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Image-based BRDF Representation

REFERENCES A shikhmin , M. and S hirley , P. 2000. An anisotropic phong brdf model. J. Graph. Tools 5, 2 (Feb.), 25–32. C ook , R. L. and T orrance , K. E. 1982. A reflectance model for computer graphics. ACM Trans. Graph. 1, 1, 7–24. Ď urikovič , R., K olchin , K., and E rshov , S. 2002. Rendering of japanese artcraft. In Short Presentations of EUROGRAPHICS Conference . Braunschweig, Germany, 131–138. M atusik , W., P fister , H., B rand , M., and M c M illan , L. 2003. A data-driven reflectance model. In SIGGRAPH ’03: ACM

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Metallic paint appearance measurement and rendering

, Eds. Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE) Conference Series, vol. 4663. 370-378. TORRANCE, K. E. AND SPARROW, E. M. 1967. Theory for off-specular reflection from roughened surfaces. JOSA 57, 9, 1105-1114. ĎURIKOVIČ, R. AND MARTENS, W. L. 2003. Simulation of sparkling and depth effect in paints. In SCCG ’03: Proceedings of the 19th spring conference on Computer graphics. ACM, New York, NY, USA, 193-198. WARD, G. J. 1992. Measuring and modeling anisotropic reflection. SIGGRAPH Comput. Graph. 26, 2

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Skeleton-based 3D Surface Parameterization Applied on Texture Mapping

/ ACM SIGGRAPH symposium on Geometry processing. SGP ’03. Eurographics Association, Aire-la- Ville, Switzerland, Switzerland, 127-137. HAKER, S., ANGENENT, S., TANNENBAUM, A., KIKINIS, R., SAPIRO, G., AND HALLE, M. 2000. Conformal surface parameterization for texture mapping. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 6, 181-189. HE, Y., WANG, H., FU, C.-W., AND QIN, H. 2009. A divide-and-conquer approach for automatic polycube map construction. Computers & Graphics, 369-380. HILAGA, M., SHINAGAWA, Y

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