustainability of a

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Real Estate Due Diligence Process in International Real Estate Transactions in Latvia

Commission. Retrieved June 9, from Litvins G. (2015). Nekustamā īpašuma atsavināšanas darījuma formas riski. Jurista Vārds, 10.03.2015., 10 (862), 8-9. Malloy R. P. (2005). Real Estate Transactions: Policy Considerations for Law, Technology and Globalization. Law & Policy, 27(1), 81-99. Matter, Lisa (2010). Property Due Diligence in Today's Real Estate Market. Retail Law Strategist. Mar. 2010, 10(1), p1

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Challenges and Optimization Strategy for Feed-In Tariffs of Renewable Energy in CIS Countries

American Progress. Retrieved Aug. 27, 2014 from Huber C., Faber T., Haas R., G. Resch. (2001). Promoting Renewables: Feed-In Tariffs or Certificates. Economics. Vienna University of Technology, Institute of Power Systems and Energy, Vienna. IWR. (1999). Vergutungssatze fur Strom aus Erneuerbaren Energien (Feed-in tariffs for electricity from renewable sources of energy). Internationales Wirschaftsforum Regenerative Energien. Retrieved Sep. 5, 2014

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Scientific Aspects of Spatial Economic Allocation of Entrepreneurial Activities

”, Jelgava, Latvia University of Agriculture, (pp. 63-69). Hanink, D. M., & Cromley, R. G. (1987). Minimizing the geographical risk of foreign direct investment. Geoforum, 18(3), 247-256. Healey, P. (2005). Aspects of stakeholder engagement in the property development process. Journal of Planning Education and Research, 25, 121-130. Bas, C. L., & Sierra, C. (2002). “Location versus home country advantages” in R&D activities: some further results on multinationals’ locational

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The Paradigm Shifts of Community Governance in China

Real Estate Economics and Construction Management , 6 (1), 6–23. Buchanan, J., & Tullock, G. (1999). Calculus of Consent: The Logical Foundations of Constitutional Democracy. Indianapolis: Liberty Fund. Chang, B. (2016). Homeowner Association as Emerging Force in Community Democracy & Negotiations. Collection Papers for the Conference on Smart and Participative Community (pp. 7–10). Ningbo: Ningbo HOA Federation & Cathy Institute of Public Affairs. Chen, J. (2006). How Far Is Participatory Governance

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