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Genetic analysis of cabbages and related cultivated plants using the bag-of-words model

and Cybernetics , 1 (1–4), 43–52. [19] Bolshoy, A., Volkovich, Z., Kirzhner, V., et al., 2010. Genome clustering from linguistic models to classification of genetic texts . Berlin: Springer. [21] Lovato, P., 2015. Bag of words approaches for Bioinformatics . Ph.D. thesis, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Verona, series TD-03-15. [23] Harris, Z., 1954. Distributional structure. Word , 10 (2/3), 146–62. [25] Huang, C. H., Sun, R., Hu, Y., et al., 2016. Resolution of Brassicaceae phylogeny using nuclear genes uncovers nested

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Representational Systems in Zoosemiotics and Anthroposemiotics Part II: On Meta-Representation and Human Language

–178. [15] Jackendoff, R., 1972. Semantic interpretation in generative grammar . Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. [16] Jackendoff, R., 1977. X-bar syntax: A study of phrase structure . Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. [17] Bever, T.G., 1970. The cognitive basis for linguistic structures. In Hayes, J.R. (Ed.), Cognition and the development of language . New York: Wiley and Sons, pp. 279–362. [18] Sebeok, T.A., Rosenthal, R. (Eds.) 1981. The Clever Hans phenomenon: Communication with horses, whales, apes, and people . Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, Vol

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