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Measuring the Size of the Dutch Bio-Economy

References EUROPEAN COMMISSION. 2012. Innovating for Sustainable Growth: A Bioeconomy for Europe. (COM (2011) 615, Annex IV). Brussels. GOLEMBIEWSKI, B. – SICK, N. – BRÖRING, S. 2015. The emerging research landscape on bioeconomy: What has been done so far and what is essential from a technology and innovation management perspective? In Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies, 2015, no. 29, pp. 308–317. doi: 10.1016/j.ifset.2015.03.006 HEIJMAN, W. 2016. How big is the bio-business? Notes on measuring the size of the Dutch bio-economy. In

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Spatial analysis of air masses backward trajectories in order to identify distant sources of fine particulate matter emission / Analiza przestrzenna wstecznych trajektorii mas powietrza w celu rozpoznania odległych źródeł emisji pyłu drobnego

climatology of tropospheric ozone: Bermuda, 1988-1991, Journal of Geophysical Research, 100, pp. 7179-7194. [16] Rolph, G.D. (2013). Real-time Environmental Applications and Display sYstem (READY). NOAA Air Resources Laboratory, Silver Spring 2013 ( (11.03.2015)). [17] Seibert, P., Kromp-Kolb, H., Baltensperger, U., Jost, D.T. & Schwikowski, M. (1994). Trajectory analysis of high alpine air pollution data. In: Air Pollution Modelling and its Application Gryning, S.E., and Millan, M.M., (Eds.), Plenum

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Application of environmetric methods to investigate control factors on water quality

AISC 100 Chapter. pp. 541–547. Gault, A.G., Polya, D.A. & Lythgoe, P.R. (2003). Seasonal variation of total dissolved arsenic and arsenic speciation in a polluted surface waterway, Environmental Geochemistry and Health , 25/1, pp. 77–85. Gülersoy, A. (2014). Temporal change of land use in Seferihisar (1984-2010) and proposals for optimal land use. SDU Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Journal of Social Sciences , 31, pp. 155–180. IZSU (Izmir Water Supply and Sewerage Authority). ( (05.05.2016)). Juahir, H., Zain, S., Aris, A

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The Problems of Knowledge Economy and Innovation Processes in Agriculture Case Study of the Nitra Region

University of Agriculture in Nitra, 2005, [cit. 2014-03-14]: Retrieved from: http://www.slpk. sk/eldo/aktualne otazky legislativy/bandlerova.pdf Brunori, G. – Rand, S. – Proost, J. – Barjolee, D. – Granberg, L., – Dockes, A. 2011. Ch. Towards Conceptual Framework for Agricultural and Rural Innovation Policies, 2011 WP1 – Review of Conceptual Frameworks an Theoretical Underpinnings, [cit. 2010-06-11]. Retrived from: Buček, M. – Rehák, Š. – Hudec, O. 2010. výskum znalostí a poznatkov v ekonomike – koncepcie

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Changes of Physical Soil Properties During the Growing Season 2014 – Influence of Applied Fertilizer in Crop Corn

organic matter: short-term effects on soil physical properties and soil organic matter fractions. In Soil Use Management [online], vol. 24, 2008 [cit. 2015-09-25], pp. 139–147. Available from:;jsessionid=34A84351B6D8579771E220DFA5059768.f03t04?userIsAuthenticated=false&deniedAccessCustomisedMessage= . ISSN 1475-2743. MBONIMPA, E. G. – YUAN, Y. – NASH, M. S. – MEHAFFEY, M. H. 2014. Sediment and total phosphorous contributors in Rock River watershed. In Journal of Environmental Management

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Human health risk assessment of uranium in drinking water sampled from drilled wells located in rural areas of the Lower Silesian region (Poland) / Ocena ryzyka zdrowotnego związanego z obecnością uranu w wodzie przeznaczonej do spożycia pobieranej z wierconych studni zlokalizowanych na obszarach wiejskich Dolnego Śląska (Polska)

: a study of kidney bioeffects in humans, Toxicological Sciences, 43, pp. 68-77. [24] Zamora, M.L., Zielinski, J.M., Meyerhof, D. & Tracy, B. (2002). Gastrointestinal absorption of uranium in humans, Health Physics, 83, pp. 35-45. [25] Závodská, L., Kosorínová, E., Ščerbáková, L. & Lesný, J. Environmental chemistry of uranium. HU ISSN 1418-7108: HEJ Manuscript no.: ENV-081221-A. ( (03.07.2013)).

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Statistical approach for the estimation of watershed scale nitrate export: a case study from Melen watershed of Turkey

export from watersheds by headwater streams, Science , 292, pp. 86–90. Ramirez, J.G. & Sanz, R. (2013). On the limitations of standard statistical modeling in biological systems: a full Bayesian approach for biology, Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology , . Rast, W. & Lee, G.F. (1983 Nutrient loading estimates for lakes, Journal of the Environmental Engineering Division ASCE , 109, pp. 502–517. Sumer, B., Ileri, R., Samandar, A. & Sengorur, B. (2001). Water quality in Buyuk Melen and its

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E Ffects of the Solubilisation of the Cod of Municipal Waste in Thermal Disintegration

-582. [24] Sanders, W.T., Geerink, M., Zeeman, G., & Lettinga, G. (2000). Anaerobic hydrolysis kinetics of particulate substrates, Water Science and Technology , 41 (3), 17-24. [25] Sargalski, W., Solheim, O., & Fjordside, C. (2007). Treating organic waste with Cambi ® THP , Conference Biosolids, Manchester. [26] Sawayama, S., Inoue, S., Tsukahara, K., Yagishitta, T., & Minowa, T. (1999). Anaerobic treatment liquidized organic wastes, Renewable Energy , 16, 1094-1097. [27] Schieder, D., Schneider, R., & Bischof, F. (2000

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Efficiency Of Biomass Production – Methodological Approaches

Efficiency of Rice Production in Arkansas using Data Envelopment Analysis. In Annual Meeting, February 2–5, 2013, Orlando, Florida, no. 142962. Southern Agricultural Economics Association, 2013. ZÚNIGA, G. 2013. Total Factor Productivity and the Bio Economy Effects. In Journal of Agricultural Studies, 2013, no. 1. DOI: .

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Environmental Pollution and Sustainability or the Impact of the Environmentally Conscious Measures of International Cosmetic Companies on Purchasing Organic Cosmetics

, pp. 67–268. MOSER, M. – PÁLMAI, Gy. 1992. A környezetvédelem alapjai. Nemzetközi Tankönyvkiadó, BP, 1992, pp. 25–34. ORGANIC COSMETIC MARKET SHARE. 2014. OTTMAN, J. A. 1993. Green marketing. Challenges&opportunities for the new marketing age. Lincolnwood (Chicago), Illinois, USA : Ottman Consulting, Inc., 1993, pp. 2–9, 27–29, 74–78. RÁCZ, J. SAHOTA, A. 2014

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